Verspannungskassette #62 (C-90)

Lethal Weapon Big Pos
Surge Tossed Aside
Geeked Freak City
V.D. (I Wan­na) Psy­chot­ic Break
Ci­ca­da Self Pu­rifi­ca­tion
Slant De­ject­ed
Hez Niños Ma­l­os
Wet Spec­i­mens Cursed Eth­ic
Colony·drop 戦争屋の幽霊
Dogs of Eter­ni­ty Cos­mic Geno­cide
Redact­ed How You Feel
Neg­a­tive World Sta­tus Ob­so­lete
Re­jek­ts Para­noid

In­sane Urge No Sense
Sweep­ers This Dirty House
Abort­ed Tor­toise Mal­prac­tice
Dee­beat Ra­mone Beat The Bea­t­les
Ghoulies Self-Help
Sprgrs Mick­ey Mouse Me Ha Mor­di­do
Hos­tile Blitz All Will Per­ish
Baghed Big Ol' Ego
Daugh­ter Bat & The Lip Stings Mi­lo The Dog
Dirty Ass Mas­tur­basi Pem­bangkang Delu­sion­al
Sa­tan­ic To­gas Dig­i­tal Word
Theee Re­tail Simps Jumpin Jack Off
Vir­von Var­von Voic­es

Telekri­men Him­no a la ban­da
Bil­liam Out On Med­ica­tion
Завірюга Змія У Штанях
Os­ees Goon
Cry­ing Los­er Wet Grip
Edg­ing Fear Cow­boy
Nurse Joy Com­fort­able
Hevrat Ha'Hashmal שוק על ירך (Shin on Thigh)
Cork­er H.E.

Gas Kun­st 101.4
The Present Age Cut Twice
Mother's Milk Omi­nous Crea­ture
Tube Al­loys Com­put­er Love Again
Gym Ton­ic Play Dead
Vin­tage Crop Spring­time
Katar­si Heri­das
SGATV Brain, Not OK

Verspannungskassette #61 (C-60)

Pablo X Mo­rons
New Buck Biloxi I Hate The Queen
Den­nis Comet­ti Locked Out
The Jim­mys Ro­mance Scam­mer
Wast­ed Den­im Rats and Freaks
Lice­Trays Blood Loss
Bal­loon Thief Mind Ease
X-Nip­ples San Gennaro's Blood
ALF Road Rage
WWW Re­al­i­dad Vir­tu­al

Iso­tope Soap Hon­ey Man
Bad Anx­i­ety Com­mit­ting Crimes
The Dud Uglys Star­ing At The End
An­kle Grab­ber Par­adise On Pause
Piss Shiv­ers Eyes Off You
Re­tire­ment Death Sen­tence
G.U.N. A Prisoner's Tale
Dis­pösal Paint­ed Crutch­es
Drýsild­jö­full Kolsvar­tar Tun­gur

Eye Of The Cor­morant Rag War­fare
The Hand Safer Now?
Beef Quick­ie
Nasty World The Mer­cy Of The Law
Die Paniks Cow­boy Time
Lohn der Angst Lohn der Angst
Tricks Turn Around
Gold­en Grease As­sist­ed Liv­ing

The Wind Ups Cof­fee Cup
Lothario Miss­ing Per­son
Witch Piss Grow Mold Die Old
M.O.T.O. Blast Of Si­lence
Noise Vi­o­la­tions Love To Feel Good
Jug­gler Lán­goló Világ
Mir­a­cle Debt Goth Phase

Verspannungskassette #60 (C-60)

V.D. I've Got My Sights On You
Woolen Men Spoiled
Sil­i­cone Prairie Vic­to­ri­an Flame
Fa­mous Mam­mals Like A Shad­ow
Bil­liam Freak Line
Pow­er Pants Flys On My Face
Pe­queño Vic­tor Cere­bro de Gelati­na
Pow­er­plant Beau­ti­ful Boy
Landown­er Thou­sands of Years in Fast For­ward

