Lux­u­ry new fod­der for garage- and egg­punk afic­i­na­dos by this Cin­ci­nati, Ohio group. Soft Vi­o­lence and Why Fight res­onate the quirky mad­ness of groups like Prison Af­fair, Nuts, Beer, Cher­ry Cheeks and Pringue but ex­tend that aes­thet­ic with a dis­tinct psy­che­del­ic feel trans­port­ed main­ly through the poly­phon­ic vo­cals here. The lat­ter ten­den­cies are al­so leav­ing their mark on Null Fu­ture, which ex­pert­ly treads in old­school garage punk ter­ri­to­ry re­sult­ing in a vibe á la Mononeg­a­tives with a more purist fuzz punk edge. Clos­ing track It Goes On, then, close­ly re­sem­bles the kraut-y psy­ched-out post punk vibes of fel­low Cincin­nati groups The Drin and The Serfs, sug­gest­ing some of the same folks might be at work here.