Monoburro - Discografia

Every­one keep an eye on the chilean la­bel In­stant Par­ty. Hav­ing al­ready caught my ears re­cent­ly with the Piz­za Boys tape, these folks have just un­earthed an­oth­er gem by a mex­i­can group i prob­a­bly wouldn't have heard of oth­er­wise and they fuck­ing rule! This tape com­piles all four EPs they've re­leased so far. Elec­tri­fied garage- and synth punk kin­da like S.B.F.-meets-The Spits, but the lat­ter with way more ro­bots, more cy­ber­punk but maybe al­so… mum­ble punk?

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Credit Bureau - Credit Bureau

Re­al­ly quite a lot of eggy goodness/​insanity goin' on this week. In an ef­fort not to re­peat my­self i'll keep it short: Here's the lat­est Cas­sette from the al­ways ex­cel­lent Deluxe Bias im­print, a record­ing that fit­ting­ly sounds a bit over-bi­ased. Ask your par­ents what that means.

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Μπριτζολιτσεσ - Αισχοσ Ντροπη

So the egg-plague has now ar­rived in Greece. Was about time, i'd say. Μπριτζολιτσεσ are a duo from Athens cook­ing up a mix­ture of garage- and synth punk that even yours tru­ly has to clas­si­fy as to­tal­ly and de­li­cious­ly nuts. A lev­el of nut­ty­ness that's rough­ly in the ball­park of lu­natics like Skull Cult or the whole Warttman-in­fest­ed Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp./Set-Top Box clus­ter­fuck. What­ev­er un­de­ci­pher­able mess google trans­late makes of the lyrics gives me a hunch that un­der­stand­ing the lan­guage won't make the whole thing any san­er.

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Spielo - Demo

So this group from Reno, Nev… aw, fuck off! My best guess­es are ei­ther Leipzig or Berlin with 95% con­fi­dence. Prob­a­bly not wear­ing cow­boy hats ei­ther. The mu­sic rips though. Ul­tra-com­pe­tent garage punk with that cer­tain Use­less Eaters, Sauna Youth or Flat Worms fla­vor and oc­ca­sion­al hard­core flour­ish­es.

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The Wind-Ups - Try Not To Think

No won­der this shit feels fa­mil­iar. The Wind-Ups is a new so­lo project of none oth­er than Jake Sprech­er of Ter­ry Malts and Smoke­screens fame. Much raw­er and loud­er than any of his oth­er groups have dared to sound re­cent­ly (al­beit not quite reach­ing ear­ly Ter­ry Malts lev­els of speed and fuzzy­ness), this at times sounds like a fu­sion of Ter­ry Malts' melod­ic­i­ty with slight­ly post punk-lean­ing garage groups like Tyvek or Par­quet Courts, while in oth­er mo­ments you can sense a breeze of The Spits, Ricky Hell or any­thing Reatard(s)-related. Yet when he goes all-in on pow­er pop, there are some un­de­ni­able british in­va­sion vibes em­a­nat­ing from his arrange­ments and com­po­si­tions.

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Big Bopper - Introducing Big Bopper

Phew… this thing must've been mixed/​mastered by a deaf per­son. I'm pret­ty much used to all kinds of son­ic ex­tremes by now but this must be the first time ever that i can't bear lis­ten­ing to a thing with­out at least ap­ply­ing some heavy EQ. Maybe the ac­tu­al cas­sette re­lease is less painful to lis­ten to though…

Oth­er­wise this thing kicks butt with un­err­ing pre­ci­sion. Don't know how i man­aged to over­look this so far but some­how stu­pid me need­ed an­oth­er re­minder in the form of a (dig­i­tal on­ly?) reis­sue on Good­bye Boozy to fi­nal­ly no­tice its qual­i­ties. These tex­ans play some pret­ty wild and un­pre­dictable amal­ga­ma­tion of post- and garage punk, noise rock and post­core which you might, at dif­fer­ent points, com­pare to groups like Pat­ti, Cutie, Rolex, Mys­tic Inane or Brandy.

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TVO - Fall In A Pit

An­oth­er kick­ass EP by this Philadel­phia group. This time they crank up the garage fac­tor con­sid­er­ably while main­tain­ing their taste for old­school pro­to-noise rock and -sludge. Think of a cu­ri­ous mix be­tween NY's Cutie and aussie garage groups like Mi­ni Skirt, Pist Id­iots on a col­li­sion course with old-timey noise­mak­ers of the U-Men, Sci­en­tists, X (Syd­ney, not L.A.) va­ri­ety plus a slight touch of Mud­honey.

Wails - Killer Wails

Whoosh! The sec­ond EP by Stock­holm group Wails holds yet an­oth­er per­fect­ly sol­id batch of noise-in­fused high-oc­tane straight­for­ward garage punk tracks, a sound some­where in­be­tween the son­ic virtues of pow­er­hous­es such as The Cow­boy, Sauna Youth, Ex-Cult and True Sons Of Thun­der.

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Tee-Vee Repairman - Patterns

Speak­ing of the dev­il… here's the lat­est ven­ture of the mighty Warttman em­pire and it's yet an­oth­er beau­ty to be­hold. Four rough gems of catchy garage punk and pow­er pop that, of all the Warttman-re­lat­ed groups, re­minds me most of R.F.M.C. and Sa­tan­ic To­gas, al­beit with a cer­tain south­ern rock (in this par­tic­u­lar case… south­ern what, ac­tu­al­ly??) bent bear­ing some sim­i­lar­i­ty to what you heard on ear­ly Sheer Mag EPs.

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Prison Affair & Research Reactor Corp. - Split EP

Not on­ly do Warttman-af­fil­i­at­ed aus­tralians Re­search Re­ac­tor Corp. and Barcelona's Prison Af­fair have a lot in com­mon in terms of their Lo-Fi garage aes­thet­ics, but al­so both of them had ear­li­er EPs reis­sued by Er­ste Theke Ton­träger at some point. Thus, it makes per­fect sense for them to join forces on this kick-ass new split-EP on ETT that once again is guar­an­teed to sat­is­fy con­nois­seurs of all the fin­er things in­side the realm of weird-ass yet catchy-as-hell garage punk good­ness.

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