OK Satán - Fatal Insomniac

I know you've all been wait­ing for this. The sec­ond dis­patch from Copen­hagen garage-/hard­core punk duo OK Satán has ar­rived, fill­ing us in on sev­en epic new sto­ries from their mag­i­cal world lim­it­ed on­ly by an ever-ex­pand­ing tech­ni­col­or hori­zon, deal­ing with im­por­tant and con­tro­ver­sial top­ics such as their names, your very prob­lem­at­ic face and them not giv­ing a shit. An­oth­er bril­liant, mul­ti-lay­ered mas­ter­piece!

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Italia 90 - Borderline 7"

An­oth­er wor­thy re­lease by Lon­don group Italia 90. The A-Side Bor­der­line presents their post punk sound in its most slick and ac­ces­si­ble it­er­a­tion so far, hav­ing a bit of a Go­tobeds, Sleepies or B-Boys bent. If you ask me though, the main at­trac­tion here is the much dark­er, edgi­er b-side De­clare, which comes across like a more so­phis­ti­cat­ed throw­back to their very first EP, show­ing a sim­i­lar min­i­mal­ist, noisy Swell Maps- and Mem­branes-lean­ing vibe.

Mesh - Company Jeep

Mesh re­leas­es May 21st via Born Yes­ter­day Records.

Exek - Several Souvenirs

Good Thing They Ripped Up The Car­pet re­leas­es June 4th via Lulu’s Son­ic Disc Club.

Candy Apple - Sweet Dreams Of Violence

Sweet Dreams Of Vi­o­lence re­leas­es April 30th via Con­vulse Records.

Chubby And The Gang - Lightning Don't Strike Twice

Light­ning Don't Strike Twice​ /​​ Life's Lemons 7" re­leas­es May 28th via Par­ti­san Records.

Wombo - Dreamsickle

Keesh Moun­tain re­leas­es May 28th via Fire Talk.

TVO - Alive!

An awe­some new ruckus let loose by some Philadel­phia group, equal parts garage punk and noise rock and car­ry­ing the spir­it of so much clas­sic shit on the in­ter­sec­tion of old school (post-) punk and (pro­to-) noise rock. At one point you might re­call Braini­ac, but most­ly it's 80's stuff like U-Men, X (AUS), Flip­per, Feed­time, No Trend… even a hint of ear­ly Min­ute­men shines through on the clos­ing track. Of the more re­cent scene, i'm think­ing of acts like Cutie or Pat­ti.

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Dummy - Weird

Yup, ac­cu­rate ti­tle for the third cas­sette by Min­neapo­lis punk project Dum­my aka Sean Al­berts of Skull Cult, QQQL and Bel­ly Jel­ly fame. An­oth­er met­ric ton of smart, quirky and at times sur­pris­ing­ly elab­o­rate Garage-, Synth- and Egg-re­lat­ed weird­ness that nev­er fails to make me smile is be­ing crammed in­to a rather con­ve­nient form fac­tor here.

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