The most un­ex­pect­ed gem of this week comes from a Paris group and ap­par­ent­ly has al­ready been record­ed in 2018. This is a puz­zling and over­whelm­ing burst of chaot­ic noise crude­ly wedged in­be­tween the edges of garage punk, KBD-style odd­i­ties and the weird­er fringes of ear­ly 80s hard­core punk. The open­er VVV evokes a vibe kin­da like a mix be­tween fel­low french­men Sub­tle Turn­hips and US hard­core odd­balls Landown­er while Moose Lodge con­jures up the lega­cy of, among oth­ers, pro­to noise rock­ers of the Flip­per, Bro­ken Tal­ent or Fun­gus Brains cal­iber. City Blocks unites the qual­i­ties of Bad Brains and MC5 in a neat lit­tle pack­age. Oth­er times, they evoke The Men­tal­ly Ill or kin­da bridge the gap be­tween Neos and Neo Neos while nu­mer­ous more re­cent groups á la To­tal Sham, Liq­uid As­sets, Launch­er, Cri­sis Man, Frea­kees or Li­po­suc­tion aren't too far off ei­ther at one point or an­oth­er. This shit is as unique as it's prim­i­tive and most­ly un­pre­dictable, more than once de­fy­ing any at­tempt at cat­e­go­riza­tion.