Fuck, that shit smells… but in a good way. Af­ter their mild­ly dis­turb­ing one-and-a-half tapes on Im­po­tent Fe­tus we fi­nal­ly get their first “full” length cas­sette from Tetry­on Tapes and once again this is some joy to be­hold. Ul­tra-sep­tic hard- and noisec­ore vague­ly rem­i­nis­cent of present-day acts like Soup­cans, Stink­hole or Vul­ture shit but al­so of old pi­o­neers of the Flip­per, No Trend, Bro­ken Tal­ent va­ri­ety. There was a time when, as a kid, folks from my church told me that lis­ten­ing to evil rock’n’roll mu­sic might give you a de­mon in­fes­ta­tion (thank­ful­ly, the fear­mon­ger­ing didn’t work for long…). I don’t know what lis­ten­ing to C-Krit is gonna leave you with but its side ef­fects in­clude vi­o­lent sar­casm, di­ar­rhea and not giv­ing a shit.