Adhesive - I Hate Man

Verspannungskassette #78 (C-90)

Spodee Boy Moon­shine Canyon
Twist­ed Teens The Val­ley Spir­it Nev­er Dies
Tem­po­rary Curse Fron­tier Days
Is­mat­ic Gu­ru How Do They Know?
Elec­tric Prawns 2 G Spot
Five Bucks Su­per Stanzy Roks
Amor, Muerte Y Leono­ra Es El Fi­nal
Pet Cop Para$ite
Sea­gate Dun­geon Crawl
Stfubran Porky
Shament Laserkrieg
Big Bop­per Piss-Ant
As­sis­tert Sjøl­mord Tox­i­c­i­ty

En Love Wak­ing World
Ar­mor Free­dom
Dope Sweater Para­noiathon
Sub­dued Who Dies if Eng­land Lives
Hellscape Cu­jo
Ejac­u­la­tors Dead­ly Ro­mance
Pack Rat Heart Beat
The Sad Burn
Zikin Lo­hi­ja
Ozo Bo­zo Tantrum
Show­room Dum­mies Foam Min­er
De­liv­ery Dig­ging The Hole
Crim­i­nal My Mad­ball

The Drin Elude the Torch
Pablo X Broad­cast­ing Ser­vices Hunt­ed
Neg­a­tive Gears At­ten­tion To De­tail
Fes­ta del Per­dono Sen­tiero
Pal­mar de Troya Big Black
Pyrex Al­ley Katz
Rider/​Horse Headache Pow­der
Screen­saver Per­ma­nence
Kalte Hand Kessel

Sil­i­con Rap­ture Par­ty
The Het­ero­sex­u­als Call 422-424
Kla­vo Berlin Blitz
Jug Gates of Steel
Erik Ner­vous R'G'M
Mon­da Sirens Al­lure
.cum I'm Cum­ming For You
Ten­sion Pets Man of Opin­ion
Teens Va­cant Lot

Negative Gears - Moraliser

It took them over five years to fol­low up on their ex­cel­lent de­but EP from 2019, but at long last here it is, the first LP by Sydney's Neg­a­tive Gears, on which they present an even more pitch-black, stone-cold vi­sion than be­fore, fun­neled in­to sig­nif­i­cant­ly ma­tured and re­fined com­po­si­tions and arrange­ments. Com­par­isons to US groups like ear­ly In­sti­tute, Rank/​Xerox, Crim­i­nal Code and Nag still ap­ply, kind of… but al­so i can sense some kin­ship with the widescreen dra­ma of berlin-based duo Dead Finks and its sort-of pre­cur­sor group, New Zeeland's Trust Punks. Then again, songs like the open­ing track Neg­a­tive Gear and Pills car­ry some of the hall­marks of british post punk pow­er­hous­es like Girls In Syn­the­sis and Sieve­head while in calmer mo­ments like Ants and Zoned, a melan­cho­lia and el­e­gance rem­i­nis­cent of re­cent Mar­bled Eye or Tube Al­loys shines through.

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Monda - VIII

The fol­low-up to this To­towa, New Jer­sey group's re­cent opus Stiff Jum­bo, which con­sist­ed of no less than four­ty be­low-one-minute punk smash­ers, comes across as a some­what more con­ven­tion­al of­fer­ing of catchy tunes lo­cat­ed in­be­tween the son­ic pa­ra­me­ters of garage punk, noise pop and old­school '80s/'90s in­die rock. What hasn't changed at all though is the sheer strength and con­sis­ten­cy of these songs, whose song­writ­ing ex­cel­lence nev­er fal­ters even once. This shit is eas­i­ly on a lev­el with high­ly re­gard­ed con­tem­po­raries of the Vaguess, Boo­ji Boys, Datenight, Bad Sports, Va­ca­tion, Teen Line, The Wind-Ups and Bed Wet­tin' Bad Boys cal­iber.

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Showroom Dummies - Showroom Dummies

This lat­est EP by this Win­nipeg, Man­i­to­ba group treats us to four ex­cel­lent blasts on the rougher end of the garage-/fuzz-/synth punk spec­trum, ham­mered home by a com­plete­ly un­hinged mad­man vo­cal per­for­mance. This EP is a safe-bet crowd­pleas­er guar­an­teed to de­light con­noiseurs of shit á la The Gobs, 3D and the Holo­grams, Ghoulies, Daugh­ter Bat and the Lip Stings and Fac­to­ry City Chil­dren, con­clud­ing in a ful­ly charged burst of hard­core punk evok­ing fur­ther com­par­isons to groups such as Witch Piss, Spewed Brain and Ge­o­duck Diodes.

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Assistert Sjølmord - Assistert Sjølmord

Hard­core punk from Oslo, Nor­way that sticks out with some rough garage edge to their cer­tain­ly sim­ple and straight­for­ward, yet un­doubt­ed­ly el­e­gant and well-bal­anced punk at­tacks and the undi­lut­ed fury trans­port­ed by a thor­ough­ly caf­feinat­ed front­woman. All in all, this shit hits me kin­da like a more stripped-down, fast-and-loose play­ing vari­ant of swedish heavy hit­ters Vidro, fused with a gen­er­ous dose of Judy and the Jerks.

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Smooth Brain - Demoted

Now this was kin­da un­ex­pect­ed. This group from Cleve­land, Ohio shar­ing mem­bers with Cru­el­ster, Know­so and Per­verts Again had re­leased their pre­vi­ous EP in Au­gust 2013, just a cou­ple months be­fore this very blog came in­to ex­is­tence. So now here's their third 7" pick­ing things up pret­ty much where they left them over ten years ago, serv­ing us five new ex­am­ples of those straight­for­ward catchy garage punk es­plo­sions that, of the groups men­tioned pre­vi­ous­ly, prob­a­bly bear the clos­est re­sem­blance to the no-frills son­ic at­tack of Cru­el­ster.

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Kalte Hand - Kessel

Säure­block­er re­leas­es Au­gust 2nd.

General Baxter - Dumb Luck

Con­cus­sion re­leas­es Au­gust 9th via Kalei­do­scop­ic Records.