Phaselicker - Phaselicker

From some un­cer­tain place in Bavaria, Ger­many comes this beau­ty of an EP med­dling in a fit­ting­ly neb­u­lous, fuzz-laden genre spec­trum be­tween garage- and acid punk, psych- and space rock. A re­quired lis­ten for, among oth­ers, con­nois­seurs of noise in the vein of De­struc­tion Unit, Os­ees, Su­per-X, Hamer, Ounce, Faux Fe­ro­cious or Drag­gs.

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Zoids - Zzap!!

Zoids keep things classy and weird on their newest tape, which will soon be phys­i­cal­ly avail­able via Good­bye Boozy. Still clear­ly op­er­at­ing on the out­er fringes of crude and dis­so­nant garage-/post punk and high­ly de­ment­ed space rock, this group or per­son of mys­te­ri­ous where­abouts re­mains a charm­ing­ly bro­ken ma­chine that doesn't need any fix­ing.

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Mateo Manic - Time Don't Matter In Dark Matter

Garage-/synth-/elec­tro punk from Cleve­land, Ohio that carves out its own lit­tle place in the cur­rent land­scape of sim­i­lar groups by way of a cer­tain psy­che­del­ic haze, kin­da like a mix be­tween The Spits, Sil­i­con Heart­beat and Smirk, ob­served through some dense Chrome- or Met­al Ur­bain-es­que fog. Or you might de­scribe it as some kind of garage punk in­car­na­tion of Murderer's hal­lu­cino­genic cow­punk night­marescapes.

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Super X - Super X

This tape by Mel­bourne group Su­per-X isn't ex­act­ly new stuff, but that shit is way to strong not to be men­tioned here. Wit­ness a son­ic spec­ta­cle un­fold, fus­ing the old garage-/pro­to punk fuzz of Fun House-era Stooges with spaced out vibes not un­like De­struc­tion Unit or ear­ly Tele­scopes, all the while drag­ging along with it some traces of con­tem­po­rary post punk.

Hamer - Hamer

Whoa… three years af­ter i first no­ticed this band from leeds and a quite charm­ing, chaot­ic ear­ly EP of theirs, i hon­est­ly didn't ex­pect their de­but al­bum to blow my socks off the way it did just now. In­stead of the EP's re­laxed DIY-Vibes you now find your­self in the mid­dle of a fe­ro­cious high speed trip whose rough co­or­di­nates hov­er some­where be­tween fuzzed out space-, psych- and garage punk. Sure, these Songs won't win any awards for their orig­i­nal­i­ty but to­tal­ly make up for that by de­vel­op­ing in­to a blast so po­tent and rest­less it doesn't give you a sec­ond to think about such bull­shit any­way. I'm re­mind­ed of bands like De­struc­tion Unit, Wash, Flat Worms, Drag­gs or even japan­ese genre vet­er­ans High Rise.

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