During - Birds of Juneau /​​ Big Farmer

Chun­klet In­dus­tries is killing it again with this de­but 7" by a noise rock/​post punk su­per­group, kind of an un­holy trin­i­ty made up of mem­bers of Wil­ful Boys, Spray Paint and Brandy whose sound in­cor­po­rates fa­mil­iar el­e­ments of all three afore­men­tioned groups yet es­chews pre­dictabil­i­ty - with the A-Side giv­ing off that dis­tinct Spray Paint vibe and the oth­er track veer­ing a bit stronger to­wards the oth­er two bands' son­ic hall­marks. To make things even bet­ter, we're al­so promised a full length some­time this fall!

Pigeon - Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity

With the Berlin group's 2018 self-ti­tled full length be­ing their most var­ied, play­ful record and the sub­se­quent Bug EP their loud­est, most un­com­pro­mis­ing one, their sec­ond long play­er re­cent­ly re­leased via adagio830 cer­tain­ly show­cas­es their most con­cise, ef­fec­tive and elab­o­rate bun­dle of songs so far. Once again i'm re­mind­ed of pret­ty much any great post punk act of re­cent years both in- and out­side Berlin. Think Neg­a­tive Space, Pret­ty Hurts, Rank/​Xerox, Diät, Pub­lic Eye, Ex­it Group, Nag… the list could go on and on. In oth­er words: First rate shit!

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Upper Wilds - Love Song #5

Venus re­leas­es Ju­ly 23rd via Thrill Jock­ey.

Sweet Williams - Dead Singer

What's Wrong With You re­leas­es Ju­ly 2nd via Gringo Records.

Canal Irreal - Pestes

Canal Ir­re­al re­leas­es June 25th via Beach Im­ped­i­ment Records.

Luggage - Fear

Hap­pi­ness re­leas­es Ju­ly 16th via Husky Pants Records.

Chain Whip - Two Step To Hell

Two Step To Hell re­leas­es Ju­ly 15th via Drunk­en Sailor Records.

Verspannungskassette #19

Side A


Full Toi­let Taco Has Her Say (ft. Taco)
Easy Ego I'm The Best
Sa­tan­ic To­gas Strange At­trac­tion
Dog Date High Beams
Chub­by and the Gang Light­ning Don't Strike Twice
Anx­ious Pleasers Er­rand Boy
The Gobs 2083 Ad
Zoids Run­ning Man
Maske Schießgewehr
Big Chun­gus A Re­al Kick In The Sax
Dee Bee Rich De­stroy
Die A.R.D. Biathlon
Main­frame RIP
Egg Id­iot Where Are My Bugs
Piz­za Boys (This Is) Piz­za Pow­er
Mesh Com­pa­ny Jeep
Neigh­bor­hood Brats All Nazis Must Die

Side B


De­tes­ta­dos Coro­na
Kerø Frus­trat­ed Youth
Il­lit­er­ates Ur­ban Hill­bil­ly
Cut­ters Aus­tralian War Crimes
Dis­tan­cia Es­ta­dos
Seu­rat Maail­man­lop­pu alkaa Oulus­ta
Las Hiedras Piña
Fugi­tive Bub­ble Grotesque
QB Поток
The Worm Re­duc­er The One To Me
Trz­pi­ot Chy­ba Ty
John (Timest­wo) A Song For Those Who Speed In Built-Up Ar­eas
Needles/​/​Pins The Tyran­ny of Com­forts
Vaguess GueSt List to Heav­en
Dumb­ells Clear
UV-TV Dis­tant Lul­la­by

Pizza Boys - A La Mierda con Papa John's​.​.​. Acá Están Los Pizza Boys

In a week al­ready pret­ty heavy on egg-re­lat­ed re­leas­es, all that's left for me to say about this de­but EP is that the good egghead gospel seems to have reached the right­eous peo­ple of Chile at last and that fact alone fills my heart with so much joy - of course al­so helped by this be­ing such a fun lit­tle record.

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Mainframe - Employee /​ RIP

Yet an­oth­er Good­bye Boozy 7" by a trio whose line­up is the stuff wet dreams of today's dis­tin­guished garage-, synth- and egg­punk con­nois­seur are made of, in­clud­ing con­nec­tions to Skull Cult and rough­ly half of the Warttman em­pire. The re­sults are rather unsurprising…ly awe­some!