S.U.G.A.R. - II

Fol­low­ing last year's some­what un­even de­but LP of this Berlin group, their newest al­bum is a huge step for­ward in every as­pect - the huge­ly im­proved song sub­stance be­ing dri­ven forth with un­re­lent­ing mo­men­tum and cap­tured in a mid-fi aes­thet­ic that fits them per­fect­ly. Sound­wise, they're clear­ly tak­ing cues from a long lin­eage of pro­to- and old­school garage punk - ob­vi­ous­ly Stooges, MC5 and Death to be­gin with, in ad­di­tion to Dead Moon and some Wipers touch­es but, most of all, that austal­ian breed of groups like Saints, Ra­dio Bird­man, Sci­en­tists ap­pear to have left their mark in their sound, not to men­tion the larg­er-than-life fuzz punk one-hit-won­ders God - but while the lat­ter seemed to flame up and burn out over the short du­ra­tion of one glo­ri­ous A-side nev­er to reach such heights again, S.U.G.A.R. show no signs of wear yet, re­peat­ing that mar­vel eight­fold for a cer­ti­fied all-killer-no-filler al­bum.

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Flash - Flash

A marked change of pace for La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos - a la­bel usu­al­ly more con­cerned with the rougher ends of the hard- and post­core spec­trum - the de­but al­bum of this basque group has a con­tem­po­rary Lo-Fi ap­peal to its unique take on garage punk with a some­what murky and bent (or dare i say: Warttman-es­que?) sound aes­thet­ic where ei­ther gui­tars sound like synths or vice ver­sa, i wouldn't be able to tell ei­ther way. While their play­ful­ness and melod­ic­i­ty call to mind re­cent stuff by the likes of Prison Af­fair, Alien Nosejob's hard­core 45s, Be­ta Max­i­mo or Al­gara, there's al­so a raw and au­then­tic 80s hard­core un­der­cur­rent go­ing on here pep­pered with some gen­tle flash­es of Oi! and 90s emo­core.

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Mo Troper - MTV

Whoa, i didn't re­al­ly ex­pect that record to be this fuck­ing good - a hot con­tender for my fa­vorite pow­er pop record of 2022, plain and sim­ple. Like a cu­ri­ous eggfolk Res­onars or Be­vis Frond, these songs al­so ra­di­ate the melan­choly, dreamy vibes of Lost Bal­loons with lit­tle hints of ear­ly Guid­ed By Voic­es, Soft Boys, Hon­ey Radar or Woolen Men added to the mix for good mea­sure. The quirky and blown-out lo-fi aes­thet­ics sim­ply can't do any­thing to lessen the im­pact and beau­ty of the su­perb song­writ­ing chops on dis­play here.

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Bart and the Brats - Bart and the Brats

The sec­ond full length of these french­men is a buck­et of su­per straight­for­ward, sim­ple and catchy-as-fuck old­school garage punk joy sparkling with '77 en­er­gy - there's noth­ing too smart about if yet plen­ty to de­light in nonethe­less when these folks kick up a prim­i­tive storm com­ing across a bit like a mix of Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, The Spits, The Uglies and - quite ob­vi­ous­ly - Sick Thoughts.

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Big Screen - Demo

A cou­ple of su­per­com­bustible noise at­tacks equal parts garage- and hard­core punk in­ject­ed with tons of un­wieldy KBD en­er­gy - a new raw and prim­i­tive de­light for friends of shit rough­ly in the same or­bit as, say, Fried E/​m, To­tal Sham, Launch­er, Mod­ern Needs or Frea­kees…

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C.P.R. Doll - Music For Pleasure

De­but tape of a Perth duo fea­tur­ing folks oth­er­wise known from Ghoulies and Abort­ed Tor­toise… just as you'd ex­pect from that, this thing fuck­ing rips! A Lo-Fi DIY garage punk vibe meets some old­school melo­di­ous '77 sim­plic­i­ty, oc­ca­sion­al­ly al­so cross­ing over in­to rather con­tem­po­rary sound­ing post punk- and egg-re­lat­ed ter­ri­to­ries. This is out on Good­bye Boozy and Un­der The Gun Records but this shit would al­so fit right in with the Warttman posse so it's prob­a­bly no co­in­ci­dence that some dude al­so in­volved with Tee Vee Re­pair­man and Sa­tan­ic To­gas con­tributed some cre­ative in­put here as well.

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Rare Spam - Bedridden Rimbaud

Rare Spam re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 16th via Con­tact Min­i­mal Records.

Total Luck - Ramble

Magic Shoppe - A Star Turns Blue

Pat­ty Hearse re­leas­es Sep­tem­ber 30th via Car­di­nal Fuzz (EU/​UK) & Lit­tle Cloud Records (US)

Non Plus Temps - Continuous Hinge

De­sire Choir re­leas­es No­vem­ber 4th via Post Present Medi­um.