Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! - Bloom

My pet­ty at­tempts at writ­ing about mu­sic might've been even worse 10+ years ago than they still are in the present but at least there's lit­tle need for me be­ing too em­bar­rassed about most of the mu­sic i've picked back then. Case in point, the new LP of ital­ian group Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, the first new mu­sic af­ter six to sev­en years of si­lence by the group that had the ques­tion­able hon­or of be­ing the sub­ject of the very first 12XU blog post ever (the ger­man lan­guage sec­tion that is, which goes back to the year 2013 rather than the eng­lish sec­tion which is less than half as old). De­spite their slow pace of out­put you can't ac­cuse them of lack­ing stay­ing pow­er, that's for sure! Their sound's pro­gres­sion over the years makes per­fect sense to me as well, their ex­cel­lent 2013 For­ev­er Young LP kin­da chan­nel­ing the by­gone late 2000s /​ ear­ly 2010s era of noise pop and fuzz punk groups á la No Age, Wavves and Male Bond­ing, which then mor­phed in­to a more re­laxed, in­die rock-lean­ing vibe with on their 2017 al­bum Cor­ners. With this new one, they fi­nal­ly set­tle in­to some ul­tra-clas­sic shoegaze ter­ri­to­ry with just a hint of post grunge added to the mix, Bail­ter­space and Swervedriv­er be­ing the the best com­par­i­son i can come up with. Here they slow things down even fur­ther with­out ever com­ing across as sleepy or bor­ing - it takes a rare amount of elab­o­rate con­struc­tion work and song-craft­ing prowess to pull this shit off suc­cess­ful­ly and these ital­ians de­liv­er on it in droves, more than any oth­er group has done in re­cent years as it's been a rather sad decade for the genre so far if you ask me, in which most of these groups cer­tain­ly have all their ef­fect ped­als in place while lack­ing the songs, en­er­gy and vi­sion to do any­thing for me oth­er than gen­tly lulling me to sleep. This one, it sounds kin­da old­school while ab­solute­ly not Slow­dive-ish and that's like a breath of fresh air to me in these days.

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Arse - Kaputt.

It took the Syd­ney group like a half decade to come up with their third EP but here it fi­nal­ly is in all its glo­ry and spec­ta­cle. Their very own fu­sion of noise rock, hard- and post­core has re­tained every bit of their fran­tic en­er­gy while mix­ing shit up just enough to keep things in­ter­est­ing, for ex­am­ple in Shame Bomb, in which they con­jure up a pre­vi­ous­ly un­heard sense of melan­choly. Oth­er times, their speeds and lev­els of dev­as­ta­tion are reach­ing the ex­plo­sive force of their de­but EP in songs such as Lev­el Skip­per and Prick in the Franger, af­ter the slight­ly more for­giv­ing pre­vi­ous Safe Word EP, while tracks like Night Shift Blues once again su­per­charge all the grime and dirt of old­school Am­phet­a­mine Repile-style riff­ing with a re­lent­less hard­core at­tack.

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Sex Mex - Cold, Not Cute

A new EP by the San An­to­nio, Texas group and as al­ways i'm hap­py to say that Sex Mex still sound very much like Sex Mex, their mix­ture of garage- and synth punk, noise- and pow­er pop trans­port­ing the aes­thet­ics of on­ly the most catchy and melod­ic ar­ti­facts out of the whole Reatard era. Re­li­able shit that doesn't try any­thing fun­ny and in­stead just de­liv­ers on the hooks!

The EP suf­fers from non-em­bed­d­a­ble band­camp dis­ease, but you can lis­ten to the whole thing over at their band­camp page.

Pork Belly - I'm Okay, You're Okay, Everything is Okay

The sec­ond EP by this San Fran­cis­co group, com­ing to us by way of the weirdo suits at the head­quar­ters of Dis­con­tin­u­ous In­no­va­tion Inc., marks a quite im­pres­sive step up in en­er­gy, so­phis­ti­ca­tion, el­e­gance and styl­is­tic va­ri­ety af­ter their al­ready per­fect­ly en­joy­able de­but cass­in­gle in 2020. In the year 2024, their quirky and chaot­ic mix of post­core, post- and art punk with just a smidge of garage punk thrown in for good mea­sure is still gonna evoke uni­ver­sal­ly fa­vor­able com­par­isons to quirky noise­mak­ers in the vein of Rolex, Pat­ti, Re­al­i­ty Group, Big Bop­per, Warm Bod­ies, Ura­ni­um Club and Brandy.

