O-D-EX - Breaker

Fol­low­ing their per­fect­ly ap­pe­tiz­ing (and as far as i can make out, com­plete­ly van­ished off the face of the in­ter­net by now) Black Box EP in 2022, we get this group's de­but full-length cour­te­sey of Dirt­nap Records and this time around, there's ac­tu­al­ly some tan­gi­ble back­ground in­fo avail­able. No won­der these folks sound­ed fa­mil­iar the first time around, since we're deal­ing with a duo con­sist­ing of US garage punk roy­al­ty Mark Ryan (most no­tably of Ra­dioac­tiv­i­ty, Mind Spi­ders and Marked Men) and Mic­ah Why, whose pre­vi­ous bands i don't think i've ever come across. Their min­i­mal­ist synth punk cer­tain­ly has re­tained some of that Mind Spi­ders vibe al­though this shit is a lot dark­er, more stripped-down and abra­sive, hav­ing a cer­tain old­school vibe to it wich echoes of Min­i­mal Man, Ner­vous Gen­der, Scream­ers, Units or Vis­i­tors but you might just as well com­pare them to more re­cent phe­nom­e­na like Pow­er­plant, Pow!, Spy­roids or a some­what less spikey ver­sion of Lost Pack­ages cross­bred with the dig­i­tal in­san­i­ty of Nubot555, the more min­i­mal­ist mo­ments of Dig­i­tal Leather.

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Scud - Car

Songs about mo­tor ve­hi­cles aren't quite as ubiq­ui­tous as they once were and i'm just gonna say say de­served­ly so be­cause hon­est­ly, that an­cient, most waste­ful mode of per­son­al trans­porta­tion can't be phased out soon enough and the fu­ture clear­ly be­longs to all va­ri­eties of bikes and trains. But here we go, it's an un­like­ly new EP made up of noth­ing but carpunk tunes. Mu­si­cal­ly the thing slaps though, their weird and whim­si­cal mix of art- and garage punk be­ing of sim­i­lar char­ac­ter to house­hold names such as Vexx, Cel Ray, Warm Bod­ies, Warp or Fugi­tive Bub­ble.

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Billiam - Jump To 3D

Al­righty, so here's a new Bil­liam record do­ing all the awe­some tricks a new Bil­liam record's sup­posed to do and by now i'm sure you've long since made up your mind about the dude and whether you love or hate his schtick - kin­da the mu­si­cal equiv­a­lent to a Wes An­der­son flick i guess. I'm firm­ly in the "love" camp con­cern­ing both Bil­liam and Wes An­der­son though and even if they'd both just con­tin­ue to re-make that ex­act same kind of film/​record for the rest of their lives, i can al­ways take one more of that!

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Marbled Eye - See It Too

Read The Air re­leas­es March 22nd via Sum­mer Shade.

TIT - Dust

TIT re­leas­es April 5th via No Coast Records.

Sex Mex - Someone New

Cold, Not Cute re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 23rd.

Itchy & The Nits - Square

Worst Of re­leas­es March 22nd via To­tal Punk Records.

The Celebrities - Party In My Chevrolet

Redd Kar­pet re­leas­es March 22nd via To­tal Punk Records.

Jug - When

Or Not re­leas­es March 22nd via Neon Taste Records.

Down Under - Functional Living

DU re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 29th via Solar/​Sonar.