Exxxon - Gas Tape /​ More Gas

This group of un­clear prove­nance re­cent­ly put out their sec­ond tape - once again via Wyoming cas­sette la­bel Deluxe Bias - and just like the first one it's a mas­sive lo-fi blast of noise that sounds a bit like The Stooges and MC5 reimag­ined as a hard­core band. A certein Bad Brains dri­ve adds even more to the over­all old­school vibe and in the cur­rent scene, you might de­scribe them as a slight­ly souped-up ver­sion of Vexx… yeah, makes per­fect sense i guess. Their fuel's got 50% more X.

Poison Ruïn - Poison Ruïn II

I al­ready liked this Philadel­phia group's first tape a lot but its suc­ces­sor rais­es the bar even high­er for their own mix­ture of garage-, post- and dun­geon punk that doesn't shy away from al­low­ing quite a bit of very old­school "heavy" met­al in­to the mix - in re­gards to the movie just as much as the genre.

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Trash Ferraris - Trash Ferraris

Some straight, sim­ple, stu­pid, and su­per-ef­fec­tive garage punk fun made by some folks of the ex­tend­ed Vaguess, Use­less Eaters, Fer­nan­do & The Teenage Narcs or­bit. Has some Ex-Cult vibes, but pri­mar­i­ly i'm re­mind­ed of aus­tralian groups like The Liv­ing Eyes, Ed­dy Cur­rent Sup­pres­sion Ring and Mi­ni Skirt. Even a slight Saints/​Radio Bird­man feel is clear­ly present here.

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Shimmer Bed - Aquaria, Escapism & Other Favorites

The re­cent record­ed out­put by Los An­ge­les garage project Shim­mer Bed is, to be quite hon­est, a bit too pro­lif­ic for me to dive deep­er in­to right now - which is why this ex­cel­lent com­pi­la­tion tape put out by the span­ish la­bel Dis­cos Per­o­qué­bi­en is such a wel­come gift that made me aware of this dude in the first place. Over the span of a whop­ping 22 tracks we get to wit­ness a re­mark­ably di­verse spec­trum of sounds rang­ing from bed­room weirdo garage punk that might evoke the melod­ic­i­ty of Vaguess, the noise pop of Jah Hell and the play­ful­ness of Dee Bee Rich, Nuts or Prison Af­fair, to psy­che­del­ic pop rem­i­nis­cent Rat Columns or var­i­ous eight­ies Fly­ing Nun acts and in­be­tween al this, there's even time for some noisy post punk sketch­es.

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Eugh - Cassingle #1

New shit from this Kitchen Peo­ple-af­fil­i­at­ed Mel­bourne garage project. The A-side presents a sparkling pow­er pop gem rem­i­nis­cent of Liq­uids, Sa­tan­ic To­gas or Datenight, while the B-side con­tin­ues the di­rec­tion of the pre­vi­ous EP - the kind of quirky & snap­py garage punk you might as­si­ci­ate with the likes of R.M.F.C., Set-Top Box or Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp.

Sick Thoughts - Poor Boys /​ Drug Rock

Has it re­al­ly been a mere two-and-a-half years since we've last heard of New Or­leans garage pow­er­house Sick Thoughts? It feels a lot longer to me. Any­way, the first new mu­sic in quite a while by Drew Owen and com­pa­ny sounds as fresh and elec­tri­fy­ing as ever - the pure essence of old­school '77- & garage punk dis­tilled in­to two ul­tra-dense shots of adren­a­line.

Tommy Cossack - Work From Home

…and here's yet an­oth­er half pound of com­pe­tent DIY garage punk made by some british dude, al­though this stuff smells more like some­thing out of the aus­tralian Warttman Inc. ros­ter. I'm think­ing es­pe­cial­ly of Set-Top Box, R.M.F.C. or Sa­tan­ic To­gas here, plus the un­avoid­able hint of Aus­muteants.

Freak Genes - Power Station

On their fourth Long­play­er, the UK punk duo con­sist­ing of both a Red Cord and a Pro­to Id­iot goes for an all-out synth punk sound - more stub­born and bare-bones than ever be­fore - and it works ad­mirably, the way they're churn­ing out one min­i­mal­ist blast of quirky bleeps and lo-fi beats af­ter the oth­er.

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Nopes - Djörk

Third long­play­er by this Oak­land group and of course it's some pret­ty amaz­ing shit once again. I still find it kin­da hard to be­lieve how what start­ed out as sort of a Hüsker Dü sounda­like has de­vel­oped in­to one of the most pow­er­ful, orig­i­nal and in­stant­ly re­gog­niz­able bands of re­cent years, ef­fort­less­ly chan­nel­ing the raw en­er­gies of hard- & post­core, noise rock and garage punk in­to a row­dy, un­pre­dictable force.

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Foil & Silvie S - Split

Nice lit­tle split tape via Dirt­bag Dis­tro. Nev­er heard of Kansas City's Foil be­fore, but this dude's three songs on here in­stant­ly get my blood pump­ing with a quirky, raw and sham­bol­ic take on hard­core punk.
Sil­vie S on the oth­er hand is an­oth­er alias for the guy known as Bil­liam, who al­so seems to be part of Dot.com and Dis­co Junk, among oth­ers. From him, we get an­oth­er trio of fun lit­tle dit­ties in his fa­mil­iar style of min­i­mal­ist DIY garage- and synth punk.

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