Marbled Eye - Read The Air

What i said about Ura­ni­um Club's ef­fect on garage punk a cou­ple weeks back, sim­i­lar things i can at­test to this Oak­land group con­cern­ing their par­tic­u­lar (sub-)genre. Here we have a new LP by an­oth­er band who, de­spite far from be­ing the most pro­lif­ic of acts out there, has clear­ly sent plen­ty of rip­ples through the post- and art punk scene of re­cent years. It's been over five years since their last record and sure­ly things have kept mov­ing since then, as ev­i­denced by a ma­tured sound on dis­play here that once again presents them on the cut­ting edge of their own niche, con­sid­er­ably ad­vanc­ing and de­vel­op­ing their sound and craft while still re­tain­ing all the traits that made them so spe­cial in the first place. What's al­ready been for­shad­owed with their 2022 dig­i­tal sin­gle Dirty Wa­ter comes in­to full bloom here - their songs and arrange­ments, while still be­ing every bit as eleb­o­rate and an­gu­lar con­struc­tions, have gained a lot in terms of el­e­gance and melod­ic sen­si­bil­i­ty, their com­po­si­tions al­ways be­ing ground­ed in care­ful and in­tri­cate song­writ­ing crafts­man­ship. Songs like the bril­liant first sin­gle See It Too kin­da chan­nel the most melod­ic and catchy as­pects of '70s Wire while en­rich­ing those smar­ty­pants aes­thet­ics with tons of hu­man warmth and sin­cere emo­tion.

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Electric Prawns 2 - Hot Wheels /​ I'm Hooked /​ I Love Rock & Roll (I Love It)

Com­ing off their un­wieldy two-hour Lo-Fi garage-/post-/eg­g­punk mono­lith Prawn Sta­t­ic For Porn Ad­dicts from last year, the Mof­fat Beach, Aus­tralia based group re­turns with a cou­ple of com­par­a­tive­ly Mid-to-Hi­Fi sound­ing sin­gles and EPs. All three of them re­in­force my as­sess­ment that was al­ready ev­i­dent on their pre­de­ces­sor, name­ly that these folks just write kick­ass tunes, plain and sim­ple, which don't re­al­ly need to hide be­hind a wall of low fi­deli­ty gunk and grime and can be made to work in pret­ty much any shape and form. I like my things sound­ing kin­da scruffy and crum­my though and thank­ful­ly, here they pret­ty much hit the sweet spot con­cern­ing that.

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Awful - 4 Songs

Speak­ing of Deluxe Bias… here's the newest cas­sette of minis­cule run­time from that Wyoming la­bel spe­cial­iz­ing in ex­act­ly that one kind of thing. An­oth­er com­plete­ly blown-out as­sault on the sens­es walk­ing a thin line be­tween ul­tra-rough LoFi fuzz-, garage- and egg­punk re­sult­ing in some ex­quis­ite may­hem which may plau­si­bly get de­scribed as a cu­ri­ous blend of the likes of Print Head, Warm Bod­ies, Snoop­er and Fugi­tive Bub­ble.

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Delta 8 - Greased Lightning

An awe­some de­but cas­sette by this group out of Athens, Geoar­gia, de­liv­er­ing a sal­vo of fuzzed out tunes on the in­ter­sec­tion of hard­core- and KBD-soaked garage punk. While at times re­sem­bling the noise-laden out­put of groups á la Lumpy and the Dumpers, Soup­cans and Black But­ton i think this stuff would fit equal­ly well with­in the cat­a­logs of LoFi spe­cial­ist cas­sette la­bels Im­po­tent Fe­tus and Deluxe Bias, hav­ing a sim­i­lar sham­bol­ic en­er­gy in com­mon with acts like Sep­tic Yanks, C-Krit, ear­ly Elec­tric Chair, Exxxon and Mo­tor Corp.

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No Brains - Cheap Shot /​/​ The Celebrities - Redd Karpet

Two out­stand­ing re­leas­es rolled in this week dab­bling in un­apolo­get­i­cal­ly old­school aes­thet­ics, both pre­vail­ing in their own way by fair­ly dif­fer­ent means. No Brains from Utrecht, Nether­lands present an un­com­pro­mis­ing­ly straight­for­ward blend of time­less garage punk and ear­ly eight­ies, some­what hard­core- and KBD-ad­ja­cent nois­es. I give this shit 0/​10 stars for orig­i­nal­i­ty and 20/​10 stars for sheer un­re­lent­ing force. That av­er­ages out to an ac­tu­al 10/​10 record, mind you. You think oth­er­wise? That's 'cos you suck at math dude, deal with it.
Al­so plen­ty of garage ac­tion, al­though with more of a '77 and pow­er pop vibe, is what we get on a brand new EP by Cal­i­for­nia group The Celebri­ties via US garage punk bul­wark To­tal Punk. A bit more re­laxed tem­po-wise but these are per­fect­ly fun and catchy lit­tle tunes with some pro­nounced Dead Boys-meet-Dick­ies en­er­gy goin' on here, mak­ing for an ex­quis­ite sug­ar rush of an ad­mit­ted­ly, at times, kin­da cheesy qual­i­ty which thank­ful­ly al­ways gets coun­tered by way an ex­pert­ly craft­ed wall of fuzz. I give it a 11/​10 for all the glitz, glam­our and star pow­er. Maths man, noth­ing we can do about it.

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Hyperdog - House On The Hill

Frog Moun­tain re­leas­es April 25th.

Goblin Daycare - Boss Man

Ag­it­prop Hot­line is gonna re­lease when­ev­er via Ded­strange.

Facs - North America Endless

North Amer­i­ca End­less 7" re­leas­es April 12th via Sub Pop Records.

Shrudd - Skin