Me­dia Puz­zle Keen Street
Be­ta Max­i­mo Straight Egg
Neo Neos Clock­work
Häuser Al­right
X-Ac­to You Sliced Up My Wife
Tex­ture Freq Gran­ite Head
El My­rons Not A Good Mode
Ce­re­al Glyphs Shad­ow Slaw

Sweep­ing Promis­es Throw of the Dice
Meal Cpt Tiger
Long­ings Ex­pen­sive Graves
Life­guard 17-18 Lovesong
Atol Atol Atol Atol Atol Atol

Sei Sega In­adap­ta­dos
Lothario Drunk Fuck
Sil­i­cone Val­ues Dis­pos­able Mu­sic
Crab­ber Less End­less
Split Sys­tem Alone Again

Verspannungskassette #59 (C-60)

Rub­ber Blan­ket Peace Plan
Wet Slap The Time Is Now
New Coke I'm So Bored With You
Cy­borg 1-12 Mal­func­tion­ing Brain
Midgee Park Bench
Gurk Green Fin­gers
Syn­thet­ic Sur­faces Cat Car
Bust­ed Head Rack­et Mass De­bat­ing
IZM Cel­lar Door
Night Punch Some­thing
Peel Ser­a­pah Ba­nal (Ft. Jusuf Rach)

JJ and the A’s Show Me
The Cir­cu­la­tors Gen­er­a­tion Next
Cru­el­ster Be­larus With My Ba­by
Pa­pa Li­ma 0800
Foil Tied Down
Ex Par­ents Press­er
Des­tiny Bond Worlds Un­seen
To­tal Sham Paris
Zooman Foul Meat
Slogutis Bed Sore
War­lock Corpse в этом мире ты чужой

Lost Pack­ages Freeze Time Chan­nel
Muell Kunde
Rwetes Nie Wypa­da
66cl Ca­ballero
Timüt Disco's Dead
Warp Cream of the Crop
Fun­cle Dun­cle It's Okay to….
Piss Me Off Steal My Sun­shine
1001 Re­habs Ra­mon Or No Name

Bart and the Brats Boil­er
Fever Gleam­ing Dues Paid
Wire­heads 1000 Red Ven­omous Snakes
Taxi Girls Sun­shine
Wrist­watch Head
Pogy & Les Ke­fars Déluge
Datenight Where The Flow­ers Grow
Met­al Gu­ru Suite No1, Ep1, Sen­tir­si in­utile
Par­don­er Are You Free Tonight?

Verspannungskassette #58 (C-90)

Easy Browns Frog Bit
Dream­cast Night­mare Cat and Mouse
Mon­ey Splits I Don't Wan­na Be Tiny
Bil­liam Kinks Pan­ic At­tack
Pow­er Pants F.T.G
Be­ta Máx­i­mo. De­seos In­duci­dos
Todd Briefly Maps
Saucer­men Blitzkrieg Cop
Cy­borg 1-12 Tar­get Earth
Klint Bac­teri­um
Prison Af­fair Es­crí­be­lo con san­gre
Beer Amour Fou
Vergüen­za Aaa

The Stools Bad Eye Bob
Puffer Iron Hand
The Gov­ern­ment Fight the Tide
Lysol Padded Cell
De­stroy All Gon­do­las Death By Ham­burg­er
Gū­tara Kyō Re­volv­ing Hell
Glass Prax­is In­no­cence
Go­ril­la Men We're Not Stu­pid
Im­ploders De­te­ri­o­rat­ing World
Weak Pulse Chain Jail
Their Waste Can Be Of Use Here
Hot Earth Breed­ing An­oth­er Dis­ease
Spi­der Bite Splat­ter Test

Mr. Shrimp Fan­cy Car
The Toads Na­tion­alsville
So­ci­ety Neo
Thee Khai Aehm Hall
Hell­co Alarm Clock Hell
¿Watch­es? Oys­ter in a Box
Noth­ing­heads Beam En­gine
Bo Gritz Chopped
Ko­ri­dor Keno­taf
Man­tarochen Porzel­lan
Per­fect Ac­tress Dream

