Insane Urge - My America

This group's sec­ond cas­sette on Im­po­tent Fe­tus or Down South Tapes or what­ev­er it's called this week, con­sid­er­ably one-ups their pre­vi­ous one in terms of undi­lut­ed fury while car­ry­ing across all the traits we've come to ex­pect from that label's out­put - rough and grimy as fuck yet un­ex­pect­ed­ly catchy at the same time. A per­fect storm of garage- and KBD-in­fest­ed hard­core prim­i­tivism.

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Gym Tonic - Sanitary Situations

A good four years af­ter an in­sane­ly en­joy­able de­but LP of this Berlin group, we fi­nal­ly get an­oth­er taste of the same, fair­ly quirky yet ex­pert­ly pro­pelled synth-, garage- and post punk good­ness sure to de­light ad­mir­ers of stuff in the vein of, say, Bel­ly Jel­ly, Puff, Dum­my, Aus­muteants, Quit­ter, Liq­uid Lunch, Ghoulies, Diode or Spot­ting.

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Wimps - Mom

City Lights re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 13th via Youth Ri­ot Records.

Checkpoint - Triple Dragon

Drift re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 10th via Er­ste Theke Ton­träger.

Sick Thoughts - Sick Thoughts

Born To Blitzkrieg re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 6th via Rokk Records.

Pyrex - Struck Down

Struck Down ​/​ ​Stay­ing Alive re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 4th via Die Slaugh­ter­haus Records.

Chain Whip - Hatewave

Call of the Knife re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 16th via Drunk­en Sailor Records.

Nurse Joy - Comfortable