Headcheese - Expired

This Kaloomps, British Co­lum­bia group's sec­ond LP now sees their kick­ass 2022 EP Best Be­fore 2022 ex­pand­ed in­to a full length, car­ry­ing more of that same kind of un­pre­dictable chaot­ic hard­core may­hem - of­ten rather sim­plis­tic at first glance but rich in elab­o­rate de­tail once you take a clos­er look, en­hanced with some ap­pro­pri­ate­ly row­dy garage- and KBD vibes which i'd say place them in rel­a­tive prox­im­i­ty to such groups as, say, Ce­ment Shoes, Fried E/​m, Mys­tic Inane, Taran­tüla, G.U.N., Cheap Heat or Im­ploders.

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Sick Thoughts - Born To Blitzkrieg

A new EP by Drew Owen aka Sick Thoughts and if you didn't ex­pect sheer garage punk ex­cel­lence at this point, bet­ter think again 'cos this record fuck­ing de­liv­ers! The open­ing sal­vo Sick Thoughts is kind of a hard­core smash­er sud­den­ly tak­ing a sharp turn in­to some dis­tinct Ra­mones-meet-Cheap Trick ter­ri­to­ry. Hell­rais­er is pure '77-drenched pow­er pop ec­sta­sy with a thin ic­ing of Hüsker Dü or Mov­ing Tar­gets on top. The sev­en­ty-sev­en-ish vibes then reach their apex in School­girls in Chains, while My Heart is Break­ing Over You is ex­act­ly the kind of un­healthy sug­ar rush that might just be­come a bit too much of every­thing in the hands of less­er song­writ­ers and per­form­ers but shines here all the brighter by virtue of the rock-sol­id songcraft ev­i­dent.

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New Vogue - Waiting Daze

Mon­tre­al group New Vogue fol­low-up their ex­cel­lent self-ti­tled 2020 mi­ni LP with an­oth­er batch of kick­ass tunes - way more synth-heavy this time yet every bit as in­fec­tious as be­fore, ra­di­at­ing a con­stant­ly shapeshift­ing kind of vibe call­ing to mind bits and pieces of Freak Genes, Use­less Eaters, Pow­er­plant, Andy Hu­man and The Rep­toids, Lost Sounds, Mononeg­a­tives and Alien Nose­job, to name just a few high-pro­file ref­er­ences.

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Zero Bars - Demo 2023

A strong de­mo by this Toron­to group has four de­li­cious no-frills bangers in store for us lo­cat­ed rough­ly on the in­ter­sec­tion of garage punk and post­core, hav­ing some Hot Snakes en­er­gy to them and a sim­i­lar vibe to the ear­ly works of Video and Teenanger in ad­di­tion to straight­for­ward punk acts such as As­cot Stab­ber, Flow­ers Of Evil, Piss Test as well as a more ec­cen­tric breed of garage-meets-hard­core acts á la Launch­er and Mys­tic Inane. Mu­sic to my ears!

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Ninja Sword - The Art Of Bone Smashing

On this Oslo group's de­but EP, an at­ti­tude and aes­thet­ic in­be­tween the worlds of egg- and dun­geon punk is giv­en a dis­tinct­ly far east­ern theme. In the con­text of a genre clus­ter that makes a point of mak­ing no fuck­ing sense, this makes about per­fect fuck­ing sense i'd say! Am i mak­ing any sense? Who cares, this shit is fun!

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Billiam - Corner Tactics

Billiam's first re­leas­es were around the 2020 mark yet it feels to me as if this dude has been around for a lot longer, a sub­lim­i­nal pres­ence al­ways hov­er­ing at the pe­riph­ery of a wider 12XU-rel­e­vant bub­ble. His newest LP should launch him right in­to the spot­light though, this be­ing his strongest and most con­sis­tent batch of new tunes so far in his hard-to-im­i­tate (though plen­ty of folks are try­ing for sure…), vague­ly egg-ish melange of some­times rather bare-bones synth- garage- and post punk - catchy as fuck, sim­ple and dumb yet every sin­gle move hits home!

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Flat Worms - Witness Marks

Flat Worms have been among the most re­li­ably awe­some groups of the past decade or so - you rough­ly know what to ex­pect, know it's gonna be good and will have just enough fresh ideas and flour­ish­es to keep things in­ter­est­ing. Need­less to say, their newest LP won't dis­s­a­point ei­ther, their sig­na­ture sound in­be­tween the worlds of garage punk, noise rock and post punk com­ing across as tight and en­er­getic as ever and, just maybe, even a bit more var­ied and play­ful than on pre­vi­ous ef­forts. In SSRT the dis­tinct grooves of Wire and Tele­vi­sion com­bine in­to an ever-so-slight­ly kraut-in­fused ex­er­cise. Time Warp In Ex­ile feels like a fu­sion of The Cow­boy and Spray Paint - the same then kin­da ap­plies to the al­bum clos­ing ti­tle track, which ad­di­tion­al­ly seems to bor­row a thing or two from The Ruts' clas­sic It Was Cold.

Sor­ry folks, there's no em­bed­d­a­ble full al­bum stream avail­able but you can lis­ten to the whole thing over at their Sound­cloud.

Kalte Hand - Kalte Hand /​/​ Dunkle Strassen - Alles Fuckt Mich Ab

Two note­wor­thy ger­man-lan­guage post punk re­leas­es here. Kalte Hand hail from Augs­burg though they sound a lot more like stuff from the cur­rent Berlin Scene, their dystopi­an post punk drenched in pitch-black sar­casm call­ing to mind groups like Pi­geon, Glaas, ear­ly Diät and Pret­ty Hurts as well as oth­er ger­man lan­guage groups á la Die Wärme Hyäne, Maske, Die Ver­lier­er, L'appel Du Vide… al­so a hint of Puff and Pisse.
The lat­ter two groups' ten­den­cies then take cen­ter stage on the de­but EP of Ham­burg duo Dun­kle Strassen - a straight­for­ward post- and garage punk sound with a dis­tinct noise rock edge thrown in­to the mix which might aswell some sim­i­lar­i­ty to a bunch of in­ter­na­tion­al acts such as Ar­se, As­cot Stab­ber or Cri­sis Man.

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Datenight - Clueless and Hangless

At first glance i wasn't quite sure if this Nashville group's newest LP isn't gonna be just a bit too mel­low for my taste but even­tu­al­ly, the sheer strength of their Lo-Fi in­die rock songcraft wins me over once again, the whole thing hav­ing the feel of a scrap­py odds-and-ends col­lec­tion which might just be the case. This as­sess­ment is on­ly be­ing re­in­forced by the fact that the songs ap­pear in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der here - the tunes them­selves are pure A-grade stuff though.

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Завірюга - 18000

The on­ly ukran­ian egg­punk group that i know of so far had al­ready piqued my in­ter­est with a batch of su­per sol­id ex­tend­ed plays in re­cent weeks and with their newest one, they're fuck­ing killing it if you ask me. Manda­to­ry new lis­ten­ing for fans of shit á la Prison Af­fair, Set-Top Box, Beer and Nuts!