Billiam - Low Testosterone

An as of yet un­ti­tled LP is sup­posed to drop some­time via Un­der The Gun Records.

Die Benjamins - Aus Liebe

Die Ben­jamins re­leas­es June 2nd via To­maten­plat­ten.

Silver Car Crash - Pleasure Zone

Shat­tered Shine re­leas­es June 15th.

Mononegatives - Crossing Visual Field

A whole bar­rage of dig­i­tal sin­gles in re­cent weeks al­ready ap­peared to fore­shad­ow a new record by the Lon­don, On­tario group and in­deed here it is, their sec­ond LP in all its glo­ry, car­ry­ing an ex­cel­lent new batch of their quite dis­tinct, catchy as hell, al­ways slight­ly off-kil­ter and quirky genre mix­ture con­tain­ing el­e­ments of garage-, post- and synth punk, space- and psy­che­del­ic rock. You might com­pare some bits and pieces here to such groups as Pow!, Use­less Eaters and of course the re­cent col­lab­o­ra­tion Telegenic Plea­sures which al­so fea­tures some of the band mem­bers at work here - at this point though, i'd say they're pret­ty much carved out their own, in­stant­ly rec­og­niz­able lit­tle niche.

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During - During

It took a good while for this group's de­but LP to fi­nal­ly ma­te­ri­al­ize af­ter the the la­bel Chun­klet In­dus­tries al­ready promised this long­play­er around the re­lease of the Birds Of Juneau 7" in the sum­mer of 2021… I sus­pect you can once again blame the chal­lenges of the cur­rent vinyl econ­o­my for that. It's an­oth­er strong record though, on which the group fea­tur­ing mem­bers of such pow­er­hous­es as Spray Paint, Wil­ful Boys, Brandy, Pam­pers and Pyrex ad­mirably man­ages to keep things ex­cit­ing with quite a bit of eclec­tic va­ri­ety. For ex­am­ple, we get a kind of Swell Maps-go-Syn­th­wave vibes in HoloLens, a strong dub feel in Mall­man, kin­da like a sped-up vari­ant of Ex­ek. That all said, you can't re­al­ly de­ny their sound ob­vi­ous­ly hav­ing in­her­it­ed the largest chunk of its DNA from Spray Paint, es­pe­cial­ly their lat­er work (al­though, speak­ing of DNA, a cer­tain no wave vibe is ever present on here aswell). Fur­ther i've al­so got a sus­pi­cion though that there'll be some quite fa­mil­iar sound­ing echoes of this record to be heard on the up­com­ing Pyrex LP on To­tal Punk!

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Shop Talk - The Offering

I think this is the same band i've been yap­ping about many moons ago.. Their 2016 EP ap­pears to have been com­plete­ly wiped from the face of the earth and the web though, which is a fuck­ing shame re­al­ly 'cos this was good stuff al­ready. But ad­mit­ted­ly, this shit is so much bet­ter… Melod­ic punk and garage vibes rule supreme here with more than a lit­tle hint of Dick­ies and some dis­tinct '77 and pow­er pop fla­vors that would al­ready make for a per­fect­ly sol­id EP. What pro­pells this one from good to plain out-of-the-ball­park spec­tac­u­lar though are the ad­vanced song­writ­ing chops on dis­play here, run­ning cir­cles around 99% of all oth­er cur­rent punk groups play­ing sim­ple, straight­for­ward pop tunes. This is tru­ly tran­scen­dent, next-lev­el shit, i mean it!

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C57BL/​6 - LP 1

It's been a whop­ping five years since we last heard of this Los An­ge­les group. Their first LP (duh!) is a bit heav­ier on the hard­core- and garage punk side of things af­ter their old­er shit had been lean­ing stronger in­to its synth-/elec­tro punk ten­den­cies. Those re­lent­less­ly bru­tal elec­tric beats are still front and cen­ter here though, giv­ing es­pe­cial­ly the epic open­ing shot Open World kind of an in­dus­tri­al-tinged, cursed Aus­muteants-meet-Big Black vibe… with ad­di­tion­al over­tones of Cri­sis Man maybe?

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Faulty Cognitions - Demo

This San An­to­nio, Texas group de­lights with a throw­back to the most melod­ic parts of eight­ies punk, in­die- and col­lege rock, clear­ly in­formed by the likes of Hüsker Dü, Re­place­ments, Mov­ing Tar­gets, Guid­ed By Voic­es and Di­nosaur Jr. in the more jan­g­ly melod­ic mo­ments, as well as some ear­ly Naked Ray­gun in the straight-ahead rockin' tunes, all of it held to­geth­er by fric­tion­less song­writ­ing that wouldn't feel too out of place with more re­cent bands á la Boo­ji Boys, Bad Sports, TV Crime or Bed Wet­tin' Bad Boys ei­ther.

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Da Slyme - Eat My Shorts If You Love Me

If There's No Rub­ble, You Haven't Played: Col­lect­ed Record­ings 1977​-​89 re­leas­es June 1st via Cel­lu­loid Lunch Records.