Monda - VIII

The fol­low-up to this To­towa, New Jer­sey group's re­cent opus Stiff Jum­bo, which con­sist­ed of no less than four­ty be­low-one-minute punk smash­ers, comes across as a some­what more con­ven­tion­al of­fer­ing of catchy tunes lo­cat­ed in­be­tween the son­ic pa­ra­me­ters of garage punk, noise pop and old­school '80s/'90s in­die rock. What hasn't changed at all though is the sheer strength and con­sis­ten­cy of these songs, whose song­writ­ing ex­cel­lence nev­er fal­ters even once. This shit is eas­i­ly on a lev­el with high­ly re­gard­ed con­tem­po­raries of the Vaguess, Boo­ji Boys, Datenight, Bad Sports, Va­ca­tion, Teen Line, The Wind-Ups and Bed Wet­tin' Bad Boys cal­iber.

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Showroom Dummies - Showroom Dummies

This lat­est EP by this Win­nipeg, Man­i­to­ba group treats us to four ex­cel­lent blasts on the rougher end of the garage-/fuzz-/synth punk spec­trum, ham­mered home by a com­plete­ly un­hinged mad­man vo­cal per­for­mance. This EP is a safe-bet crowd­pleas­er guar­an­teed to de­light con­noiseurs of shit á la The Gobs, 3D and the Holo­grams, Ghoulies, Daugh­ter Bat and the Lip Stings and Fac­to­ry City Chil­dren, con­clud­ing in a ful­ly charged burst of hard­core punk evok­ing fur­ther com­par­isons to groups such as Witch Piss, Spewed Brain and Ge­o­duck Diodes.

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Assistert Sjølmord - Assistert Sjølmord

Hard­core punk from Oslo, Nor­way that sticks out with some rough garage edge to their cer­tain­ly sim­ple and straight­for­ward, yet un­doubt­ed­ly el­e­gant and well-bal­anced punk at­tacks and the undi­lut­ed fury trans­port­ed by a thor­ough­ly caf­feinat­ed front­woman. All in all, this shit hits me kin­da like a more stripped-down, fast-and-loose play­ing vari­ant of swedish heavy hit­ters Vidro, fused with a gen­er­ous dose of Judy and the Jerks.

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Smooth Brain - Demoted

Now this was kin­da un­ex­pect­ed. This group from Cleve­land, Ohio shar­ing mem­bers with Cru­el­ster, Know­so and Per­verts Again had re­leased their pre­vi­ous EP in Au­gust 2013, just a cou­ple months be­fore this very blog came in­to ex­is­tence. So now here's their third 7" pick­ing things up pret­ty much where they left them over ten years ago, serv­ing us five new ex­am­ples of those straight­for­ward catchy garage punk es­plo­sions that, of the groups men­tioned pre­vi­ous­ly, prob­a­bly bear the clos­est re­sem­blance to the no-frills son­ic at­tack of Cru­el­ster.

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Shament - Shament

An ef­fort­less­ly ass-kick­ing de­but EP from an Oslo, Nor­way group that runs the gamut from the buz­z­saw hard­core punk of the open­ing track Ri­tal­in­bjørn­er to break­neck-speed fuzzed-out garage punk in Laserkrieg, hav­ing some sim­i­lar en­er­gy to, say, The Gobs, Kid Chrome and S.B.F.. Stygg Be­bi then has some dis­tinct dun­geon-es­que egg­punk-meets-deathrock vibe rem­i­nis­cent of stuff like Pow­er­plant, Kerozine or fel­low nor­we­gians Mol­bo. The lat­ter ten­den­cy then cul­mi­nates in the clos­ing track Shament, a catchy an­them built from pure goth-y post punk ear can­dy lead­ing up to a some­what black met­al-ish con­clu­sion. Fuck me this is some strong shit!

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Criminal - Duke Of Oi!

Not kid­ding, this is some hon­est to god oi! shit right there yet this stuff al­so couldn't be more far re­moved from what you'd nor­mal­ly ex­pect out of the genre, al­so mark­ing a sharp de­par­ture from this Los An­ge­les group's (rather un­re­mark­able, if you ask me) ear­li­er out­put. Rather, this record strikes me as an­oth­er wel­come ad­di­tion to the small but grow­ing canon of the emerg­ing dun­geon punk bub­ble, kin­da like what a sim­pli­fied Poi­son Ruïn might sound like if they di­aled down the post punk and went all-in on the oi! el­e­ments. Add to that a singer who seems to chan­nel some sort of al­ter­nate-re­al­i­ty true met­al Frankie Stubbs clone and what you get is a new fa­vorite batch of tunes for crush­ing the world's in­jus­tuces with right­eous anger and prim­i­tive, blunt weapon­ry.

Seagate - Tapes Volume II

The sec­ond EP of this At­lantic Beach, Flori­da group de­lights with a whol­ly in­fat­u­at­ing make of sim­ple, com­pact and catchy garage- and fuzz punk good­ness that ac­tu­al­ly comes with some un­ex­pect­ed­ly var­ied col­lec­tion of vibes, at one point or an­oth­er chan­nel­ing qual­i­ties you might as­so­ciate with groups such as Sa­tan­ic To­gas, New Berlin, Buck Biloxi, Set-Top Box, Spits, Die TV or Penance Hall.

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Pablo X Broadcasting Services - Running Wild /​ Hunted

Fol­low­ing an in­tox­i­cat­ing­ly strong de­but EP last sum­mer, the fol­low-up by french psy­che­del­ic rock wiz­ard Re­my Pablo de­liv­ers more of that same over­whelm­ing good­ness stub­born­ly ex­e­cut­ing its very own no­tion of pul­sat­ing loops and blown-out drones at the in­ter­sec­tions of psych- and space rock, post-, art-, pro­to- and garage punk with more than just a lit­tle of an MX-80-, Chrome- and Mé­tal Ur­bain vibe to it.

.cum - .cum

A mag­nif­i­cent de­but sin­gle by a neb­u­lous group from nowhere serves up two un­de­ni­ably tasty synth punk an­thems rem­i­nis­cent as much of the 2000s in­die rock era (as in: Re­mem­ber when Pitch­fork was a thing?) as of more re­cent phe­nom­e­na in the Cher­ry Cheeks, Ope or Smirk vein, with a frost­ing of Dig­i­tal Leather-es­que fla­vors on top. What's not to like about that?

Jëg Hüsker - My Dawn Promo

The sec­ond EP by this Karl­sruhe, Ger­many group is al­so the first taste we're get­ting of an up­com­ing al­bum and just like their ex­cel­lent de­mo tape at the end of last year, this thing com­bines the grimy dun­geon-es­que garage vibes the group ob­vi­ous­ly in­her­it­ed from Thee Khai Aehm, whose mem­bers com­prise half of this group's line­up, with a dis­tinct flour­ish of pro­to punk prim­i­tivism, plen­ty of spaced-out psy­che­del­ic ex­cess á la late De­struc­tion Unit, some hard­core en­er­gy in Tear It Up and even some melod­ic flour­ish­es in My Dawn, while the clos­ing track Inte Mer Hem is noth­ing short of raw and sim­ple dun­geon punk per­fec­tion.

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