Soft Shoulder - Smile Building's Exit

Tempe, Ari­zona group Soft Shoul­der have been at it for way over a decade now and still seem as live­ly and pro­duc­tive as ever, hav­ing churned out a steady stream of sin­gles and EPs re­leased dig­i­tal­ly and as lim­it­ed lathe cuts the past year. Their newest LP presents them as fo­cused as they haven't been in a long while though, their quirky-as-fuck mix­ture of post punk and noise rock burst­ing with en­er­gy as catchy grooves some­what rem­i­nis­cent of The Fall from the late eight­ies on­ward col­lides with a de­cid­ed­ly no-wave school of noise and dis­so­nance.

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Scam Likely - Scam Likely

A duo made up of Ki­mi Recor and Vin­ny "Vaguess" Ear­ley, you can't re­al­ly over­look the sim­i­lar­i­ties to the lat­ter dude's record­ed out­put but there's al­so more go­ing on here. Start­ing off from a fa­mil­iar mix of garage- and post punk there's some clear Lithics kind of en­er­gy in some places or Welt Star, an­oth­er Ear­ley-re­lat­ed project comes to mind while songs like Star­ing at the Sun and Please 3 sound like for­got­ten Woolen Men tunes that fell through the cracks some­where and Chameleon has the vibe of a Dig­i­tal Leather deep cut from an al­ter­nate cold-wave re­al­i­ty.

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Opsec - Affordable Death

Like a smelly pud­dle of pure hard- and noisec­ore dis­gust, this neat lit­tle tape by New York group Opsec has kind of an ex­ten­sive Flip­per- and No Trend feel to it just as well as bits and pieces of more re­cent phe­nom­e­na like Soup­cans, C-Krit, Stink­hole, Cri­sis Man, Black But­ton or Mys­tic Inane.

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Paint Fumes - Book of Love

Re­al Ro­mancer re­leas­es April 14th via Dig! Records.

Pissant - SYLS II

On­ly Fools and Corpses re­leas­es March 17th.

Electric Chair - Certain Doom

Act Of Ag­gres­sion re­leas­es March 31st via Iron Lung Records.

Laff Box - Restart The Program

Laff Box re­leas­es May 5th via Tur­bo Dis­cos & Neo Taste Records.

Smirk - On Crack

Smirk 7" re­leas­es soon™ via Un­der The Gun Records.

Verspannungskassette #51 (C-90)

Mononeg­a­tives North Car­oli­na Atom­ic Bomb
Pow­er Pants Stinger
Dee­beat Ra­mone XO Tourlife
S.G.A.T.V. I Need You
Be­ta Máx­i­mo. Frag­men­ta­dos
Teo Wise Pos­i­tive
The Gobs Freeze My Prick
Big Fyg Is That Right? (Love pt. 2)
Klint Mad At My­self
Hick­ey Know It All
Au­to­bahns Full Of Dogs
Äd­wud Demons
Cel Ray At­ten­tion

In­tro­vert­er Lowlife
Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains Tits from the Shad­ows
Moron's Mo­rons Nightvi­sions
Civic Born In The Heat
Big Break Big Break
People's Tem­ple Jan­gling Tune
Hood Rats M-39
Leche Pre­mi­um Suf­frage
Bar­ri­cad­ed Sus­pects Ter­mi­nal Growth
Del­co Mf's Fu­ture World /​ Death Of Me
Con­tra Scuadron 731
Zorn The Spell of The Fairy Tree

Gr3yboy Ne­va Love
Neon Kit­tens Spine
Elek­trokohle Voll­mond
Larochs That's The Bag I'm In
Faux­Fun Room Clear­er
Cat­a­logue Kids Of The Black Hole
Chon­cy Run­ning
Or­ren­do Sub­ot­nik C'or con­tri­to

Sun­down­er Can­cer Wages
Fat Black Cats Area 51
Golomb 71
Op­er­ants The Shift
Spi­ral XP De­ja Vu
Scab Breath In The Sum­mer
PLRLS Burn For Me
Tek­sti-TV 666 Jef­frey