Mother's Milk - Render Void At Gate

Stun­ning shit as is usu­al­ly the case with any­thing fea­tur­ing Josh Feigert of At­lanta groups such as Uni­form, Wymyns Prysyn and, most re­cent­ly, Glit­ter­ing In­sects. Once again, this record is drenched in that same un­mis­tak­able trade­mark melan­cho­lia spread out on­to an epic widescreen can­vas, which is al­so at the core of the afore­men­tioned groups. A fa­mil­iar vibe for sure but there's plen­ty of room for sur­pris­es and un­ex­pect­ed flour­ish­es here as well, like some un­char­ac­ter­is­tic flash­es of melod­i­cism in songs such as Sky­less Bells and Earth­tone.

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Satanic Togas - Digital World

You know what to ex­pect by now! Sa­tan­ic To­gas nev­er fail to amaze with their catchy, com­pact garage punk smash­ers. If Gee Tee is kind of the flower child among Ish­ka Ed­meades nu­mer­ous groups and projects, Sa­tan­ic To­gas kin­da rep­re­sent the sleazy and hard rock­ing coun­ter­bal­ance to that fluffy pow­er­pop in­no­cense, de­liv­er­ing a bot­tom­less wealth of catchy hooks and tunes all the same.

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Hevrat Ha'Hashmal - 2+1

Five min­utes of de­light­ful nois­es and struc­tured chaos crammed in­to dense lit­tle tunes by an is­raeli group. Equal­ly pun­ish­ing, quirky and eclec­tic shit right in the sweet spot over­lap­ping post punk, noise rock and garage punk - a free­wheel­ing any­thing-goes spir­it re­mind­ing me of a bunch of groups such as Big Bop­per, Brandy, Pat­ti, Re­al­i­ty Group or Cutie.

Negative World Status - Demo

This philadel­phia group has ham­mered in­to ex­is­tence an un­washed bas­tard of a de­but EP - a sound on the in­ter­sec­tions of garage-, KBD- and old­school hard­core punk, pre­sent­ed in a de­li­cious Lo-Fi aes­thet­ic in a fash­ion sim­i­lar to any­thing from the Deluxe Bias or Im­po­tent Fe­tus cat­a­logues. Think some­thing along the lines of Exxon, Mo­tor Corp, Every­one Is Alone Some­times, The Vor­tex, Mod­ern Needs, Fugi­tive Bub­ble, In­sane Urge, Fried E/​m or Sep­tic Yanks.

Aborted Tortoise & Ghoulies - EuroTour Split

This is in­deed a tour i'm pret­ty psy­ched about al­ready! This new split 7" on Good­bye Boozy Records presents the two Perth groups at their finest as Abort­ed Tor­toise make your legs shake with their patent­ed con­structs of smar­ty­pants garage punk á la Ura­ni­um Club, Pinch Points, Dumb, Vin­tage Crop and the like. Ghoulies then fol­low up with two strong and catchy garage-/egg-/synth punk tunes rough­ly in the Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp, Cher­ry Cheeks, Set-Top Box, Alien Nose­job or Sa­tan­ic To­gas fash­ion.

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Alien Nosejob - Split Personality

The De­riv­a­tive Sounds of​.​.​. Or​.​.​. A Dog Al­ways Re­turns to its Vom­it re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 27th via An­ti Fade Records & Goner Records.

Pale Angels - I'm a Boar

Plas­tic Lega­cy re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 8th via Rad Girl­friend Records.

Billiam - Out On Medication

Cor­ner Tac­tics re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 22nd via Un­der The Gun Records & Cow Tool Records.

Verstärker - Ankunft

Jen­seits re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 27th via Fuzz Club Records.

Superfriends - Impostor Syndrome

Su­per­friends Are On­line re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 8th.