The Gobs - The Gobs

New shit by these Olympia, Wash­ing­ton Lo-Fi punks and you kin­da know what's gonna hit you: More of that de­li­cious­ly blown out and catchy-as-fuck garage-/elec­tro/­fuzz punk de­men­tia for the mod­er­ate­ly de­sen­si­tized mind, hell­bent on dam­ag­ing your speak­ers, cor­rupt­ing your soul, spilling your booze and puk­ing on your car­pet. Very neg­a­tive in­flu­ence these kids, stay away!

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Alien Nosejob - Cold Bare Facts

Jake Robertson's Alien Nose­job usu­al­ly finds some way to sub­vert our ex­pec­ta­tions and their newest 7", com­ing to us as usu­al via An­ti Fade Records, ain't no ex­cep­tion in that re­gard! The Ex­e­cu­tion­er sur­pris­es with what might eas­i­ly be the most post punk the group has ever sound­ed as cold and raw elec­tric beats get weld­ed to an equal­ly rigid con­struct of repet­i­tive gui­tar riffs, com­bin­ing in­to a slight­ly in­dus­tri­al-ish over­all vibe. West Side Sto­ry then is clos­er to the fa­mil­iar and beloved stan­dard Alien Nose­job for­mu­la, a straight­for­ward yet el­e­gant garage punk smash­er based on a sin­gle ex­quis­ite riff that could just go on for­ev­er but con­ve­nient­ly gets fad­ed out in time be­fore it can cause any last­ing (hear­ing-) dam­age.

Spewed Brain - Spewed Brain

Fol­low­ing up on their much rougher, hard­core-lean­ing In­ter­na­tion­al Heart­throb EP of last year, Indiana's Spewed Brain take their sound in­to a catch­i­er, slight­ly egg-ish di­rec­tion on their new LP while stay­ing de­light­ful­ly fucked-up and un­pre­dictable, at dif­fer­ent times re­mind­ing me of groups as di­verse as, say, Trau­ma Har­ness, Print Head, Exwhite, The Gobs, Snoop­er, Rolex, Witch Piss or Slimex.

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RONi - Demo

Oh look, it's that mys­te­ri­ous dude again who al­so goes by such names as Zhoop, Djinn, Night­man, Feed, Brun­dle and even more dis­guis­es i can't re­call right now. As usu­al he does ex­act­ly one thing on here and he gets it right every sin­gle time - five ex­cel­lent no-frills min­i­mal­ist det­o­na­tions on the in­ter­sec­tion of garage-, hard­core- and fuzz punk.

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Split System - Vol. 2

The sec­ond LP by this Mel­bourne garage punk su­per­group brings fur­ther grad­ual re­fine­ment to their dis­tinct for­mu­la car­ry­ing all the right bag­gage from many decades of par­tic­u­lar­ly aus­tralian punk his­to­ry both an­cient and re­cent, pre­sent­ed with heart­felt ur­gency and a per­sis­tent sense of melan­choly that's quite unique to them, a knack for catchy hooks, el­e­gant, sim­ple and ef­fec­tive song­writ­ing which has had the group run­ning cir­cles around the bulk of the genre pret­ty much from day one, all the while leav­ing im­pact craters with the un­re­lent­ing fury of their per­for­mance. Noth­ing short of spec­tac­u­lar, this record!

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Vaguess - Thanks /​/​ No Thanks

A main­stay of re­cent years in garage punk is back with a some­what more high-pro­file LP via Er­ste Theke Ton­träger fol­low­ing a re­cent string of more un­der­stat­ed cas­sette and dig­i­tal re­leas­es. This thing is as eclec­tic as any of these but at the same time, a lot more fo­cused, de­ter­mined and con­sis­tent than some of those more scrap­py re­cent of­fer­ings. Span­ning a spec­trum from the propul­sive post punk of the open­ing sal­vo (When It's Gone, A.P.A.C.), melan­choly in­die rock bal­lads (Texas Cloud), comp­fy synth pop tunes (Let U Know) to straight­for­ward garage-/fuzz punk ex­plo­sions (Can't Take It, 2 Car Garage), there's plen­ty of meat to dig your teeth in­to, all held to­geth­er by Vin­ny Earley's al­ways con­fi­dent, of­ten plain­ly bril­liant song­writ­ing pow­ers. Last but not least, Week­end Shad­ows and Car­ry­on are fur­ther ex­am­ples of ex­act­ly that kind of supreme pow­er-/fuzz pop hymn the dude has al­ways ex­celled at.

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