AJ Cortes and The Burglars - Demo

Now that's what i call kid­punk… It's the most heart­warm­ing beau­ti­ful kick­ass thing i've heard in a while and i'm way too soft to with­stand that kind of shit any­way. Nuff said.

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Elephant Rifle - Satryasis

Fol­low­ing their 2018 al­bum Hunk, which some­how didn't re­al­ly click with me, the Reno, Neva­da group's newest EP man­ages to hit all the right spots this time while nev­er re­peat­ing it­self, cov­er­ing a son­ic range span­ning from old­school Am­Rep- and Touch & Go-style noise rock, hard­core punk rem­i­nis­cent of ear­ly Die Kreuzen and in its clos­ing track, some Dri­ve Like Je­hu-es­que Post­core.

The Q-Tips - There Are Those Who Drill Violently​!​

It on­ly took them like… twelve years but fi­nal­ly the Mu­nich duo has re­leased their sec­ond 7" via Sloven­ly Record­ings and it's an ir­re­sistable blast of garage- and elec­tro punk with echoes of The Spits and Stal­ins Of Sound, plus an un­like­ly touch of Big Black in the high­ly com­bustible open­ing track Shut Your Face.

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Antibodies - LP 2021

An­ti­bod­ies' third "long"-player presents the group from Char­lottestown, Cana­da as fresh and lov­able as ever, de­liv­er­ing yet an­oth­er brief old­school burst of slight­ly noise-in­fest­ed, fun and some­what quirky hard­core punk that doesn't over­stay its wel­come and knows how to keep things in­ter­est­ing through­out.

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Thurst - I'm Gen X

I'm Gen X re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 24th.

Badge Grabber - Men In Black

Postage - 80-85

Postage re­leas­es No­vem­ber 5th via Dirt Cult Records.

Shove - Chopper

Shove re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 15th via Rack Off Records.