Red Dons - Generations

An un­ex­pect­ed new EP of the fab­u­lous Red Dons, whose mas­ter­mind Daniel Husayn ap­par­ent­ly has, in re­cent years, been most­ly busy with mas­ter­ing great tunes rather than play­ing and record­ing such. So now here we have the first new ma­te­r­i­al in close to six years of the orig­i­nal­ly Port­land-based group . It's among their most solemn, moody and qui­et stuff so far and the gam­ble pays off just ad­mirably thanks to their un­wa­ver­ing song­writ­ing ex­cel­lence, an un­bend­ing per­for­mance and that cer­tain har­mon­ic sen­si­bil­i­ty that is very much their own.

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Achterlicht - Demo

I to­tal­ly over­looked this thing the first time around, so i'm glad that the Flori­da la­bel Xtro is giv­ing it a sec­ond spin, fi­nal­ly suc­ceed­ing at bring­ing this Haar­lem, Nether­lands group to my at­ten­tion. To make it short: This shit is some stu­pid, fun and sham­bol­ic old­school garage punk de­light most­ly rem­i­nis­cent of oth­er eu­ro acts like Dadar, Shit­ty Life, Mi­traille, Moron's Mo­rons and Itch­es.

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Swedish la­bel Push My But­tons brings us the full length de­but of this swiss group, which al­so presents their strongest set of tunes so far and their son­ic vi­sion at its most re­al­ized. That means: a de­vi­ous­ly catchy dopamine rush of glitzy wave-ish synth- and garage punk smash­ers - ex­quis­ite sug­ary good­ness echo­ing the likes of Wrist­watch, Dig­i­tal Leather, Sex Mex, Tele­drome, Pow­er­plant, The Gobs, Shrinkwrap Killers, Stal­ins Of Sound and Video­drome.

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The Present Age - Radio Static Intelligible

This Oshkosh, Wis­con­sin group is cook­ing up a va­ri­ety of in­ven­tive and adap­tive anochro­nisms rough­ly in the realms post punk and post­core, garage punk and clas­sic '90s in­die rock, com­ing off as re­fresh­ing­ly out-of-place and -touch in today's land­scape. Some '90s Dischord-meets-Touch and Go feel is go­ing on in tracks such as Ph­tha­late Mates and the groovy psy­che­del­ic clos­ing epos Clum­sy As­cetic. A hint of Pro­tomar­tyr in Locks Fas­ten, psy­che­del­ic flour­ish­es in The De­liv­ery and hints of Swervedriv­er in songs like Ra­dio Sta­t­ic. Fur­ther, at dif­fer­ent points, you might be re­mind­ed of re­cent post punk/-core acts like Bat­piss, Stuck and Bench Press, groups on the in­ter­sec­tion of garage- and post punk like Tyvek, Par­quet Courts or Flat Worms in ad­di­tion to groups on the more melod­ic and jan­g­ly edges of post- and art punk á la Go­tobeds, Sleepies, Tape/​Off and Shark Toys.

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Daughter Bat and the Lip Stings - Secret Tape

This Syd­ney group has nev­er dis­ap­point­ed and nei­ther do they on their newest top-se­cret EP, so se­cret in fact, that even the song ti­tles shall re­main a mys­tery for the time be­ing. What i can tell you though is that this thing once again fuck­ing slams - an­oth­er per­fect run of lo-fi pow­er pop, garage-, fuzz- and egg­punk. Just don't tell any­one, okay?

Insane Urge - My America

This group's sec­ond cas­sette on Im­po­tent Fe­tus or Down South Tapes or what­ev­er it's called this week, con­sid­er­ably one-ups their pre­vi­ous one in terms of undi­lut­ed fury while car­ry­ing across all the traits we've come to ex­pect from that label's out­put - rough and grimy as fuck yet un­ex­pect­ed­ly catchy at the same time. A per­fect storm of garage- and KBD-in­fest­ed hard­core prim­i­tivism.

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Gym Tonic - Sanitary Situations

A good four years af­ter an in­sane­ly en­joy­able de­but LP of this Berlin group, we fi­nal­ly get an­oth­er taste of the same, fair­ly quirky yet ex­pert­ly pro­pelled synth-, garage- and post punk good­ness sure to de­light ad­mir­ers of stuff in the vein of, say, Bel­ly Jel­ly, Puff, Dum­my, Aus­muteants, Quit­ter, Liq­uid Lunch, Ghoulies, Diode or Spot­ting.

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Satanic Togas - Digital World

You know what to ex­pect by now! Sa­tan­ic To­gas nev­er fail to amaze with their catchy, com­pact garage punk smash­ers. If Gee Tee is kind of the flower child among Ish­ka Ed­meades nu­mer­ous groups and projects, Sa­tan­ic To­gas kin­da rep­re­sent the sleazy and hard rock­ing coun­ter­bal­ance to that fluffy pow­er­pop in­no­cense, de­liv­er­ing a bot­tom­less wealth of catchy hooks and tunes all the same.

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Hevrat Ha'Hashmal - 2+1

Five min­utes of de­light­ful nois­es and struc­tured chaos crammed in­to dense lit­tle tunes by an is­raeli group. Equal­ly pun­ish­ing, quirky and eclec­tic shit right in the sweet spot over­lap­ping post punk, noise rock and garage punk - a free­wheel­ing any­thing-goes spir­it re­mind­ing me of a bunch of groups such as Big Bop­per, Brandy, Pat­ti, Re­al­i­ty Group or Cutie.

Aborted Tortoise & Ghoulies - EuroTour Split

This is in­deed a tour i'm pret­ty psy­ched about al­ready! This new split 7" on Good­bye Boozy Records presents the two Perth groups at their finest as Abort­ed Tor­toise make your legs shake with their patent­ed con­structs of smar­ty­pants garage punk á la Ura­ni­um Club, Pinch Points, Dumb, Vin­tage Crop and the like. Ghoulies then fol­low up with two strong and catchy garage-/egg-/synth punk tunes rough­ly in the Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp, Cher­ry Cheeks, Set-Top Box, Alien Nose­job or Sa­tan­ic To­gas fash­ion.

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