Trop­i­cana Cono­co
Bughunt Clean­ing With Fire
Spleen Sans Es­poir
Mo­tor­bike Off I Sped
Pri­ors Sep­a­ra­tion Anx­i­ety
The Chives Pleas­ant Val­ley Sun­day
The Waste­men The Painter
The Mary Veils Nice and Easy
The Mis­an­thropes All Is New
Th Da Freak Say Say

Verspannungskassette #57 (C-60)

Op­tic Sink A Face In The Crowd
Clarko Sti­fled
Pay­phones No Change
Cam­my Cau­tious and the Wrestlers Crit­ter
Klint Should Have Run
Joust Blue Star Tat­too
White Col­lar Pedi­gree
Re­pul­sion Switch Cuader­no
Ran­som Re­flec­tion

An­ti-Ma­chine Se­cret­ly Drink­ing
Easy Tar­gets Cult
Lovebite Rigged
Dust Col­lec­tor Scalpel Life
Curb Alert Pest
BBQT Dan­ger­ous Dame
The Lee Ma­jors Crash This City
Bad/​/​Dreems Black Mon­day
Shrinkwrap Killers Per­fect Sperm for Sale

Yu­vees Pen­ny Farm
Stuck Time Out
TV Cult Party's Over
As­tio Casa Pri­gione
Glaas Maybe I Should Leave Neukölln
Nag Pool Rooms

San­dre Katali­na
Guardian Sin­gles Night­mare Town
Psy­chic Baths This Bet­ter Be Im­por­tant
Or­gans An­he­do­nia
Canned Snakes Choppe Shoppe
Les Lul­lies Dernier Soir

Verspannungskassette #56 (C-60)

Germ House Top­ping The Heap
Stephen J. Den­ning What's Up
Scoot­er Jay Colum­bus In Space
Reck­less & The Men­ace F.S 88
Bil­liam The Last Great Amer­i­can Synth Punk Haul
Pow­er Pants Crush
Moar Burn­ing Face Bush Hole
Nov LT Mu­sic School
Chan­nel 83 Wheel of Time
Bone Stim­u­la­tor Keep Your Eye On The Ball
The Hell What a Laugh

The Cut-Ups No Con­trol
Ex­cit­ed To Die Black­out
Grawlix­es Thick­ly Set­tled
Del­co MF's Washed Up
En­fants Sauvages Venin Ostie
The Wirms Spade Coo­ley
Lafff Box Restart The Pro­gram
Dez Dare Un­can­ny Ve­loc­i­ty
Exwhite Work­less Shit
Jug & the Bugs Body De­grade

Rot­ten Mind Point­less Love
Girls In Syn­the­sis I Know No Oth­er Way
Pyrex Cool Tele­vi­sion
Softswitch Jupiter Ma­chine
Fan­tas­ma Fu­turo Em Suas Costas
Brick Head Bad Egg
Drag­net Maths Test

The Out-Sect No More Lies
The Wind-Ups Le Beau Tetard Sur Son Cig­a­re
Neu­trals Sub­sti­tute Teacher
Glas Nost The Boot
Bad Crime Hang
De­cent Crim­i­nal Time
Stat­ues Dead of Sum­mer

Verspannungskassette #55 (C-60)

Mononeg­a­tives Re­place­able Anato­my
Dur­ing HoloLens
Met­dog Screen Time
Ad­he­sive Con­crete Ba­by
Cathe­drale In­nit
Plexi Stad Mod­ern Liq­uid
Oyo Taza
Bil­liam Low Testos­terone
Alien Nose­job S&M La­dy

Möney El Este
Cof­fee Stain Valid Rage
C57BL/​6 Red Dawn
Idead­eath Wired
Mock Ex­e­cu­tion Rebels With­out A Cause
Re­jek­ts Badge
Necron 9 Zit
Gnar­can OD

