An­oth­er bomb has just dropped via Tetry­on Tapes. The pre­vi­ous EP Bet­ter Homes & Gar­dens by the Rochester, NY group was a per­fect­ly fun oc­ca­sion al­ready, al­beit one still kin­da strug­gling to seam­less­ly in­te­grate their old­school '70s/'80s met­al el­e­ments in­to their over­all aes­thet­ic. This new cas­sette rec­ti­fies this in part by way of a rough-as-fuck Lo-Fi sound that sim­ply fits them a lot bet­ter while their pow­ers of song con­struc­tion have un­doubt­ed­ly made plen­ty of progress as well, re­sult­ing in an un­for­giv­ing force that skill­ful­ly im­bues some of the most fu­ri­ous in­stances old­school hard­core grime and filth with a dis­tinct dun­geon punk note.