Nuts - Living In A Vulgar Vision

Al­most two years af­ter an awe­some de­mo tape, this dude from Cologne has fi­nal­ly un­leashed up­on us his full length de­but and damn, is that an­oth­er ir­re­sistible su­per-sized buck­et of pure garage- and ***punk bliss rough­ly in the neigh­bor­hood of usu­al sus­pects like Set-Top Box, Met­dog, Prison Af­fair, Erik Ner­vous or Dee Bee Rich, among many oth­ers.

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Final Fukker - Final Fukker

An ear­ly con­tender for the loud­est record of 2022, this burst of max­i­mal­ly abra­sive noise - record­ed some­time in 2016 and now fi­nal­ly re­leased via Run­state Tapes - tru­ly has what it takes to star­tle the dead and sounds like it crawled out of a dis­gust­ing brown pud­dle of pure de­spair, its hard­core punk foun­da­tion buried deep un­der thick lay­ers of white noise and feed­back… but lis­ten close­ly and you might al­so find many un­ex­pect­ed flash­es of melody em­bed­ded deep in there.

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And also there were…

… two great re­leas­es by Zhoop and Glands, which - as hap­pens quite of­ten - fel­low blog Manieren­ver­sagen beat me to the punch post­ing. Damn you, Manieren­ver­sagen!

Nah, just kid­ding, this saves me some work. So may i sug­gest you just vis­it Arne's own lit­tle me­dia em­pire (al­ways a good idea any­way, if you ask me) to lis­ten to the good shit?

Self Improvement - Visible Damage

The de­but LP of this Long Beach group, in­con­spic­u­ous at first glance, evolves in­to a re­al treat for friends of smart, min­i­mal­ist post punk at a clos­er lis­ten. Lithics are the first com­par­i­son that springs to mind as well as post punk weirdos Pat­ti and Min­neapo­lis garage punk ge­nius­es Ura­ni­um Club, while lead vo­cal­ist Jett Witchalls con­jures up some se­ri­ous Kim Gor­don vibes here, whose 1980s out­put with Son­ic Youth might've al­so served as an in­spi­ra­tion on down­beat tracks like Shapes, as well as some bits and pieces of 70s/​80s The Fall.

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Print Head - In Motion

An­oth­er Print Head re­lease means an­oth­er per­fect storm of weird-ass ex­cen­tric, chaot­ic but of­ten un­ex­pect­ed­ly melo­di­ous garage- and post punk shit, this time around com­ing across like an odd mix­ture of con­tem­po­rary groups of the vague­ly egg-re­lat­ed va­ri­ety with the slug­gish grooves of the UV Race and old british Acts like Swell Maps, ear­ly Mekons.

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Milt - The Days Of Milt

This Mel­bourne group's tape de­liv­ers a whole buck­et­load of synth-en­hanced garage punk de­light hov­er­ing some­where in­be­tween the ref­er­ence points of Use­less Eaters, Sauna Youth, Aus­muteants, Met­dog… and al­so fair­ly close to the whole Warttman Inc.-affiliated clus­ter­fuck.

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Slimex - Easy Money

Last year's de­but tape of this Port­land group was a per­fect­ly fun lit­tle thing al­ready but this new shit is just so much stronger in pret­ty much every as­pect, their pre­sen­ta­tion tighter and the songs more con­cise, sim­ple yet per­fect­ly bal­anced and 100% ef­fi­cient in their amal­ga­ma­tion of garage-, synth- and post punk, ra­di­at­ing out some se­ri­ous vibes á la Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp., Mononeg­a­tives, Ghoulies or Warm Ex­it.

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Insane Urge - Insane Urge

Yet an­oth­er Stuc­co sub­la­bel? This cas­sette looks pret­ty much like an Im­po­tent Fe­tus re­lease to me though. Sounds like one, too! Old­school garage punk of the KBD-in­fest­ed va­ri­ety and de­fin­i­tive must-have fod­der for friends of acts such as Launch­er, Liq­uid As­sets or Frea­kees.

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Daughter Bat and the Lip Stings - More Love Songs

Sydney's Daugh­ter Bat And The Lip Stings, who've al­ready been mak­ing some waves with a whole shit­load of fun EPs in 2020, are now re­turn­ing with their strongest se­lec­tion of tune­ful garage punk, fuzz- and pow­er pop smash­ers so far, their knack for catchy hooks pro­vok­ing thor­ough­ly flat­ter­ing com­par­isons to the likes of Boo­ji Boys, Ra­dioac­tiv­i­ty, Roy­al Headache or Sweet Reaper.

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Feeding Tube - Demo #1

…and here's yet an­oth­er short and sweet ar­ti­fact of vague­ly egg-re­lat­ed garage punk by some NJ per­son. This shit plays out like a mix of Alien Nose­job in HC 7" mode, S.B.F. and Con­nie Voltaire's hard­core-fo­cussed projects. Al­so, good call trans­form­ing two slow, bor­ing tracks in­to ex­cit­ing, fast tracks through the won­ders of cut­ting edge pitch ad­just­ment tech­nol­o­gy.

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