Завірюга - 18000

The on­ly ukran­ian egg­punk group that i know of so far had al­ready piqued my in­ter­est with a batch of su­per sol­id ex­tend­ed plays in re­cent weeks and with their newest one, they're fuck­ing killing it if you ask me. Manda­to­ry new lis­ten­ing for fans of shit á la Prison Af­fair, Set-Top Box, Beer and Nuts!

Aborted Tortoise & Ghoulies - EuroTour Split

This is in­deed a tour i'm pret­ty psy­ched about al­ready! This new split 7" on Good­bye Boozy Records presents the two Perth groups at their finest as Abort­ed Tor­toise make your legs shake with their patent­ed con­structs of smar­ty­pants garage punk á la Ura­ni­um Club, Pinch Points, Dumb, Vin­tage Crop and the like. Ghoulies then fol­low up with two strong and catchy garage-/egg-/synth punk tunes rough­ly in the Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp, Cher­ry Cheeks, Set-Top Box, Alien Nose­job or Sa­tan­ic To­gas fash­ion.

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Noise Violations & Sprgrs - Split

Aus­tralian la­bel Painscale Records de­liv­ers its strongest en­try so far in a se­ries of split cas­settes. Main at­trac­tion here is clear­ly the longer side com­pris­ing the de­but batch of Mel­bourne group Noise Vi­o­la­tions, who set ablaze an ir­re­sistible bar­rage of catchy hooks in a slight­ly egg-ad­ja­cent brand of garage punk with echoes of well-renowned genre pow­er­hous­es such as Sa­tan­ic To­gas, R.M.F.C., Ghoulies, Boo­ji Boys, Met­al Gu­ru, Erik Ner­vous or Gee Tee, to name just a few.
The oth­er side then con­tains the pre­vi­ous­ly re­leased 2022 EP by Grana­da, Spain group Sprgrs, which is well worth an­oth­er lis­ten for fans of dance­able Lo-Fi punk stuff in the vein of, say, Prison Af­fair, Beer, Nuts, Pringue, Dee Bee Rich and Be­ta Max­i­mo.

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Midgee - Mixtape

Our week­ly taste of catchy & funky, egg-re­lat­ed Lo-Fi garage-/synth punk weird­ness comes cour­tesy of some Mel­bourne dude or group and might be com­pared in on­ly the most fovor­able fash­ion to the likes of Prison Af­fair, Nuts, Set-Top Box and Beer. Love it!

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People's Temple /​ Hood Rats /​ Hickey

Three hard­core re­leas­es es­pe­cial­ly stuck out this week, all of 'em more or less tread­ing off the genre's beat­en paths. The most con­ven­tion­al­ly sound­ing - rel­a­tive­ly speak­ing of course - is the EP by People's Tem­ple on NY la­bel Roach­Leg Records, giv­ing us an ex­treme­ly tune­ful vari­a­tion on 80s hard­core, at times com­ing across like a blend of Cir­cle Jerks with ear­ly-to-mid­dle-era Naked Ray­gun and with oc­ca­sion­al flour­ish­es of Hüsker Dü to boot. Of more re­cend Bands, Fried E/​m might al­so fit the bill.
Hickey's tape on Arch­fiend records then in­fus­es con­tem­po­rary strands of garage-, synth- and egg­punk weird­ness with plen­ty of old­school hard­core en­er­gy, along the way al­so evok­ing the some vibes of Flip­per, Spike in Vain, Bro­ken Tal­ent… With this re­lease, we might just be en­ter­ing the eggcore era!
Montreal's Hood Rats op­er­ate in a vague­ly sim­i­lar ter­ri­to­ry, al­so hav­ing a sound ground­ed in garage punk brim­ming with lo-fi egg­punk quirky­ness just as much as with an un­kempt KBD en­er­gy and the tunes to make it stick.

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