Delta 8 - Greased Lightning

An awe­some de­but cas­sette by this group out of Athens, Geoar­gia, de­liv­er­ing a sal­vo of fuzzed out tunes on the in­ter­sec­tion of hard­core- and KBD-soaked garage punk. While at times re­sem­bling the noise-laden out­put of groups á la Lumpy and the Dumpers, Soup­cans and Black But­ton i think this stuff would fit equal­ly well with­in the cat­a­logs of LoFi spe­cial­ist cas­sette la­bels Im­po­tent Fe­tus and Deluxe Bias, hav­ing a sim­i­lar sham­bol­ic en­er­gy in com­mon with acts like Sep­tic Yanks, C-Krit, ear­ly Elec­tric Chair, Exxxon and Mo­tor Corp.

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No Brains - Cheap Shot /​/​ The Celebrities - Redd Karpet

Two out­stand­ing re­leas­es rolled in this week dab­bling in un­apolo­get­i­cal­ly old­school aes­thet­ics, both pre­vail­ing in their own way by fair­ly dif­fer­ent means. No Brains from Utrecht, Nether­lands present an un­com­pro­mis­ing­ly straight­for­ward blend of time­less garage punk and ear­ly eight­ies, some­what hard­core- and KBD-ad­ja­cent nois­es. I give this shit 0/​10 stars for orig­i­nal­i­ty and 20/​10 stars for sheer un­re­lent­ing force. That av­er­ages out to an ac­tu­al 10/​10 record, mind you. You think oth­er­wise? That's 'cos you suck at math dude, deal with it.
Al­so plen­ty of garage ac­tion, al­though with more of a '77 and pow­er pop vibe, is what we get on a brand new EP by Cal­i­for­nia group The Celebri­ties via US garage punk bul­wark To­tal Punk. A bit more re­laxed tem­po-wise but these are per­fect­ly fun and catchy lit­tle tunes with some pro­nounced Dead Boys-meet-Dick­ies en­er­gy goin' on here, mak­ing for an ex­quis­ite sug­ar rush of an ad­mit­ted­ly, at times, kin­da cheesy qual­i­ty which thank­ful­ly al­ways gets coun­tered by way an ex­pert­ly craft­ed wall of fuzz. I give it a 11/​10 for all the glitz, glam­our and star pow­er. Maths man, noth­ing we can do about it.

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Hyperdog - House On The Hill

Frog Moun­tain re­leas­es April 25th.

Goblin Daycare - Boss Man

Ag­it­prop Hot­line is gonna re­lease when­ev­er via Ded­strange.

Facs - North America Endless

North Amer­i­ca End­less 7" re­leas­es April 12th via Sub Pop Records.

Shrudd - Skin

Verspannungskassette #71 (C-90)

Die TV Blow
Phil & The Tiles Not To­day
No Heal­er New York
Ura­ni­um Club 2-600-LULLABY
Con­spire The Spar­row
Gob Psy­chic Con­tent Mod­er­a­tor
Jack­et Burn­er Last Nite
Bart And The Brats Can't Think Straight
Elvis 2 On The Mo­tor­way
Jean Mignon Un­send­ing An Apol­o­gy
To­tal Sham The Night
In­nu­en­do Nev­er Go­ing Back
Que Lin­do Mynt I Lom­ma

Leak­ing Head Leak­ing Head
The Goofies Dis­or­der
In­dus­try Lessons In Im­per­ma­nence
Spewed Brain Ba­by is a Hater
Act Step On A Crack
The Gobs The Gobs Com­mit An Armed Rob­bery
Gob­lin Day­care Busi­ness Is Busi­ness
Glu­ta­mate Dance
Pow­er Pants I'm Crav­ing You
Slags We're All Dogs
iPad Ba­by Girl Din­ner
Fac­toids No Time

Dar­ius De­nom­i­na­tor Psy­cho­log­i­cal 1975
Chalk Claw
Cuir Gast
Ner­vous Tick and the Zip­per Lips Ready For Hell
Nor­mans Dead Snakes
Car­toon Steam Room
Ar­se Shame Bomb
Pork Bel­ly Lucky Start
Snoop­er On Line
Jug When

Sex Mex Nerds Who Play Gui­tar
Shop Talk The Will
Doll­house I Hate You Dont Leave Me
Sweet Teeth Move On
Stat­ues Mer­cury
An­ten­na Don't Cry
Dauber No Use For a Pig
María En Dro­gas Cereza
Canal Ir­re­al Whis­pers
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! In Be­tween

Antenna - Antenna

Awe­some to hear this dude's an­gel voice again! Just a cou­ple weeks ago, Shogun, best known as the pow­er­house front man of Roy­al Headache, made his tri­umphant re­turn (let's not for­get the neat 2018 Shogun and the Sheets 7" though) with the de­but EP of Finno­guns Wake, the duo com­pris­ing of him and Finn Berzin and now, pret­ty much out of nowhere, there's al­so the de­but EP by an­oth­er band of his, An­ten­na, pop­ping up which, of his projects so far, aligns clos­est to the old­school Roy­al Headache vibe in terms of its song ma­te­r­i­al while mov­ing on from the rough garage sound to­wards a some­what slick­er aes­thet­ic in­be­tween the pa­ra­me­ters of straight-up melod­ic punk rock, noise- and pow­er pop with a kin­da un­ex­pect­ed Leather­face edge to it. Sweet!

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Cartoon - Nyuck Nyuck Boing!

Now here's some bril­liant shit i've been to­tal­ly un­pre­pared for, cer­tain­ly hav­ing a mind of its own and be­ing de­light­ful­ly out of touch with the zeit­geist! Sure, the whole thing feels kin­da old. I'm kin­da old too, so i like that. Imag­ine the likes of Sac­cha­rine Trust, Min­ute­men, Swell Maps and The Pop Group par­tak­ing in an oc­cult rit­u­al to con­jure up an an­cient '60s acid rock de­mon, an un­holy cross­breed of psych- and math rock. This is quite ter­ri­bly self-in­dul­gent of course, but that as­pect kin­da comes with both of those gen­res, i guess. At this point i'm pret­ty sure you've al­ready made up your mind about it and know if you're gonna love or hate it. In my hum­ble opin­ion, what the Philadel­phia group hal­lu­ci­nates up here is pret­ty fuck­ing swell and to­tal­ly should be le­gal­ized!

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