A won­drous and strange lit­tle EP full of oth­er­world­ly garage-/pow­er-/fuzz pop from a Philadel­phia Duo. The tape starts out as if the in­sane pop qual­i­ties of, say, Boo­ji Boys or Daugh­ter Bat & The Lip Stings col­lid­ed with the smart rhyth­mic post punk of Lithics, while the re­main­ing three songs then set­tle in­to a slight­ly more low-key kraut-lean­ing psy­che­del­ic groove, the likes of which you might sus­pect some­where in the lo-fi pop worlds of acts like Germ House, Far Cor­ners, Vi­o­lent Change, Hon­ey Radar or even ear­ly Woolen Men. Ex­cel­lent shit through­out.