Buf­fa­lo, NY group Is­mat­ic Guru's two pre­vi­ous EPs were a promis­ing and en­joy­able af­fair al­ready but it's on their newest cas­sette that their sound fi­nal­ly clicks in­to place, their vi­sion ma­tured and tight­ened-up sig­nif­i­cant­ly. I'd say their mix rough­ly lo­cat­ed in the fuzzy realms of garage-, synth- and egg­punk has carved out their own lit­tle niche for them by en­hanc­ing their quirky aes­thet­ics with plen­ty of funky ac­tion end even some slight touch of kraut-y and psy­che­del­ic vibes, most no­tably in the open­ing and clos­ing tracks.