Opsec - Affordable Death

Like a smelly pud­dle of pure hard- and noisec­ore dis­gust, this neat lit­tle tape by New York group Opsec has kind of an ex­ten­sive Flip­per- and No Trend feel to it just as well as bits and pieces of more re­cent phe­nom­e­na like Soup­cans, C-Krit, Stink­hole, Cri­sis Man, Black But­ton or Mys­tic Inane.

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Sex Hater /​ Clinic /​ pH People /​ Alien Birth

Just an­oth­er quick roundup of nois­es and dis­tur­bances out of the ex­tend­ed hard­core or­bit. Start­ing off the batch with Sex Hater of Kansas City, who will sure­ly please ad­mir­ers of chaot­ic and down­right filthy hard­core shit in a sim­i­lar vein to groups á la To­tal Sham, Fried E/​m or Launch­er.

Speak­ing of filth, Clin­ic from Fres­no, Cal­i­for­nia di­al that cer­tain as­pect even fur­ther - their lat­est EP feel­ing like one sin­gle murky pud­dle of prim­i­tive anger and deep de­spair, not en­tire­ly dis­sim­i­lar in some places to the ear­ly Beast Fiend EPs.

pH Peo­ple, a group of un­known ori­gin, then slow the tem­po down con­sid­ery­bly while by no means lack­ing en­er­gy - their tape on Ur­ticaria Records is a po­tent mix­ture from the fringes of har­core punk and (pro­to-) noise rock with clear echoes of most­ly old­er stuff á la Flip­per, Spike In Vain, Nox­ious Fumes or Bro­ken Tal­ent.

And last­ly, there's one for the dun­geon dwellers among us in the form of Philadelphia's Alien Birth who de­liv­er an old­school met­al-in­fest­ed beast kin­da like a mix be­tween a more prim­i­tive Poi­son Ruïn and Gold­en Pel­i­cans go­ing all in on their sleaze rock lean­ings.

Coke Asian - Kegel Excess

The most un­ex­pect­ed gem of this week comes from a Paris group and ap­par­ent­ly has al­ready been record­ed in 2018. This is a puz­zling and over­whelm­ing burst of chaot­ic noise crude­ly wedged in­be­tween the edges of garage punk, KBD-style odd­i­ties and the weird­er fringes of ear­ly 80s hard­core punk. The open­er VVV evokes a vibe kin­da like a mix be­tween fel­low french­men Sub­tle Turn­hips and US hard­core odd­balls Landown­er while Moose Lodge con­jures up the lega­cy of, among oth­ers, pro­to noise rock­ers of the Flip­per, Bro­ken Tal­ent or Fun­gus Brains cal­iber. City Blocks unites the qual­i­ties of Bad Brains and MC5 in a neat lit­tle pack­age. Oth­er times, they evoke The Men­tal­ly Ill or kin­da bridge the gap be­tween Neos and Neo Neos while nu­mer­ous more re­cent groups á la To­tal Sham, Liq­uid As­sets, Launch­er, Cri­sis Man, Frea­kees or Li­po­suc­tion aren't too far off ei­ther at one point or an­oth­er. This shit is as unique as it's prim­i­tive and most­ly un­pre­dictable, more than once de­fy­ing any at­tempt at cat­e­go­riza­tion.

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C-Krit - C-Krit

Fuck, that shit smells… but in a good way. Af­ter their mild­ly dis­turb­ing one-and-a-half tapes on Im­po­tent Fe­tus we fi­nal­ly get their first “full” length cas­sette from Tetry­on Tapes and once again this is some joy to be­hold. Ul­tra-sep­tic hard- and noisec­ore vague­ly rem­i­nis­cent of present-day acts like Soup­cans, Stink­hole or Vul­ture shit but al­so of old pi­o­neers of the Flip­per, No Trend, Bro­ken Tal­ent va­ri­ety. There was a time when, as a kid, folks from my church told me that lis­ten­ing to evil rock’n’roll mu­sic might give you a de­mon in­fes­ta­tion (thank­ful­ly, the fear­mon­ger­ing didn’t work for long…). I don’t know what lis­ten­ing to C-Krit is gonna leave you with but its side ef­fects in­clude vi­o­lent sar­casm, di­ar­rhea and not giv­ing a shit.

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Soft Torture - Soft Torture

This Philadel­phia group's line-up brings to­geth­er gen­er­a­tions of punks, hav­ing Chuck Mee­han of hard­core di­nosaurs YDI among its ranks as well as mem­bers of more re­cent acts like Blank Spell, Hal­dol and De­Struc­tos. Their first EP ex­plodes right in­to your face with eight-and-a-half bursts of un­pre­dictable, chaot­ic and noise-in­fused hard-/post-/weird­core rough­ly in the ball­park of what you might've heard in re­cent years from bands like Kalei­do­scope, Day­dream or Fugi­tive Bub­ble.

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Shove - Shove

This mel­bourne group's de­but EP de­liv­ers five ver­sa­tile high-en­er­gy blows, shapeshift­ing their way some­where around the fringes of the ex­tend­ed hard-/post-/noisec­ore mul­ti­verse, their re­lent­less yet so­phis­ti­cat­ed at­tack call­ing to mind the likes of Doll­house, Ce­ment Shoes or Vexx.

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Tarred Cell - Tarred Cell

Pret­ty awe­some noisec­ore shit is flush­ing out the ear canals on this de­but EP by a group with mem­bers strewn all across Berlin, Leipzig and Bonn. This cer­tain­ly has some touch­es of Acrylics, Vul­ture Shit, Soup­cans and Stink­hole… or maybe of an al­ter­nate uni­verse in­car­na­tion of No Trend, Flip­per and Bro­ken Tal­ent played at triple speed.

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Cutters - Cutters

This Mel­bourne group's de­but 7" is a con­cen­trat­ed blast of high­ly flam­ma­ble garagecore spiked with ad­di­tion­al noise- & post­core ac­cel­er­ants, achiev­ing a res­olute punch akin to ADVLTS, Bad Breed­ing while their un­ruly garage & old­school hard­core ri­ot leaves a trail of de­struc­tion not un­like Fried E/​M, Elec­tric Chair or Mod­ern Needs.

Shit Blimp - A Groundbreaking Standard of the Genre

On their re­cent EP some Cleve­land, Ohio based group serves us ten flaw­less­ly ex­e­cut­ed deep brown pud­dles of filthy and con­ta­geous hard-/noisec­ore, boiled down to less than ten min­utes of quirky, messy joy.

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Kumusta - Kumusta #1

Ex­quis­ite shit from Rouen, France. Ku­mus­ta emerge on the scene with a fun mix­ture draw­ing a line from noise rock & -core on one end of the spec­trum, some raw garage en­er­gy on the oth­er, a shit­load of post punk & post­core in be­tween. Imag­ine a fu­sion of slowed-down Bad Breed­ing with Crim­i­nal Code in cer­tain mo­ments, or at oth­er times, you might be re­mind­ed of Australia's post­core pow­er­tools Bat­piss and Bench Press.

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