I al­most over­looked this beau­ty which ap­pears to have been out for a cou­ple months al­ready. Knoxville's Ex-Gold had put out a de­light­ful de­but EP in 2018, a cou­ple of whose songs have al­so been re-record­ed for this new one while the new tracks seam­less­ly con­tin­ue the ex­cel­lence of their de­but. That means more quirky pow­er­pop and garage punk with both a slight '77- and an old­school in­die rock touch. The best com­par­i­son i can come up with right now are UK wise­crack­ers Pro­to Id­iot but fans of stuff like Tom­my and the Com­mies, Bad Sports, Ra­dioac­tiv­i­ty, Sweet Reaper, Cor­ner Boys or Steve Adamyk Band should al­so get a kick out of this.