A ver­i­ta­ble gut punch, the de­but tape of this St. Louis, Mis­souri group. Hard­core punk with elab­o­rate & flex­i­ble any­thing-goes song struc­tures, at times catchy and melod­ic, in oth­er parts show­ing a gloomy post punk /​ death rock un­der­cur­rent and al­so there’s some of that oh-so-fash­ion­able (don’t get me wrong, i to­tal­ly love that) garage edge to it. You might be re­mind­ed of hard­core-era Hüsker Dü at some points, as well as re­cent hard- and post­core stuff such as Nopes, Pink Gui­tars, Ce­ment Shoes or the col­or­ful yet night­mar­ish hard­core psy­che­delia of Mur­der­er.