Nag - Human Coward Coyote

A new mi­ni LP by Atlanta's post punk force of na­ture Nag - i guess every­body knows what to ex­pect at this point and i'm to­tal­ly okay with that as there still ain't a whole lot of groups quite like them. De­spite the raw in­gre­di­ents of their sound be­ing as old as post punk it­self, there's a unique qual­i­ty to their vi­sion, about as sim­plis­tic as you can get away with in some places while amaz­ing­ly elab­o­rate where it counts in oth­ers, with the oc­ca­sion­al touch of psy­che­delia and ham­mered home with a rough and un­re­lent­ing force.

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Klint - Guilty

More great fod­der by synth-/elec­tro viking punk mae­stro Klint on this nice com­pi­la­tion avail­able ei­ther dig­i­tal­ly or dubbed on­to pre-loved cas­sette stock, if you're so in­clined - i do cer­tain­ly ap­prove of that, giv­ing old cas­settes a new home! So what we got here is a mix of old shit you might have heard al­ready, old shit you prob­a­bly haven't heard yet and new shit you def­i­nite­ly haven't. Oh and then ap­par­ent­ly there's al­so the mat­ter a of a cou­ple of re­cent­ly un­earthed an­cient wax cylin­ders, glo­ri­ous­ly rough around the edges and un­played since ap­prox­i­mate­ly 1904-1912. Neat!

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Body House - Hose Man

When it comes to con­tem­po­rary noise rock, i'm no­to­ri­ous­ly hard to please but this L.A. group eas­i­ly does the trick for me, play­ing a vari­ant of the genre ap­proach­ing Big Black lev­els of dis­so­nant shred­ding while al­so re­mind­ing me a bit of old­school acts like Dis­tort­ed Pony, Bas­tro, Drunks With Guns as well as more re­cent stuff á la Spray Paint… or, maybe, an ul­tra-straight­for­ward ver­sion of Mul­ti­c­ult, dri­ven along by vi­cious, at times al­most Gang of Four-es­que grooves.

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Witch Piss - Tape 1

A quick and pain­less at­tack of garage- and synth punk equal­ly catchy and noisy by some group or per­son from Si­mi Val­ley, Cal­i­for­nia. This is more than a lit­tle rem­i­nis­cent to con­tem­po­rary genre pow­er­hous­es such as S.B.F., The Gobs, Slimex, Ghoulies, Quit­ter or C.H.I.M.P., among many oth­ers and every bit as good.

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Itches - Kingdom Upstairs

The newest EP by this group from Antwerp, Bel­gium is a flaw­less butt-kick­er made up of fair­ly tra­di­tion­al yet, thank­ful­ly, al­ways sound­ly con­struct­ed garage punk stylings, thor­oug­ly based on an ex­cel­lent un­der­ly­ing song sub­stance with some added british in­va­sion touch­es á la Res­onars, oth­er­wise to be lo­cat­ed in a sim­i­lar or­bit as Dadar, Shit­ty Life, Mi­traille, Big Ba­by or Sauna Youth.

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Cheap Heat - Demo 2022

This Sch­enec­tady, New York group kicks up a per­fect storm of some­what motörized noise some­where be­tween the cor­ner points of garage punk, hard­core and sleaze rock on their de­mo tape. A high­ly com­bustible recipe that should mix well with oth­er acts á la Ce­ment Shoes, Po­lute, Hip­py­fuck­ers, Flea Col­lar, Doll­house, Cü­lo… and maybe just a smidge of hard­core-era Hüsker Dü on top.

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Die TV - Side D

Side num­ber four by Marmo­ra, New Jer­sey garage trou­ba­dor Die TV is yet an­oth­er su­per-sol­id batch of garage-/synth-/elec­tro punk minia­ture good­ness. Not much more to add to that oth­er than what i al­ready said about his pre­vi­ous re­leas­es: Friends of weird­ness in the same or­bit as, say, Pow­er­plant, Stal­ins of Sound, Erik Ner­vous, The Spits, Set-Top Box, Dig­i­tal Leather… re­joice!

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Cool Sorcery - The Definitive Step​-​by​-​Step Dance Guide for Warlord Necromancers and Enthusiasts

A new EP by brazil­ian eggpunk's prime mover Cool Sor­cery aka Mar­cos As­sis. His sound is be­com­ing more am­bi­tious with each new re­lease and ac­cord­ing­ly, the newest one is an­oth­er de­light­ful struc­tured mess, seem­ing­ly draw­ing just as much un­like­ly in­spi­ra­tion from 70's hard- and pro­gres­sive rock as it does from the cur­rent garage- and syn­th­punk scene.

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Jeffy & The Sunken Heads - Jeffy & The Sunken Heads

My best ef­fort to de­scribe this work of the dev­il chan­neled by some St. Louis, Mis­souri dude is this: An over­abun­dance of stu­pid de­ment­ed shit con­densed in­to fun lit­tle garage tunes in the vague neigh­bour­hood of Buck Biloxi, Strange At­trac­tor or, al­ter­nate­ly, Dead Moon & The Dead Milk­men, maybe with some Wild Man Fish­er thrown in for good mea­sure. I think i'm just about dumb enough to ap­pre­ci­ate that!

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Sex Hater /​ Clinic /​ pH People /​ Alien Birth

Just an­oth­er quick roundup of nois­es and dis­tur­bances out of the ex­tend­ed hard­core or­bit. Start­ing off the batch with Sex Hater of Kansas City, who will sure­ly please ad­mir­ers of chaot­ic and down­right filthy hard­core shit in a sim­i­lar vein to groups á la To­tal Sham, Fried E/​m or Launch­er.

Speak­ing of filth, Clin­ic from Fres­no, Cal­i­for­nia di­al that cer­tain as­pect even fur­ther - their lat­est EP feel­ing like one sin­gle murky pud­dle of prim­i­tive anger and deep de­spair, not en­tire­ly dis­sim­i­lar in some places to the ear­ly Beast Fiend EPs.

pH Peo­ple, a group of un­known ori­gin, then slow the tem­po down con­sid­ery­bly while by no means lack­ing en­er­gy - their tape on Ur­ticaria Records is a po­tent mix­ture from the fringes of har­core punk and (pro­to-) noise rock with clear echoes of most­ly old­er stuff á la Flip­per, Spike In Vain, Nox­ious Fumes or Bro­ken Tal­ent.

And last­ly, there's one for the dun­geon dwellers among us in the form of Philadelphia's Alien Birth who de­liv­er an old­school met­al-in­fest­ed beast kin­da like a mix be­tween a more prim­i­tive Poi­son Ruïn and Gold­en Pel­i­cans go­ing all in on their sleaze rock lean­ings.