Fugitive Bubble - Delusion

The Olympia, Wash­ing­ton group's first long­play­ing cas­sette, fol­low­ing two equal­ly awe­some tapes on the fab­u­lous Im­po­tent Fe­tus la­bel, still de­liv­ers the goods of un­pre­dictable, free­wheel­ing hard- and post­core with ad­di­tion­al in­gre­di­ents of garage punk and mild in­san­i­ty, stub­born­ly re­fus­ing to fit in­to your pre­con­cieved no­tions of what this thing called punk rock is sup­posed play out like. A fair­ly eclec­tic, genre-bend­ing ap­proach which you might, if you re­al­ly had to, com­pare to groups as di­verse as Das Drip, Warm Bod­ies, Vexx, Judy & The Jerks, Mys­tic Inane, Hot­mom, Gen Pop or Snif­fany & The Nits at one point or an­oth­er.

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3D & The Holograms - 3D & The Holograms

Not a Warttman re­lease but still a pleas­ant­ly fa­mil­iar sound of mild­ly egg- and elec­tri­fied garage punk per­pe­trat­ed by some of the usu­al sus­pects who al­so gave us the likes of Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Sa­tan­ic To­gas and The Gobs. Twelve rest­less caf­feine pills you might com­pare to any of these bands, but which al­so wouldn't seem out of place next to groups á la S.B.F., Cosas Ile­gales, Witch Piss or Ghoulies.

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Snarling Dogs - Demo

This group from Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­va­nia pulls off a vague­ly fa­mil­iar but nonethe­less spec­tac­u­lar com­bus­tion of catchy old­school hard­core en­er­gy with some cow­punk vibes to it, op­er­at­ing some­where in­be­tween the rough pa­ra­me­ters of Germs, Dicks, the ear­ly hard­core in­car­na­tions of Angst and Meat Pup­pets, as well as more re­cent stuff like Fried E/​m and Mod­ern Needs.

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Gurk - First

Our week­ly dose of egg­punk in­san­i­ty comes cour­te­sey of some mys­te­ri­ous Stock­holm act, way too short but po­tent and catchy as fuck nonethe­less. Friends of shit á la Nubot555, Egg Id­iot, Prison Af­fair, Set-Top Box, Nuts and Pringue, among oth­ers, will sure­ly ap­prove of this.

Optic Nerve - Trap Door

An­gel Num­bers re­leas­es April 21st via Urge Records.

Stuck - The Punisher

Freak Fre­quen­cy re­leas­es May 26th via Born Yes­ter­day Records.

Es - Swallowed Whole

Fan­ta­sy re­leas­es April 7th via Up­set The Rhythm.

Those Foreign Kids - Song For Gandhi

Wrestle­ma­nia re­leas­es April 28th via Vibe/An­ti-Vibe and Geertru­dia.

Chat Pile - Cut

Broth­ers In Christ (Nerv­er /​ Chat Pile Split 12") re­leas­es April 14th via The Ghost Is Clear Records.