TJ Cabot & Sonic Hz - Out Of Touch

While, for my own taste, re­leas­es by that cana­di­an garage weirdo TJ Cabot have so far been a rather hit-or-miss af­fair, his newest 7" - a col­lab­o­ra­tion with synth wave artist Son­ic Hz - falls square­ly in­to the "hit" cat­e­go­ry. This high-sug­ar feast for your eardrums art­ful­ly com­binines the best in­gre­di­ents of both worlds and re­minds me quite a bit of Sweden's synth punk pow­er­house Iso­tope Soap.

Cosme - Demo

Now that thing's a treat! Some group from Ciu­dad López Ma­teos, Mex­i­co de­liv­ers a truck­load of pure joy on this tape, con­densed in­to three straight­for­ward-as-fuck bangers made out of fuzzed-out garage- and bub­blegum punk with some synth-sweet­ness on top, trans­mit­ting an undi­lut­ed sug­ar rush straight in­to your blood­stream.

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Set-Top Box - Max Headroom

An­oth­er tasty four­some of catchy, quirky garage- and syn­th­punk blasts sees this rather mys­te­ri­ous aus­tralian group/​project con­tin­u­al­ly creep­ing to­wards de­vofied DIY punk per­fec­tion, so­lid­i­fy­ing their ever-ris­ing sta­tus among their genre pool's supreme present-day über­dudes.

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Warm Exit - Warm Exit 7"

Brus­sels group Warm Ex­it has a new EP out and just as i sus­pect­ed that thing fuckin' rules. Four new high volt­age garage-/synth punk smash­ers some­where in the neigh­bor­hood of Pow­er­plant, Aus­muteants or what­ev­er the Warttman em­pire is up to right now.

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Ope - Tapes 1-3

Here's a holdover from last week by a sin­gle Mil­wau­kee dude (i guess) that i first planned to omit here but on clos­er lis­ten­ing turned out to be much stronger than i ini­tial­ly thought. A catchy, dreamy, melan­cholic blend of lo-fi noise pop, or­gan-and-synth punk un­folds on these tapes that al­so ra­di­ates a good deal of old­school Fly­ing Nun-type psy­che­delia.

Freak Genes - Power Station

On their fourth Long­play­er, the UK punk duo con­sist­ing of both a Red Cord and a Pro­to Id­iot goes for an all-out synth punk sound - more stub­born and bare-bones than ever be­fore - and it works ad­mirably, the way they're churn­ing out one min­i­mal­ist blast of quirky bleeps and lo-fi beats af­ter the oth­er.

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Foil & Silvie S - Split

Nice lit­tle split tape via Dirt­bag Dis­tro. Nev­er heard of Kansas City's Foil be­fore, but this dude's three songs on here in­stant­ly get my blood pump­ing with a quirky, raw and sham­bol­ic take on hard­core punk.
Sil­vie S on the oth­er hand is an­oth­er alias for the guy known as Bil­liam, who al­so seems to be part of and Dis­co Junk, among oth­ers. From him, we get an­oth­er trio of fun lit­tle dit­ties in his fa­mil­iar style of min­i­mal­ist DIY garage- and synth punk.

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New Vogue - New Vogue

Mon­tre­al group New Vogue nev­er sound­ed bet­ter than on their most re­cent EP, whip­ping out in­fec­tious hooks at a dan­ger­ous pace, merg­ing them in­to shiny lit­tle nuggets of garage- and synth punk with echos of Use­less Eaters as well as many loose­ly Warttman-af­fil­i­at­ed bands like Sa­tan­ic To­gas, R.M.F.C. or Set-Top Box. Nice!

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Smarts - Who Needs Smarts, Anyway?

An­oth­er Gee­long su­per­group fea­tur­ing high pro­file names such as Jake Robert­son (Aus­muteants, Alien Nose­job, Leather Tow­el etc.), Bil­ly Gard­ner (The Liv­ing Eyes, Ce­re­al Killer, Aus­muteants), Mitch Cam­ple­man (The Liv­ing Eyes) and Stel­la Ren­nex (Parsnip, Ba­nana­gun). Sound-wise, this doesn't stray too far from the es­tab­lished Aus­muteants for­mu­la and i'm to­tal­ly okay with that. Not the most orig­i­nal thing i've ever heard but a fun and thrilling ride nonethe­less, from start to fin­ish.

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Liquid Face - Crumbling Structure

Qual­i­ty stuff from Good­bye Boozy Records, as usu­al. Liq­uid Face is a project of Cal Don­ald, who al­so plays in Drag­gs, al­though what we get to hear on this 7" is even a bit quirki­er than any­thing Drag­gs have ever done. Synth-/garage punk some­what rem­i­nis­cent of C57BL/​6, Stal­ins of Sound, Puff! or any­thing Cruz Somers has un­leashed up­on us (S.B.F., Race Car, etc…). In re­gard to the aus­tralian scene specif­i­cal­ly, this wouldn't feel out of place along­side the Warttman Inc. cat­a­log ei­ther.

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