Urin - UWAGA

Afekt re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 15th via Sta­t­ic Age Musik.

Mouthparts - Fake

Elec­tric Meat re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 31st.

Christian Fitness - Guildford Specific

Hip Gone Gun­slingers re­leas­es No­vem­ber 4th.

Dead Finks - The Death and Resurrection of Johnathan Cowboy

Hav­ing re­leased a some­what hit-and-miss de­but tape last year, the Berlin group's newest LP shows off a con­sid­er­ably ma­tured, heav­i­ly roots- and folk-in­flu­enced fla­vor of post punk whose over­all vibe echoes the amer­i­cana-/cow­punk of Angst while al­so evok­ing with a bit of post-Mi­a­mi Gun Club and so­lo Rikk Ag­new. Among their con­tem­po­raries, you might com­pare them to groups such as Jack­son Reid Brig­gs & The Heaters and Low Life. Oth­er times, like in Re­an­i­ma­tion, Piss­ing and Look Of Dis­gust you can sense a cer­tain british in­va­sion-style melan­cho­lia with hints of The Res­onars or The Be­vis Frond. So in a nut­shell, this ain't quite your av­er­age se­lec­tion of in­gre­di­ents for a punk al­bum… which kin­da makes this a per­fect fit for Er­ste Theke Ton­träger who, as i just learned, are gonna be han­dling the eu­ro­pean vinyl re­lease of this beau­ty.

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Schedule 1 - Paint It Red

Sched­ule 1 re­leas­es De­cem­ber 14th via Dirt Cult Records.

Aunt Sally - Subete Urimono

Aunt Sal­ly re­leas­es De­cem­ber 2nd.

Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot - Animal Night Train

Have We Lost Our Mind Or Have We Found Our Soul? re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 22nd via Ar­ti­fi­cial Head Records.

Algara - Absortos En El Tedio Eterno

Barcelona group Al­gara ini­tial­ly burst on­to the scene last year with a four track de­mo as an elec­tro punk duo, which then quick­ly grew in­to a four-piece group and prompt­ly re­leased an­oth­er tape con­sist­ing of a re-record­ing of the first EP's songs as well as some tracks meant for their first long­play­er, which we fi­nal­ly get to wit­ness in its full glo­ry now. In the mean­time their sound has evolved in­to a com­pact and ef­fort­less­ly flow­ing fu­sion of post-, garage- and elec­tro punk that might be de­scribed as a mix of ISS, Straw Man Army, Rank/​Xerox and UZS, on­ly bro­ken up right in the mid­dle by the strong syn­th­wave flour­ish­es of He­do­nistas.

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3D & The Holograms - 3D & The Holograms

A new Warttman Inc. re­lease by a group made up of some of the usu­al sus­pects known from bands such as Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Sa­tan­ic To­gas and The Gobs, so you al­ready kin­da know what to ex­pect. Need­less to say, this is some glo­ri­ous­ly dumb and rip­pin' shit.

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