Lysol - Soup For My Family

The Seat­tle group has been around for quite some time now and ac­cord­ing­ly at this point, their ul­tra-old­school garage punk sound heav­i­ly in­debt­ed to MC5 and Stooges feels as worn-in and ma­ture as it gets. Their speeds oc­ca­sion­al­ly reach in­to hard­core ter­ri­to­ry now, but that's pret­ty much the on­ly ma­jor change since their 2015 De­mo. All of this would be a recipe for ut­ter bore­dom in the hands of a less ca­pa­ble band but as al­ways, Lysol eas­i­ly ham­mer that shit home by virtue of sheer force.

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Tarred Cell - Tarred Cell

Pret­ty awe­some noisec­ore shit is flush­ing out the ear canals on this de­but EP by a group with mem­bers strewn all across Berlin, Leipzig and Bonn. This cer­tain­ly has some touch­es of Acrylics, Vul­ture Shit, Soup­cans and Stink­hole… or maybe of an al­ter­nate uni­verse in­car­na­tion of No Trend, Flip­per and Bro­ken Tal­ent played at triple speed.

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Skeleton Glove - Skeleton Glove

Berlin group Skele­ton Glove have al­ready put out a bunch of demos, all of which suf­fered to a vary­ing ex­tent from their Lo-Fi pro­duc­tion val­ues, so it's nice to fi­nal­ly hear them in a sound that does their sheer son­ic force jus­tice. The re­sult is every bit as good as i could've hoped for, their ul­tra-pri­mal brand of post- and hard­core punk with flour­ish­es of death rock and garage nev­er fail­ing to hit where it hurts the most.

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Super Cheap - Volume II

Got­ta tell you about this Su­per Cheap EP i got su­per cheap from Painters Tapes! It's a weird lit­tle lump of blown-out noise - it's fast and wild, it's pleas­ant­ly short. Kin­da like a mix be­tween Soup­cans, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Stink­hole and Con­nie Voltaire's more hard­core-cen­tric projects.

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Bootlicker - Bootlicker

Hav­ing re­leased four EPs on Neon Taste so far, Vancouver's Bootlick­er have hit the bull's eye every sin­gle time, so why change any­thing now? They haven't. Ac­cord­ing­ly, on their first long­play­er, their brand of no-frills old­school hard­core at­tack once more man­ages to be most­ly un­sur­pris­ing yet per­fect­ly grip­ping from start to fin­ish.

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Detestados - Unidos

It ap­pears this Austin, Texas group's sec­ond full-length has al­ready been slow­ly rot­ting away on their band­camp page large­ly un­no­ticed for a while now. This has to change fast. The al­bum starts out some­what akin to the melod­ic Lo-Fi garage punk and pow­er pop of Vaguess or Boo­ji Boys, then cy­cles through var­i­ous it­er­a­tions of a slight­ly KBD-es­que garage-, and hard­core-lean­ing sound not en­tire­ly un­like re­cent acts in the Launch­er, Liq­uid As­sets, Fried Egg or Frea­kees vein, with the oc­ca­sion­al sub­tle Gun Club vibe. Al­so, there's a beau­ti­ful­ly sham­bol­ic cov­er ver­sion of Minutemen's Coro­na that man­ages to not suck in the slight­est. Now all of you go make these dudes filthy rich and fa­mous!

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Kerø - Four Track Demo

An­oth­er de­li­cious left­over from last week is this de­but EP by an aus­tralian group, made up of four flaw­less hard­core-meets-garage punk bangers, the straight and sim­ple Frus­trat­ed Youth be­ing noth­ing short of a time­less an­them. In­evitably i'm re­mind­ed of Ce­ment Shoes and - to a less­er de­gree - ear­li­er Elec­tric Chair, Chain­shot or Exxon.

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Full Toilet - Why

As a coun­ter­bal­ance to my last post, here's kind of a mu­si­cal shit­post cre­at­ed by some seat­tle dude who al­so hap­pened to play in one or the oth­er lo­cal leg­end you might have heard of. A four­teen-act rock opera of 7"-sized pro­por­tions that kin­da plays out like an odd fu­sion of 80's Nomeansno, ear­ly Min­ute­men and Sac­cha­rine Trust… chances are i'm al­ready over­think­ing this though.

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Misanthropic Minds - Welcome To The Homeland, Greetings From The Wasteland

Boom! What this cana­di­an group has spit on­to their de­but tape is sev­en min­utes of ab­solute­ly flaw­less and un­re­lent­ing, slight­ly garage- and KBD-soaked old­school hard­core fury ex­pos­ing not a sin­gle weak link in their break­neck per­for­mance.

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Predator - Spiral Unfolds

I've been a bit late to the par­ty when it comes to this At­lanta group which has been around for over a decade by now, with their 2018 No Face 7" be­ing my first ex­po­sure to them. Al­so, i didn't know at that time they're shar­ing mem­bers with post punk min­i­mal­ists Nag. Now that cer­tain­ly makes sense. Not on­ly is this clear­ly the same singer here, but there are al­so abun­dant son­ic sim­i­lar­i­ties to note. Preda­tor kin­da sound like the slight­ly more so­cia­ble cousin to Nag, lean­ing heav­ier in­to garage ter­ri­to­ry with oc­ca­sion­al hard­core mo­ments. I mean like… at times they al­most sound like they're ac­tu­al­ly en­joy­ing them­selves!

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