Jug - Or Not /​ Innuendo - Peace & Love

Ex­cel­lent shit strad­dling the fine line be­tween hard- and post­core with a smidge of garage thrown in is what we get on the de­but EP of Win­nipeg group Jug, reach­ing our shores cour­tesy of the al­ways re­li­able Van­cou­ver noise forge Neon Taste Records. Their sound en­cap­su­lates ex­act­ly the rough and un­ruly qual­i­ties i seek out most from these gen­res, at the same time sound­ing rea­son­ably elab­o­rate and well-con­struct­ed. At points, you might draw com­par­isons to stuff like Acrylics, Mys­tic Inane, Ar­se, Day­dream, Video, Cri­sis Man, ear­ly Bad Breed­ing… plus a sur­prise hint of '77 New York in My Body's Doomed!

Sim­i­lar things, al­beit in a somwhat dumb­er, equal­ly fun and de­light­ful­ly prim­i­tive fash­ion, are then brought forth on the de­but LP of Milwaukee's In­nu­en­do which has just dropped via Un­law­ful As­sam­bly and Roach Leg Records and on which they hit a sweet spot be­tween sim­ple and stu­pid old­school hard­core en­er­gy and KBD-drenched garage in­san­i­ty, in­gre­di­ents that have stood the test of time be­ing pre­sent­ed in a way here that still feels fresh and alive.

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Nervous Tick and the Zipper Lips - The Monochromatic Mind Of… /​ More Monochromatic

Af­ter a some­what mixed bag of a cas­sette four years ago and a string of col­lab­o­ra­tion EPs with the likes of Eyes And Flies, Sci­ence Man and Ricky Hell, the newest al­bum and ac­com­pa­ny­ing ex­tend­ed play cas­sette of Buf­fa­lo, NY group Ner­vous Tick and the Zip­per Lips sees them re­turn­ing at their most fo­cused to date, their mix of post-, garage- and synth punk with just a slight hint of in­dus­tri­al com­ing across like a de­cent mid­dle ground be­tween, say, Droids Blood, Beef and The Spits - far from rein­vent­ing the wheel here but al­ways en­er­getic, catchy and ef­fec­tive.

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iPad Baby - TradCath Terrorists

iPad Ba­by of Glass­boro, New Jer­sey first came to my at­ten­tion with a fun lit­tle de­but EP last fall but their newest EP/mi­ni-LP thingy is just a so much stronger, more con­sis­tent ef­fort in which they di­al the weird en­er­gy and cre­ativ­i­ty up to eleven, co­a­lesc­ing in­to a new lump of com­plete­ly off-the-rails in­san­i­ty sure to please dis­cern­ing fans of all kinds of oth­er un­med­icat­ed, beau­ti­ful train­wrecks in the realm of Egg-, Synth- and Garage Punk as done by the likes of Zoids, The Gobs, Ma­teo Man­ic, Prison Af­fair, Met­dog, Nuts or Nubot555, to name a few.

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Leaking Head - Leaking Head

An­oth­er bomb has just dropped via Tetry­on Tapes. The pre­vi­ous EP Bet­ter Homes & Gar­dens by the Rochester, NY group was a per­fect­ly fun oc­ca­sion al­ready, al­beit one still kin­da strug­gling to seam­less­ly in­te­grate their old­school '70s/'80s met­al el­e­ments in­to their over­all aes­thet­ic. This new cas­sette rec­ti­fies this in part by way of a rough-as-fuck Lo-Fi sound that sim­ply fits them a lot bet­ter while their pow­ers of song con­struc­tion have un­doubt­ed­ly made plen­ty of progress as well, re­sult­ing in an un­for­giv­ing force that skill­ful­ly im­bues some of the most fu­ri­ous in­stances old­school hard­core grime and filth with a dis­tinct dun­geon punk note.

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Girls In Synthesis - Lights Out

Sub­li­ma­tion re­leas­es May 3rd.

Lysol - Padded Cell

Down The Street re­leas­es March 22nd via Feel It Records.

Why Bother? - Heroin Dancer

Ser­e­nad­ing Un­want­ed Bal­lads re­leas­es March 22nd via Feel It Records.

Heavy Lag - Time Was Never On My Side /​ Bad Crime - Same Thing

Heavy Lag /​ Bad Crime split LP re­leas­es April 5th via Bloat­ed Kat Records.

Snooper - On Line

Snoop­er /​ Prison Af­fair Split 7" re­leas­es some­time this sum­mer.