Beta Máximo - Spain Vice

Span­ish garage pop­pers Be­ta Máx­i­mo al­ready left a rather pos­i­tive im­pres­sion on me with their cou­ple of fair­ly re­cent EPs but with this one, they're fi­nal­ly nail­ing it if you ask me, strik­ing a per­fect bal­ance be­tween snap­py garage punk and surf-in­fused pow­er pop - kin­da like a some­what less eggy, less lo-fi in­car­na­tion of Barcelona group Prison Af­fair.

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Toe Ring - Footage

A won­drous and strange lit­tle EP full of oth­er­world­ly garage-/pow­er-/fuzz pop from a Philadel­phia Duo. The tape starts out as if the in­sane pop qual­i­ties of, say, Boo­ji Boys or Daugh­ter Bat & The Lip Stings col­lid­ed with the smart rhyth­mic post punk of Lithics, while the re­main­ing three songs then set­tle in­to a slight­ly more low-key kraut-lean­ing psy­che­del­ic groove, the likes of which you might sus­pect some­where in the lo-fi pop worlds of acts like Germ House, Far Cor­ners, Vi­o­lent Change, Hon­ey Radar or even ear­ly Woolen Men. Ex­cel­lent shit through­out.

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Alien Nosejob - Paint It Clear

Um… what mean­ing­ful thing is there left to say about a new Alien Nose­job record at this point? They kin­da come in two shapes: The grab bag style ones where Mr. Robert­son branch­es out in every di­rec­tion pos­si­ble and the hy­per­fo­cussed mono­cul­ture ones where he dou­bles down on a sin­gle genre - like his hard­core 7"s for ex­am­ple or that synth pop/​eurotrash 12" maxi a while ago. Well, this one's an­oth­er grab bag record and apart from that, it's just the plain old usu­al awe­some­ness we've all come to ex­pect from this dude who seems ut­ter­ly un­able to write a dull tune.

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Tee-Vee Repairman - Patterns

Speak­ing of the dev­il… here's the lat­est ven­ture of the mighty Warttman em­pire and it's yet an­oth­er beau­ty to be­hold. Four rough gems of catchy garage punk and pow­er pop that, of all the Warttman-re­lat­ed groups, re­minds me most of R.F.M.C. and Sa­tan­ic To­gas, al­beit with a cer­tain south­ern rock (in this par­tic­u­lar case… south­ern what, ac­tu­al­ly??) bent bear­ing some sim­i­lar­i­ty to what you heard on ear­ly Sheer Mag EPs.

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Nice Surprise - Nice Surprise

Nice sur­prise in­deed, this lathe cut 7" de­but by some Austin duo mak­ing catchy noise some­where in the realm of pow­er- and garage pop. Es­pe­cial­ly the killer A-Side I'm Old will no doubt be a feast for fans of bands like Tom­my & The Com­mies, Bad Sports, Ra­dioac­tiv­i­ty, Cheap Whine or Son­ic Av­enues.

Alien Nosejob - Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud

I'm not sure if Alien Nose­job cur­rent­ly ex­ist as a full blown band, but at least for their sec­ond long play­ing ef­fort, Jake Robert­son (Aus­muteants, School Dam­age, Leather Tow­el, Hi­ero­phants, etc.) has been record­ing every­thing on his own. While the last few re­leas­es turned out to be a rather wild and un­pre­dictable ride - touch­ing on Pow­er-/Jan­gele Pop, Synth Pop and Hard­core Punk among oth­er things - Alien Nosejob's newest al­bum is an un­ex­pect­ed­ly con­sis­tent work most­ly op­er­at­ing in a spec­trum of sad pow­er pop and more fa­mil­iar Aus­muteants style garage fare, wrapped in a warm and fuzzy ana­log aes­thet­ic vary­ing from mid- to high fi­deli­ty. With­out ex­cep­tion, these songs are top rate stuff, just clas­sic Robert­son at his best.

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