Spasi - HTCM in Block City /​ Jerk Squad

The de­but cass­in­gle (?) of this Seat­tle group de­liv­ers a way too short yet al­to­geth­er ex­cit­ing synth- and garage punk freak­out, the A-side HTCM in Block City burst­ing with an en­er­gy not too dis­tant from acts like Liq­uid Face, Klint, Mononeg­a­tives, Ghoulies or Slimex. As for the B-Side Jerk Squad… Is kraut­wave an ac­tu­al genre? 'Cos that's ex­act­ly what i'd de­scribe this stuff as.

Cool Sorcery - With Love, Maggie

Now this is a kick­ass, im­pres­sive­ly con­fi­dent long­play­ing de­but as­sem­bled by some dude from Brasília, Brazil out of on­ly the finest bits and pieces con­tem­po­rary DIY garage punk has to of­fer with acts like Andy Hu­man and the Rep­toids, Erik Ner­vous, Spodee Boy, Nick Nor­mal or Bel­ly Jel­ly par­tic­u­lar­ly com­ing to mind, spiced up with oc­ca­sion­al out­bursts of Skull Cult-es­que pan­de­mo­ni­um. Even some psy­che­del­ic vibes á la Mononeg­a­tives, Os­ees or Pow! get mixed in, cul­mi­nat­ing in the mono­lith­ic acid punk one-two punch of Dddelir­i­um and Plague V.

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Vintage Crop - Kibitzer

Don't ex­pect too many sur­pris­es from the newest Vin­tage Crop LP but ex­pect plen­ty of good­ness nonethe­less, fol­low­ing that cer­tain garage punk for­mu­la the Mel­bourne group cer­tain­ly did their part to es­tab­lish in tan­dem with fel­low acts such as Pinch Points, Dumb, Ura­ni­um Club and Abort­ed Tor­toise, of which they de­liv­er a slight­ly more straight­for­ward and catchy vari­ant here, al­so con­tain­ing some oc­ca­tion­al traces of stuff like Pat­ti, Par­quet Courts or In­sti­tute. The two stand­outs here are the slow­er jams Im­pact of Wis­dom and The Bloody War in which their song­writ­ing qual­i­ties re­al­ly get to shine, the lat­ter one al­so car­ry­ing a melan­choly, dis­tinct­ly wire-es­que vibe.

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Phaselicker - Phaselicker

From some un­cer­tain place in Bavaria, Ger­many comes this beau­ty of an EP med­dling in a fit­ting­ly neb­u­lous, fuzz-laden genre spec­trum be­tween garage- and acid punk, psych- and space rock. A re­quired lis­ten for, among oth­ers, con­nois­seurs of noise in the vein of De­struc­tion Unit, Os­ees, Su­per-X, Hamer, Ounce, Faux Fe­ro­cious or Drag­gs.

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Healees - Healees

I rarely get too ex­it­ed about the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion of shoegaze-re­lat­ed groups, who for the most part seem per­fect­ly con­tent with just cre­at­ing a pleas­ant sound­scape to fall asleep to and soon for­get about. This Paris group, how­ev­er, does not on­ly have the son­ics, but al­so the dri­ve and the hooks to make it stick, find­ing kind of a work­able mid­dle ground be­tween the ob­vi­ous gold­en-era Shoegaze acts (es­pe­cial­ly a strong Bail­ter Space vibe go­ing on here), some ear­ly Sarah Records pop and more re­cent noise pop ex­am­ples of the Gold Bears, Seablite or Fly­y­ing Colours va­ri­ety.

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Germ House - Germ House

The newest EP of Rhode Is­land one-man-band Germ House aka Justin Hub­bard car­ries an­oth­er strong batch of songs in their trade­mark jux­ta­po­si­tion of rus­tic post punk ab­strac­tion and a folky un­der­cur­rent. Es­pe­cial­ly in the first half, these songs feel a tad more de­vel­oped than usu­al this time while still re­tain­ing their over­all quirk­i­ness and their min­i­mal­ist, frag­men­tary charme.

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Pigeon - Permanent Quest​ /​ ​Riged

Sev­en more inch­es of undi­lut­ed great­ness from Berlin post punk stal­warts Pi­geon. The a-side is a tur­bocharged strem­roller just as catchy as it's abra­sive while the b-side track goes a more cum­ber­some, slow and stub­born route to a no less pul­ver­iz­ing ef­fect.

Pisse - Lambada

I'm sure everyone's al­ready tak­en no­tice, but i can't leave that one out here, a new re­lease by the on­ly ger­man punk group i've ever heard of. In a nut­shell, Pisse are still very much Pisse (and yes, that is in­deed the ger­man word for piss), their jet of yel­low liq­uid still be­ing very pre­cise­ly fo­cused on the var­i­ous process­es and phe­nom­e­na in­volved in the grad­ual crush­ing of the hu­man soul in that so­ci­ety of ours while not spar­ing the punk scene their due amount of ridicule ei­ther. Their mu­sic on the fringes of post- and garage punk ain't noth­ing to be em­bar­rassed about ei­ther, even in the clos­ing track Fa­vorit, which drags some Sui­cide-es­que synth min­i­mal­ism through a de­cid­ed­ly ger­man schlager hell.

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Green/​Blue - Paper Thin

This project re­volv­ing around Jim Bla­ha (The Blind Shake, Jim and the French Vanil­la) and An­nie Spar­rows (So­vi­ettes, Awe­some Snakes) sounds quite un­like any of Jim Blaha's oth­er groups that i'm aware of on their sec­ond LP, these songs with­out ex­cep­tion hav­ing a dreamy, melan­choly pow­er pop vibe and an un­like­ly post punk edge to them - kin­da like a mix be­tween Ra­dioac­tiv­i­ty, Mind Spi­ders and a slight­ly mut­ed The Es­tranged fused to­geth­er by rock sol­id song­writ­ing chops.

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Life Forms - Life Forms

A strong lit­tle batch of melod­ic garage punk by some UK group - fans of stuff like Ra­dioac­tic­i­ty, Sweet Reaper, Ex-White, Boo­ji Boys, Telecult, Steve Adamyk Band or Son­ic Av­enues lis­ten up!

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