TV Dust - Falling

It's Clear re­leas­es June 24th via Mape Death Records.

Healees - In Your Cave

Healees re­leas­es June 17th via Hid­den Bay Records.

Woodstock '99 - La Casa De Fuck You

Su­per Grem­lin re­leas­es May 27th via Sor­ry State Records.

Girls In Synthesis - Bypassing

Kon­sum­rausch re­leas­es June 17th via Hound Gawd! Records

Teenage Tom Petties - Boatyard Winch

Teenage Tom Pet­ties re­leas­es June 3rd via Safe Sub­ur­ban Home Records.

Brian Disease - Brian Diseased

Bri­an Dis­ease re­leas­es June 16th via Just Step Side­ways Records.

R. E. Seraphin - Playing House

Swing­shift re­leas­es May 27th via Dandy Boy Records.

The Missed - The Actor

Ac­ti­va­tion re­leas­es May 27th via Just Be­cause Records.

Old Moon - Soma

Cities of the Plain re­leas­es June 3rd via á La Carte Records.

Public Opinion - Modern Convenience

Mod­ern Con­ve­nience re­leas­es May 27th via Con­vulse Records.