The Toads - Nationalsville

In The Wilder­ness re­leas­es June 9th via Zenith Records.

Bo Gritz - Observes and Selects

Chro­ma re­leas­es June 9th via Glasshouse Records.

Verspannungskassette #52 (C-60)

Dan Mel­chior Band The Right In­flu­encer
Heavy Moth­er Fri­day Night (Black­out!)
Gee Tee Bad Egg
Teo Wise Ami­go
Toi­let Rats Sen­so­ry Over­load
Pringue Bi­cis Nece­si­ta
Heart­beeps Sick In Your Head
The Covids Bust To Bits
Muck C.F.B.
Killer The Bar

Obe­di­ent Black Out and Block
Axed Nev­er Goin Back
Il­lit­er­ates Chip Away
Spewed Brain No Sleep
Snoop­er Waste
Bart and the Brats Fake Bands
Anteater Dai­ly Fan­ta­sy
Pyr Ka­ta Voulisi Σκάβεις Τον Λάκκο Σου
Opsec Con­trolled De­liv­ery

O.R.C Dis­em­bow­eled At The Tav­ern
Home Front Re­al Eyes
Ubiq­ui­tous Meh! I Iden­ti­fied the Ufo
Emit­ter Small­er
Soft Shoul­der Door (Pass)
Af­ford­able Re­pay­ments Gills
Waste Man Changes

Dregs Lights Out
The Un­knowns Delet­ed
Scam Like­ly Star­ing at the Sun
Out­ta­con­troller Less Is More
Hinin Déjà mort
Litovsk Ceris­es Et Grenades
Be­ta Máx­i­mo. Hornos de ladrillo

Electric Prawns 2 - Prawn Static For Porn Addicts

…now that's kind of an in­sane move, dump­ing four to six LPs worth of ma­te­r­i­al in a sin­gle al­bum on band­camp. Didn't see that com­ing at all, good thing we like in­sane shit here at 12XU HQ. With this al­bum the group from Mof­fat Beach, Aus­tralia se­ri­ous­ly earned the ti­tle "The Guid­ed by Voic­es of space egg punk". Amaz­ing­ly, most of this stuff is pret­ty freakin' awe­some too, al­though a fair bit of fat and re­dun­dan­cy sure could've been trimmed off this 2-hour re­lease for an even stronger 80-minute al­bum to emerge in the process. Their high egg-fac­tor mix­ture of Psy­che­del­ic-/Space Rock, Post- and Garage Punk might draw com­par­isons to the likes of Mononeg­a­tives, Neo Neos, Liq­uids, The Gobs, Set-Top Box, Print Head or Use­less Eaters in its more high-en­er­gy mo­ments while in the more re­laxed and/​or down­beat songs, groups like Die TV, Cool Sor­cery, Snoop­er might come to mind or even an ex­tra Lo-Fi ver­sion of the Woolen Men!

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Dregs - Enemy Not Me

Fol­low­ing up on their al­ready quite awe­some 2019 de­mo, Austin group Dregs shift their sound a good bit away from a more garage- and fuzz punk lean­ing sound, fur­ther to­wards a hard­er to pin-down mix of in­flu­ences on the fringes of 80s-to-mid-90s hard- and post­core, among oth­ers sug­gest­ing the likes of X (US), Dicks or Flip­per at some points, post­core groups like Gray Mat­ter or Dri­ve Like Je­hu at oth­ers while more re­cent bands like Vexx, Cel Ray, Gen Pop or Lit­tle Ug­ly Girls wouldn't sound too far off ei­ther.

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Waste Man - Waste Man

Ap­par­ent­ly, for­mer­ly New Or­leans-based group Waste Man have re­lo­cat­ed to New York City re­cent­ly. Sound-wise though, they stay true to them­selves on their newest EP, by which i mean they stay un­pre­dictable as ever and keep the lis­ten­ers on their toes every sec­ond in their very own mix­ture on the in­ter­sec­tion of Post Punk, Post­core and slight touch­es of Amer­i­cana (the lat­ter are less ob­vi­ous here though…). Es­pe­cial­ly no­table this time is the six-minute slow-burn track White Horse that plays out kin­da like a fu­sion of ear­ly Shel­lac, Slint, Jaw­box & Fugazi.

Affordable Repayments - Can't Win For Losing Some Days

This group from Por­tar­ling­ton, Aus­tralia cre­ates a dron­ing, sprawl­ing and nonethe­less ab­solute­ly rip­ping sound­scape that com­bines the traits of such time­less greats as Wipers, 80s Son­ic Youth, U-Men or Live Skull, just as much as a fuzzy clump of AUS and NZ groups like The Gor­dons, Fun­gus Brains, X and Feed­time.

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Illiterates - No Experts

The newest EP by Pitts­burg band Il­lit­er­ates, fol­low­ing up an al­ready pret­ty fuck­ing good 2021 record, is noth­ing short de­ment­ed and fun old­school hard­core per­fec­tion, kin­da mak­ing a point of in­vent­ing noth­ing new here while nev­er drop­pig the ball for a sec­ond ei­ther - this is one tight, fun and, well… dumb as fuck blast of a record.

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Crown Court - Rich Boy

Crown Court /​ The En­forcers split 7" re­leas­es April 1st via Cross­bar Records.