White Stains - 2021

Blood On The Beach re­leas­es Novm­ber 5th via Neon Taste Records.

Bambara - Mythic Love

Love On My Mind re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 25th via Wharf Cat Records.

Gewalt - Es Funktioniert

Paradies re­leas­es No­vem­ber 5th.

Remember last year?

Um… so there's a new Es­cape-ism record out and the sit­u­a­tion around last year's awk­ward self-can­cel­la­tion of Ian Sveno­n­ius is still murky as fuck.

Quick re­fresh­er: Last year, around the time when it be­came known that the Cal­i­for­nia garage la­bel and record store Burg­er Records had been a hotbed for sex­u­al preda­tors and creeps for years at that point, reig­init­ing the dis­cus­sion around sex­ism and preda­to­ry be­hav­ior in the punk scene (al­so lead­ing Burg­er Records to cease op­er­a­tions soon af­ter), Wash­ing­ton D.C. scene leg­end Ian Sveno­n­ius (of Na­tion of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Weird War, Chain and the Gang, Es­cape-Ism, XYZ…) did a weird kind of self-can­cel­la­tion post on in­sta­gram, ad­mit­ting to preda­to­ry or at least very creepy be­hav­ior to­wards women in the past and apol­o­giz­ing for it, then delet­ing the whole thing soon af­ter.

The re­ac­tions were var­ied. Merge Records seem to have gained some deep­er knowl­edge about the ac­cu­sa­tions and deemed them se­vere enough to sev­er ties with Ian Sveno­n­ius.
Dischord Records, on the oth­er hand, who should al­so know a thing or two, are still work­ing with him, keep­ing his old records in print and in-stock. The new Es­cape-ism record, while not a Dischord re­lease, is be­ing sold via the Dischord Records web­site right now. No clue how to in­ter­pret that com­ing from a la­bel that has been so well known for their strong ethics in the past.

I'm just gonna say, the whole sit­u­a­tion stinks. It's been over a year and we know pret­ty much noth­ing about what was hap­pen­ing around Ian Sveno­n­ius. As a fan, mu­sic blog­ger, we­b­cast­er, i am es­pe­cial­ly con­flict­ed. What kind of per­son am i sup­port­ing if i buy his records? Can i still jus­ti­fy post­ing his stuff? Should i re­move all of his mu­sic from 12XU Ra­dio?

At first, i re­al­ly want­ed to give Ian Sveno­n­ius the ben­e­fit of the doubt. It seemed like he was ac­tu­al­ly feel­ing re­morse for his ac­tions (their sever­i­ty still be­ing un­known) and some dude ac­tu­al­ly apol­o­giz­ing, be­ing hon­est about it and will­ing to work through his shit would have ac­tu­al­ly felt kin­da re­fresh­ing at that point.

In­stead, it looks to me like the punk scene has col­lec­tive­ly agreed to shove the whole thing un­der the rug, not de­mand any an­swers and move on as if noth­ing ac­tu­al­ly ever hap­pened. Once again, every­one gets the si­lence treat­ment. I think that's the worst pos­si­ble way to go about this. This. Sucks. So. Much.

Verspannungskassette #24 (C-60)

Big Bop­per Gold Dig­gers Man­i­festo
Cut­ters Mid­night Bus
De­odor­ant Top
Urn Pink Dice
Deficit Deficit
Dye Un­der Pres­sure
Doms Mod­el Head
Fast Food De­sen­si­tized

Lap­pen Nackt im Keller
Liq­uids Fuck Up
Cher­ry Cheeks D.A.C.
3D & The Holo­grams MS-DOS
Smirk Mi­nus­cule Amounts
Dudd Dilem­ma Fig­ure It Out
Mononeg­a­tives My­oclonic
Re­al­i­ty Sus­pend­ed

Ma­ni­ac Chance
Laugh­ing Gear New Es­tate
Daisy Daisy Tooth­fairy
Con­stant Cold War Swarm
Rider/​Horse Tremo­lo Harm
John (timest­wo) Sta­di­um Of No

Night­watch­ers Their Turn Try­ing to Rule the World
Al­gara Economía
Mess Traidores
C.O.F.F.I.N City Sun
Dead Finks (My Hu­man) Ex­tinc­tion
Mi­ni Skirt Diy Night­mare

Daisy Daisy - Fairy Liquid

The de­but EP of this group from Utrecht, Nether­lands is pure con­cen­trat­ed joy from start to fin­ish, chan­neled in­to five prop­er­ly de­ment­ed synth-/garage punk jams won­drous­ly able to by­pass the in­tel­lect en­tire­ly on­ly to make an even big­ger splash with your pri­mal in­stincts. Neat!

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John (timestwo) - Nocturnal Manoeuvres

The Lon­don postcore/​noise rock duo once again con­vinces by way of sheer force cou­pled with un­err­ing pre­ci­sion, every sin­gle det­o­na­tion on their sec­ond LP us­ing a rather min­i­mal­is­tic recipe in the most fo­cused way pos­si­ble to achieve max­i­mum dam­age. Don't miss this spec­ta­cle if groups like Tu­nic, Death Ped­als, USA Nails or Metz are your thing.

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Rider/​Horse - Select Trials

Not too long af­ter the re­cent Dur­ing 7" on Chun­klet In­dus­tries (a full length of that group should be ex­pect­ed drop soon) we al­ready get to hear an­oth­er group fea­tur­ing Spray Paint vo­cal­ist and gui­tar play­er Cory Plump. As Rider/​Horse he's team­ing up with a dude named Chris who has in some un­spec­i­fied ca­pac­i­ty worked with the likes of Les Savy Fav and Trans Am. To­geth­er they're cre­at­ing a sound that's tak­ing the more elec­tri­cal­ly dri­ven vibe of the most re­cent Spray Paint re­leas­es in­to a dark and hazy, heav­i­ly in­dus­tri­al-lean­ing psy­che­del­ic night­mare kind of realm some­what rem­i­nis­cent of Ex­haus­tion, Haunt­ed Hors­es or Danyl Je­su, as well as the dub-in­fused sound­scapes of Ex­ek, with whom they al­so share that cer­tain taste of Swell Maps.

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White Stains - Hated In H. S.

Make Me Sick re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 29th via La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos.

Refedex - Backburner

The Top Of Off re­leas­es Oc­to­ber 23rd via Trop­i­cal Can­cer Rort.