Luggage - Hand Is Bad

Hand Is Bad re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 29th via Amish Records.

Teenage Tom Petties - Stoner

Hot­box Day­dreams re­leas­es No­vem­ber 3rd via Safe Sub­ur­ban Home Records.

Blues Lawyer - Have Nots

Sight Gags On The Ra­dio re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 29th via Dark En­tries Records.

Hit Bargain - Degree Decree

A Dog A Deer A Seal re­leas­es No­vem­ber 10th via Get Bet­ter Records.

Verspannungskassette #62 (C-90)

Lethal Weapon Big Pos
Surge Tossed Aside
Geeked Freak City
V.D. (I Wan­na) Psy­chot­ic Break
Ci­ca­da Self Pu­rifi­ca­tion
Slant De­ject­ed
Hez Niños Ma­l­os
Wet Spec­i­mens Cursed Eth­ic
Colony·drop 戦争屋の幽霊
Dogs of Eter­ni­ty Cos­mic Geno­cide
Redact­ed How You Feel
Neg­a­tive World Sta­tus Ob­so­lete
Re­jek­ts Para­noid

In­sane Urge No Sense
Sweep­ers This Dirty House
Abort­ed Tor­toise Mal­prac­tice
Dee­beat Ra­mone Beat The Bea­t­les
Ghoulies Self-Help
Sprgrs Mick­ey Mouse Me Ha Mor­di­do
Hos­tile Blitz All Will Per­ish
Baghed Big Ol' Ego
Daugh­ter Bat & The Lip Stings Mi­lo The Dog
Dirty Ass Mas­tur­basi Pem­bangkang Delu­sion­al
Sa­tan­ic To­gas Dig­i­tal Word
Theee Re­tail Simps Jumpin Jack Off
Vir­von Var­von Voic­es

Telekri­men Him­no a la ban­da
Bil­liam Out On Med­ica­tion
Завірюга Змія У Штанях
Os­ees Goon
Cry­ing Los­er Wet Grip
Edg­ing Fear Cow­boy
Nurse Joy Com­fort­able
Hevrat Ha'Hashmal שוק על ירך (Shin on Thigh)
Cork­er H.E.

Gas Kun­st 101.4
The Present Age Cut Twice
Mother's Milk Omi­nous Crea­ture
Tube Al­loys Com­put­er Love Again
Gym Ton­ic Play Dead
Vin­tage Crop Spring­time
Katar­si Heri­das
SGATV Brain, Not OK

Tube Alloys - Magnetic Point

A ridicu­lous­ly ap­peal­ing and thrilling work, the de­but LP by this Los An­ge­les Group. Elab­o­rate and in­tri­cate con­structs of dark, song-ori­ent­ed post punk with some psy­che­del­ic un­der­cur­rents, to­tal­ly time­less and yet car­ry­ing the hall­marks of so much of what has kept me and this blog busy in the past decade-plus. Wire cir­ca Chairs Miss­ing and the '60s Pink-Floyd-isms of Paint Thin­ner or The Blinds come to mind in epic pieces like Blood­ing, Slang Word and the ti­tle track Mag­net­ic Point while Ap­a­thy, at least in the be­gin­ning, smells a bit of Mem­branes, Swell Maps, ear­ly Mekons, '80s The Fall and Des­per­ate Bi­cy­cles. Ju­bilee some­how evokes the com­bined traits of a tri­fec­ta of At­lanta groups - Nag, Preda­tor and Wymyns Prysyn. I just can't stop name­drop­ping shit re­al­ly as i'm re­mind­ed so much more awe­some stuff - think the likes of Mar­bled Eye, Waste Man, Pub­lic Eye, In­sti­tute, Rank/​Xerox, Pub­lic In­ter­est, Neg­a­tive Gears, VR Sex, B Boys, Cre­ative Adult, Pyrex… this is dense shit through­out!

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Swedish la­bel Push My But­tons brings us the full length de­but of this swiss group, which al­so presents their strongest set of tunes so far and their son­ic vi­sion at its most re­al­ized. That means: a de­vi­ous­ly catchy dopamine rush of glitzy wave-ish synth- and garage punk smash­ers - ex­quis­ite sug­ary good­ness echo­ing the likes of Wrist­watch, Dig­i­tal Leather, Sex Mex, Tele­drome, Pow­er­plant, The Gobs, Shrinkwrap Killers, Stal­ins Of Sound and Video­drome.

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The Present Age - Radio Static Intelligible

This Oshkosh, Wis­con­sin group is cook­ing up a va­ri­ety of in­ven­tive and adap­tive anochro­nisms rough­ly in the realms post punk and post­core, garage punk and clas­sic '90s in­die rock, com­ing off as re­fresh­ing­ly out-of-place and -touch in today's land­scape. Some '90s Dischord-meets-Touch and Go feel is go­ing on in tracks such as Ph­tha­late Mates and the groovy psy­che­del­ic clos­ing epos Clum­sy As­cetic. A hint of Pro­tomar­tyr in Locks Fas­ten, psy­che­del­ic flour­ish­es in The De­liv­ery and hints of Swervedriv­er in songs like Ra­dio Sta­t­ic. Fur­ther, at dif­fer­ent points, you might be re­mind­ed of re­cent post punk/-core acts like Bat­piss, Stuck and Bench Press, groups on the in­ter­sec­tion of garage- and post punk like Tyvek, Par­quet Courts or Flat Worms in ad­di­tion to groups on the more melod­ic and jan­g­ly edges of post- and art punk á la Go­tobeds, Sleepies, Tape/​Off and Shark Toys.

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Daughter Bat and the Lip Stings - Secret Tape

This Syd­ney group has nev­er dis­ap­point­ed and nei­ther do they on their newest top-se­cret EP, so se­cret in fact, that even the song ti­tles shall re­main a mys­tery for the time be­ing. What i can tell you though is that this thing once again fuck­ing slams - an­oth­er per­fect run of lo-fi pow­er pop, garage-, fuzz- and egg­punk. Just don't tell any­one, okay?

Corker - Falser Truths

Feel It Records (along with Ur­ticaria Records and Fu­ture Shock Record­ings who are re­leas­ing this thing on cas­sette) brings us yet an­oth­er strong post punk record with this Cincin­nati group's de­but LP which, while most­ly tread­ing on fair­ly fa­mil­iar ground for long­time ob­servers of this space, has al­so plen­ty of va­ri­ety and the well-craft­ed songs to make it stick. An ab­solute no-brain­er for fans of VHS, Crim­i­nal Code, Pyrex, Rank/​Xerox, Sched­ule 1, Sieve­head or Mar­bled Eye.

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