Pleaser - Demo

A spec­tac­u­lar first im­pres­sion of a Copen­hagen group play­ing a rather un­con­ven­tion­al mix of post punk, hard- and post­core in­cor­po­rat­ing a rare sense of melody and a strong psy­che­del­ic, al­most shoegaze-y un­der­cur­rent. Al­so, think­ing of the Copen­hagen scene, you can't help but reg­is­ter a faint echo of ear­ly Iceage and Low­er.

Metdog - Certified Lover Dog

Metdog's fourth ex­tend­ed play is yet an­oth­er trea­sure trove of play­ful and easy­go­ing garage punk… let's not talk about eggs again here. Ad­mir­ers of R.M.F.C., Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp. or Sa­tan­ic To­gas will aprove of this, just as i'm gonna make an ex­cep­tion here and give my full ap­proval for the use of au­to-tune or vocoder or what­ev­er that shit in the clos­ing track is… fuck­ing art, i guess.

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Pinch Points - Reasons To Be Anxious /​ Boy

Pinch Points are now join­ing the Ex­plod­ing In Sound ros­ter, eh? Not the most ob­vi­ous choice i'd say but who cares… as long as they're gonna stay as ra­zor sharp as on their lat­est 7", once again com­ing across like a more straight­for­ward Re­al­i­ty Group or a no-bull­shit vari­ant of Ura­ni­um Club.

Safety Net - Art

Last year's Health EP was some qual­i­ty shit al­ready but their newest re­lease is just so ridicu­lous­ly ap­peal­ing i wasn't at all pre­pared for that kind of may­hem. This trio is from Nashville and i sus­pect that Con­nor and Sean are the very same dudes best known as Skull Cult oth­er­wise - not a fuckin' clue who Cam is. Oh, and there's one more thing: Be­ing in charge of mix­ing and mas­ter­ing, none oth­er than Erik Ner­vous left his own trade­mark beer stains all over this cas­sette whose sound is just as wild and eclec­tic as con­sis­tent­ly catchy. Some echoey garage surf twang? Spaced out psy­che­del­ic freak­outs? Wire & Mis­sion of Bur­ma vib­in' on Ben­zos? You name it! And hov­er­ing even a notch above all that shit, there's the down­right per­fect 70s pow­er pop-meets-80s hair met­al mas­ter­piece Be With You, a knock­out punch of the most pleas­ant kind.

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Alien Nosejob - Paint It Clear

Um… what mean­ing­ful thing is there left to say about a new Alien Nose­job record at this point? They kin­da come in two shapes: The grab bag style ones where Mr. Robert­son branch­es out in every di­rec­tion pos­si­ble and the hy­per­fo­cussed mono­cul­ture ones where he dou­bles down on a sin­gle genre - like his hard­core 7"s for ex­am­ple or that synth pop/​eurotrash 12" maxi a while ago. Well, this one's an­oth­er grab bag record and apart from that, it's just the plain old usu­al awe­some­ness we've all come to ex­pect from this dude who seems ut­ter­ly un­able to write a dull tune.

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Aborted Tortoise - A Album

I've been way late to the par­ty when it comes to notic­ing this Perth group but since i first did, they just kept out­do­ing them­selves with every new re­lease, their lat­est LP eas­i­ly quail­fy­ing as a top-tier buck­et of fun for the dis­cern­ing garage punk con­nois­seur and es­pe­cial­ly for ad­mir­ers of Ura­ni­um Club, Pinch Points, Dumb or Vin­tage Crop.

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Disli - Disciplina Limitar

Garage punk from Spain that hits all the right spots dead-on and con­veys ex­act­ly that kind of ex­plo­sive mo­men­tum of a band hun­gry to play - the kind of vibe that's been a bit scarce re­cent­ly, ow­ing to ob­vi­ous cir­cum­stances. To me, their sound calls to mind bits and pieces of Dadar, Sauna Youth, Ex-Cult, Con­stant Mon­grel, Jack­son Reid Brig­gs or Pedi­gree while al­so re­veal­ing a strong post punk vibe at times, kin­da like Berlin groups such as Pi­geon, Diät, Pret­ty Hurts cross­bred with the melan­cholic moods of Red Dons, Telecult or Night­watch­ers.

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Print Head - Boringboring /​ IDKWTFimdoing

Yay! New shit by that per­son or group who might or might not be based in Hicksville, NY and whose 2020 garage-/post-/eg­g­punk bor­der­line-mas­ter­piece Hap­py­hap­py made me ex­act­ly that. So now we get a new short play­ing Hi-Fi ex­pe­ri­ence as well as some oth­er, slight­ly less short and ever-so-slight­ly less Hi-Fi thing. Bor­ing this cer­tain­ly ain't and as for that oth­er thing… i think i have some ba­sic idea what they don't think they know the fuck they're do­ing and they're do­ing it just fine and it's fuck­ing glo­ri­ous and i love every fuck­ing sec­ond of it!

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Silicone Values - Streaming TV /​ Nothing Wrong With Me

Yet an­oth­er EP by Bristol's lead­ing powerpop/​postpunk man­u­fac­ture holds yet an­oth­er pair of ir­re­sistibly melan­cholic ear­worms. Does it still make sense to name­drop Tele­vi­sion Per­son­al­i­ties here or might this shit al­ready qual­i­fy as down­right, dare i say it… beat­lesque?

Refedex - The Top Of Off

The de­but EP by Brisbane's Refedex is a heavy steam­roller of dark noise rock, sludge and post punk that's of­ten rather slow and at­mos­pher­ic with­out ever get­ting te­dious or los­ing its ir­re­sistible groove. Al­though their over­all vibe sounds ul­tra-clas­sic to me, i'm hav­ing trou­ble pin­point­ing ex­act­ly where i've heard this kind of thing be­fore as their sound kin­da tran­scends the usu­al genre bound­aries, among oth­er things in­cor­po­rat­ing the kind of dark amer­i­cana blues & coun­try vibes you might ex­pect from an 80's Sci­en­tists record or more re­cent­ly from US post punk group Bam­bara, while on the more clas­sic noise rock side of things, you might draw com­par­isons to con­tem­po­rary Bands like Al­pha Strat­e­gy, Lug­gage, Heads or Trop­i­cal Trash. You might al­so find a bit of Cows, U-men or Scratch Acid in there, each of them spun on half-speed. What­ev­er you wan­na call it, this is first rate shit!

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