In­cred­i­ble full length de­but by this St. Pe­ters­burg, Flori­da group that kin­da plays out like a com­pre­hen­sive roundup of pret­ty much any­thing that re­fused to fit in­to any of the neat cat­e­gories of eight­ies to ear­ly nineties hard- and post­core. So much great shit echoed here, from the more left-field seg­ment of the ear­ly '80s scene… think like, Min­ute­men, Sac­cha­rine Trust, Cru­ci­fucks, Re­al­ly Red, Dicks and Flip­per, al­so span­ning the clas­sic eras of both '80s (Gray Mat­ter, Em­brace, Rites Of Spring, One Last Wish) and '90s Dischord-re­lat­ed sounds (Crown­hate Ru­in, most of all…), al­so tak­ing some cues from the Touch & Go camp (say, Rape­man, Scratch Acid, ear­ly Shel­lac) and last but not least, freely plun­der­ing the lega­cy of Dri­ve Like Je­hu. And that's just bare­ly scratch­ing the sur­face here. In the cur­rent land­scape, i'd say groups like De­odor­ant, Op­tic Nerve, Big Bop­per and Straw Man Army are of a sim­i­lar spir­it. All the while, Work Stress are con­sid­er­ably di­al­ing up the un­pre­dictabil­i­ty and ap­par­ent ran­dom­ness even com­pared with most of the men­tioned acts (though ac­tu­al­ly i think they're act­ing quite de­lib­er­ate­ly here), a trait that pays off spec­tac­u­lar­ly in songs like Build­ing From Ab­ject Fail­ure, in which dis­so­nant, slow-crawl stac­cat­to rhythms al­ter­nate with un­ex­pect­ed­ly catchy punk hooks.