Pow­er Pants I Got­ta Get In Shape
Bil­liam Cog Stuck
NTSC>PAL Sug­ges­tive Rex
Die Elec­tric Anus Splig­gi­ty Splat (My Feet Are On Fire)
D. Sablu Stuck in a Rut
Dirt Suck­er Ba­nana Peel Brief­case
Ham­mer and the Tools T-1000
South­ern Crus­tacean Dead CEOs
The Gobs I Hate This Place
Prim­i­tive Fuck­ing Ballers Nu­clear At­ro­phy
To­tal Sham Keep It Rollin'
In­ver­te­brates Bat­ed Breath
Bootlick­er Red Serge
Pol­lute Nite
Ma­lig­nant Or­der Dis­guise

Chem­i­cal Threat Pres­sure
Bad Im­age Re­al World
Gripe Duen­des
Hood Rats In­ter­ven­tion
Di­rect Threat For­ev­er Fight­ing
Judy And The Jerks Good Time
Snoop­er I Think I’m Falling In Luv Again
Eye Ball Vi­o­lins
Shit­ty Life Just A Guy
Bounce House Pop Rox
Bermu­da Squares Don't Wan­na Go Out­side
Gus Bald­win Re­lief
Vir­tu­al Com­bat Ex­cess Ac­cess
Cool Guy Club Shit Feel­ings
Au­to­bahns Loss Of The Rights

Shel­lac I Don't Fear Hell
Lux­u­ry Apart­ments Lux­u­ry Apart­ments
Or­chid Club Life Takes Time
Work Stress Res­ur­rect­ed
An­cient Lights But what about the chil­dren?
Cut­ters Frail In The Mind
Plexi Stad Siren Dance
Man­taRochen Re­flec­tion
Eye­lash Ap­par­ent

Pyrex Sleep Ther­a­py (De­mo)
Roll­treppe Schüsse
Tip­ping Points Op­er­ate Ac­cel­er­ate
Cray­on Cats Labrador
Par­don­er In­stru­ment of Peace
Sil­i­cone Val­ues Spir­it of the Age
Neu­trals Wish You Were Here
Neon Lies Teen