Septic Yanks - Septic Yanks

An­oth­er moldy wet lump of ul­tra­con­ta­gious punk shit, equal parts garage punk, KBD-style mis­chief and hard­core punk of the very old school. Not too far off from stuff like Liq­uid As­sets, Fried E/​M or Launch­er.

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Kaleidoscope - Decolonization /​/​ Straw Man Army - Age Of Exile

Two noisy new ar­ti­facts brought to us by New York's ex­quis­ite D4MT la­bel. First, there's a new ex­tend­ed play by hard-/post­core pow­er­house Kalei­do­scope on which their sound comes across a tiny bit more more sim­pli­fied and straight­for­ward than on last year's killer de­but LP, yet as in­spired, play­ful and in­ven­tive as ever.
Sim­i­lar things can be said about the de­but al­bum of Straw Man Army, a duo i can't find much in­for­ma­tion on, but at a quick glance they seem to con­sist of none oth­er than Kaleidoscope's drum­mer boy and some oth­er dude. Just as you'd ex­pect, this is an­oth­er quite ad­ven­tur­ous ride through the realms of dark post punk both clas­sic and con­tem­po­rary, some­times bor­der­ing on Crass-style min­i­mal­ism, Wipers-es­que melan­cho­lia while al­so re­mind­ing me of more re­cent ec­cen­tric­i­ties by the likes of Mur­der­er or Wymyns Prysyn.

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Alien Nosejob - Once Again The Present Becomes The Past

An­oth­er record by muteant Jake Robertson's shapeshift­ing project Alien Nose­job. Af­ter last year's 7" on Iron Lung Records, this is the sec­ond time he's ven­tur­ing in­to hard­core punk. Tak­ing ad­van­tage of the longer run­ning time, we see him mix­ing things up and ex­plor­ing the genre a bit deep­er this time, re­sult­ing in a quite var­ied set of tunes. Every­thing Robert­son tack­les here, it just works ad­mirably well.

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Chainshot - Chainshot

Hard­core Punk that starts out like a throw­back to the ear­ly days both in terms of its un­com­pro­mis­ing force as well as its in­ven­tive­ness, un­bur­dened by genre rules and con­ven­tions. Then things get… even more in­ter­est­ing with every pass­ing minute. Of­ten mak­ing use of un­char­ac­ter­is­ti­cal­ly melod­ic gui­tar work and catchy garage-style riff­ing, the Nashville group's freestyle ap­proach to plun­der­ing their way through punk's rich his­to­ry fits in just as well with more re­cent de­vel­op­ments in Hard­core and bands such as Ce­ment Shoes, Rolex or Pink Gui­tars.

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Bootlicker - How To Love Life 7"

An­oth­er ex­tend­ed play by these Van­cou­ver punks. You know what to ex­pect, they know how to de­liv­er. Six flaw­less erup­tions of old­school-ish, garage-doped no-frills hard­core punk.

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Cells - They Drew First Blood

A new EP by Mae­stro Voltaire's sec­ond most pro­lif­ic project Cells. Need i say more? Sev­en more gems of glo­ri­ous­ly fucked up, blown out hard­core punk joy.

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Kobra - Confusione

Whoa… got­ta say i wasn't pre­pared for the kind of storm this group from Mi­lan, Italy lets loose on their first long­play­er. On a sur­face lev­el this is some va­ri­ety of vague­ly old­school hard­core punk with strong an­ar­cho in­flu­ences, some traces of crust - you know, the kind of stuff we've had no short­age of in re­cent years. But then again, this record is char­ac­ter­is­lzed by an end­less string of col­or­ful, un­con­ven­tion­al de­ci­sions and flour­ish­es, mak­ing what could have been a rather cook­ie-cut­ter, de­cent genre ef­fort in­to an am­bi­tious, thrilling beau­ty to be­hold. Al­so helped by a pro­duc­tion which strikes the per­fect bal­ance be­tween re­lent­less propul­sion and blown out Lo-Fi scuzz. As far as con­tem­po­rary hard­core goes, this shit stands com­plete­ly on its own and sim­ply hits evey sin­gle nail on its head.

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Cutters - Cutters

This Mel­bourne group's de­but 7" is a con­cen­trat­ed blast of high­ly flam­ma­ble garagecore spiked with ad­di­tion­al noise- & post­core ac­cel­er­ants, achiev­ing a res­olute punch akin to ADVLTS, Bad Breed­ing while their un­ruly garage & old­school hard­core ri­ot leaves a trail of de­struc­tion not un­like Fried E/​M, Elec­tric Chair or Mod­ern Needs.

Future - Demo

Now that's™ some po­tent shit com­ing out of poland, pre­sum­ably. Equal parts hard­core- and garage punk, ef­fi­cient­ly pro­pelled for­ward by an ul­tra-sim­plis­tic drum­ming style giv­ing the whole thing an al­most cow­punk vibe, but al­so leav­ing plen­ty of room for the noise-laden son­ic tex­tures by the string tor­tur­ing di­vi­sion to spread out - kin­da like you might have heard in the past from Bands like Leche, Mur­der­er, Yam­bag, Lux… maybe even a bit of Wymyns Prysyn hid­den in there.

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Liquid Assets - Offshore Accounts

I've al­ready failed to men­tion this group at least two times and feel kin­da bad about that - al­though you might have heard them al­ready on some of my "Verspan­nungskas­sette" mix­tapes. So, if you haven't been ac­quaint­ed with this Ot­tawa group's chem­i­cal­ly un­sta­ble garage-/hard­core-/KBD-style punk ex­trav­a­gan­za yet, here's your next chance. This tape, brought to us by malasyan punk strong­hold Pissed Off! Recs, con­tains pret­ty much every note of their de­mo tape and 7" re­leased last year in, as it ap­pears to me, most­ly re-record­ed and ex­tra ex­plo­sive ren­di­tions.

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