Star Party - Meadow Flower

With mem­bers of Vexx, Gen Pop and Sweep­ing Promis­es among them, who’d ex­pect any­thing short of sheer awe­some­ness from this Seat­tle group? Sheer awe­some­ness is ex­act­ly what we get, of course. These eight songs are noise pop can­dy of the high­est cal­iber, tak­ing some cues out of the play­book of vague­ly surf-, more or less JMC-in­flu­enced acts such as ear­ly Prim­i­tives, Joan­na Grue­some, ear­ly Wavves, Male Bond­ing or, most re­cent­ly, UV-TV, the un­der­ly­ing songs be­ing strong enough to still work if you strip away the ubiq­ui­tous lay­er of fuzz, as they do in the gor­geous ti­tle track, a melan­choly dream pop bal­lad.

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Print Head - Change

A new tape by that mys­tery out­fit (pos­si­bly) from Hicksville, NY on which they stay as un­pre­dictable as ever, this time de­liv­er­ing a batch of in­fec­tious be­low-one-minute melod­ic garage smash­ers - high speed fuzzy pow­er pop kin­da like an al­ter­nate-re­al­i­ty garage in­car­na­tion of ear­ly Guid­ed By Voic­es.

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The Mute Servants - The Mute Servants

This dude from Wat­ford, UK does a lot of things wrong here and i to­tal­ly fuck­ing love it. You know, like… squeez­ing 8 songs, 12 min­utes of fuzzed out garage rock on a 7" and have that thing spin at 33 RPM for ex­tra neg­a­tive fi­deli­ty. Al­so, who needs so­phis­ti­ca­tion and nu­ance in their mu­sic if we can sim­ply have every­thing be very, very loud at all times? Why write a song us­ing three chords if we can do it with just one? Yeah, don't ex­pect any­thing too smart about this EP but the sheer sham­bol­ic in­ten­si­ty makes up for it per­fect­ly. At some points this sounds like an MC5 wor­ship­ping in­car­na­tion of ear­ly The Men clash­ing with De­struc­tion Unit while more re­cent groups like Hamer and Su­per-X aren't too far off ei­ther.

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The Wind-Ups - Try Not To Think

No won­der this shit feels fa­mil­iar. The Wind-Ups is a new so­lo project of none oth­er than Jake Sprech­er of Ter­ry Malts and Smoke­screens fame. Much raw­er and loud­er than any of his oth­er groups have dared to sound re­cent­ly (al­beit not quite reach­ing ear­ly Ter­ry Malts lev­els of speed and fuzzy­ness), this at times sounds like a fu­sion of Ter­ry Malts' melod­ic­i­ty with slight­ly post punk-lean­ing garage groups like Tyvek or Par­quet Courts, while in oth­er mo­ments you can sense a breeze of The Spits, Ricky Hell or any­thing Reatard(s)-related. Yet when he goes all-in on pow­er pop, there are some un­de­ni­able british in­va­sion vibes em­a­nat­ing from his arrange­ments and com­po­si­tions.

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Can Kicker - Demo

This de­mo by a Cardiff group lures the lis­ten­er in with an ul­tra-raw hard­core red her­ring, though it doesn't take long af­ter that to re­al­ize there's a lot more to this burst of con­cen­trat­ed Lo-Fi en­er­gy as you blaze a trail through a thick lay­er of fuzz and dis­tor­tion, which fi­nal­ly gives way to bright flash­es of melody and an over­all sound­scape com­bin­ing core in­gre­di­ents of post punk and noise pop, com­ing across kin­da like a beau­ti­ful­ly de­formed cross­breed be­tween Sieve­head and Piles.

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T.L.B.M. & The Joy Toys - T.L.B.M. & The Joy Toys

For every pur­chase of this nice lit­tle cas­sette put out by our fa­vorite in­cor­po­rat­ed pur­vey­ors of in­no­v­a­tive dis­con­ti­nu­ity you al­so get a free fake ori­gin sto­ry. 1982 my ass, this is of course still the same dude who did this oth­er thing a while back. Though his newest out­put con­tains a bit less weird fuck­ery, it makes up for that with a lot more fuzz, more melodies and neg­a­tive ze­ro pro­duc­tion val­ues that sound just right to my ears.

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Jah Hell - Lockdown Love Songs

An­oth­er fresh new batch of hissy, dis­tort­ed, melod­ic and sim­ply awe­some garage punk, fuzz- & noise pop bangers by this one-man project from Ely, UK.

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Fugitive Bubble - Fugitive Bubble /​/​ C-Krit - C-Krit

Im­po­tent Fe­tus, the mar­vel­lous new-ish cas­sette sub­la­bel of the equal­ly fan­tas­tic Stuc­co em­pire, has al­ready brought quite a bit of joy to the world re­cent­ly with that Sep­tic Yanks tape. In the mean­time, they've al­ready re­leased two new pud­dles of noise to bathe in, made by two groups of un­known where­abouts, eas­i­ly up­hold­ing the high qual­i­ty stan­dards.
Fugi­tive Bub­ble cre­ate a de­light­ful and in­ven­tive mess of fuzzed out hard-, noise- and weird­core, at times re­mind­ing me of Das Drip, Warm Bod­ies, Vexx, the ear­ly out­put of NAG or Kalei­do­scope.
C-Krit, on the oth­er hand, sound a lot like a dis­fig­ured cross­breed be­tween Soup­cans, No Trend and Lumpy & The Dumpers. Al­so, their fucked up ren­di­tion of the Scream­ing Sneak­ers ever­green Vi­o­lent Days is pure gold.

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Jah Hell - Hell On Earth 2020

Fun and taste­ful no-frills melod­ic Fuzz Punk /​ Noise Pop from the UK, con­sist­ing most­ly of crunchy nois­es, per­cus­sive nois­es and tape hiss. Re­gard­ing two of these Songs, On The House and Pedi­gree Chums… I've heard these be­fore from a band/​project called Crown Mould­ing so i as­sume some kind of con­nec­tion here, ge­nius pop mu­sic Sher­lock that i am.

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Boogie Board - Station

Some chica­go dude's lat­est EP de­liv­ers four and a half short & sweet bursts of ex­tra blown-out krauty space­rockin' psy­che­del­ic garage fuzz ec­sta­sy. De­struc­tion Unit-meet-Chrome, Drag­gs col­lide with Dr. Mix & The Remix. Turn on, tune in and… run to your stereo and hit play again 'cos the whole thing is on­ly nine min­utes long.

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