Now goth-in­fused min­i­mal­ist syn­th­wave is by no means among the gen­res i'm nat­u­ral­ly in­clined to get ex­cit­ed about, most­ly due to its usu­al­ly pret­ty for­mu­la­ic and unin­spired na­ture, but the newest LP by this Za­greb, Croa­t­ia dude, who al­ready made a glo­ri­ous im­pres­sion open­ing for Nag in 2022, makes for a thor­ough­ly pleas­ant ex­cep­tion to the rule. Ad­mit­ted­ly, there's noth­ing ex­act­ly new and un­heard to these Songs ei­ther, but in spite of their kin­da sim­ple, tried and test­ed essence, they are un­de­ni­ably well-bal­anced and al­ways hit the spot, burst­ing with catchy hooks and melodies, plen­ty of en­er­gy and an eeri­ly fa­mil­iar yet in­cred­i­bly ef­fec­tive sense of melan­cho­lia. Maybe that's just my own bias, but rather than your av­er­age synth wave act i'm re­mind­ed way more of punk/­garage-re­lat­ed acts like Dig­i­tal Leather (yeah, that's the very ob­vi­ous one), O-D-EX and, most of all, the to­tal­ly one-of-a-kind 2017 Sex Tourists LP.