Um… what mean­ing­ful thing is there left to say about a new Alien Nose­job record at this point? They kin­da come in two shapes: The grab bag style ones where Mr. Robert­son branch­es out in every di­rec­tion pos­si­ble and the hy­per­fo­cussed mono­cul­ture ones where he dou­bles down on a sin­gle genre - like his hard­core 7"s for ex­am­ple or that synth pop/​eurotrash 12" maxi a while ago. Well, this one's an­oth­er grab bag record and apart from that, it's just the plain old usu­al awe­some­ness we've all come to ex­pect from this dude who seems ut­ter­ly un­able to write a dull tune.