Mem­o­ry Chain Frac­tured
Dis­play Homes Proof Read
Warm Girls Moon­sick (Claire's Song)
Soft Shoul­der Cu­ri­ous­ly Coarse
Yu­vees Big Dig
Mar­gar­i­tas Po­dri­das Filosa

An­gus­tias Crudo
Op­tic Nerve Pen­dant
Shop Talk Camp Hero
Hearts Apart You're All Around
Faulty Cog­ni­tions Las Cruces
TV Par­ty Bag Of 5 Mar­bles

Verspannungskassette #54 (C-90)

Max Ca­pac­i­ty Blue Wa­ter
Body Main­te­nance Time Enough
Dr Sure's Un­usu­al Prac­tice Out­side Look­ing In
Pub­lic In­ter­est Residue
Glit­ter­ing In­sects Ob­scure World Af­ter Death
Liz­zards Freez­ing Cold
Loins Beans
Chimers Turn On The Lights
Eu­nix The Fault
Hair­net Com­pul­sive Clean­er
Ad­voids 1-O

TJ Cabot Past Dis­crep­an­cies
JJ & The A's Show Me
Ba­by Tyler Tree in the Road
Ad­dict Brain I Feel Fine
Las­so Teci­do So­cial
Sci­ence Man Give to the Plague
No Üni­form Mark Of The Beast
Calufrax Stone­henge
Dart Night­mare
Poi­son Ruïn Res­ur­rec­tion II

Tele­health Id­iot Proof (nO SoUp Du JoUr)
Mononeg­a­tives Tele­vi­sion Fu­ner­al
The Bad Plug Blind Love
Da­ta Un­known Is There Some­one Out There?
Es Swal­lowed Whole
Bust­ed Head Rack­et Clown­ing
Gurk Iden­ti­ty Cri­sis
Gob­lin Day­care In Harm's Way
Cor­pus Earth­ling Dear Aylmer
Split Sys­tem Bul­let

The Chi­nese Mud­men Hits From The Bong
Reiz Kauschiene
Homi­cide Idols Young, Sick And Pissed
Pay­phones Mind Con­trol
Taphy Lim­ou­sine
Sex Mex We'll Be Gone
Purl­ing Hiss Yer All In My Dreams
Paint Fumes Start­ing Over
Surf Friends Sig­nal On
Be­ta Máx­i­mo Batería Costeira J-4

Verspannungskassette #53 (C-60)

Elec­tric Prawns 2 Pen­i­ten­tiary
Pow­er Pants Hot­dog Hell
Snitsh Pitsh Mo­tion Feast
TTT-Tur­bo Chain$
Dadgad Nosleep
Itchy & The Nits Crabs
C.A.T.C.H. Out Of Breath
Gurk Sali­va Wa­ter­fall
Cosas Ile­gales Ven­tanas Ro­tas
AdamR Weirdo

Cy­mat­ics Mis­sion Mind Con­trol
Park­ing Lot Späti
3D & The Holo­grams Com­bat Boots
An­ti­botox An­ti­botox
Snarling Dogs En­e­my
Pos­er Con­trol Shrek 3
Elec­tric Chair Ob­sessed
Top Se­cret Sa­tan Bran­dish­ing
Cut­up Pow­er Steer­ing
Pig Earth Repro­bate

Dele­tions Da­ta Stream
N.E.0.N. Inc The Times Change The Prob­lems Don't
Telegenic Plea­sure Shal­low Hu­man Char­ac­ter­is­tics
Mononeg­a­tives Cro-Magnon
Spit­ting Im­age Turn Per­son
Ro­mance XYZ
Bor­zoi Rawhide Down (Shoot The Freak Pt. 2)
Die TV Ex­e­cu­tion
En­e­mic In­te­ri­or Les Om­bres

Bal­loon Thief Sodi­um City
Greg Wheel­er and the Poly Mall Cops Man­ic Fever
Chris Pal Rivers
Why Both­er? Hawk­ing Ra­di­a­tion
Met­al Gu­ru Man­ca L'aria
Air Vent Dweller Scram­bled
Gonk In My Head
Teenage Tom Pet­ties Posters