Eyelash - Eyelash

The sec­ond tape of this sup­pos­ed­ly Tokyo-based group de­liv­ers the goods of sim­ple and ef­fec­tive, garage-flavoured synth- and post punk that makes me first of all think of french­men and -women Cat­a­logue and Belgium's Le Prince Har­ry, but might just as well be com­pared to the likes of Spy­roids, O-D-EX, Mind Spi­ders, Pow­er­plant, Crime Wave and Liq­uid Face… a less quirky Freak Genes maybe? Dun­no, what's im­por­tant is this shit just works!

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Crayon Cats - Demo

The de­mo of this group from Jakar­ta, In­done­sia de­lights with two kick­ass blasts of melod­ic DIY noise pop, pret­ty much in line with groups á la UV-TV, Fea­ture, Joan­na Grue­some, Slow­coach­es and Star Par­ty, who in turn might have drawn in­spi­ra­tion from the likes of Fast­backs, the ear­ly works of eight­ies fuzz pop greats The Prim­i­tives, as well as a bunch of C86-ish ar­ti­facts and the whole Slum­ber­land and Sarah Records-spawned uni­verse of old­school noise- and in­die pop.

The Gobs - Pop Off

What new things are there to say about yet an­oth­er Gobs EP? It's the moth­er­fuckin' Gobs for fuck's sake and few oth­er bands have per­fect­ed the for­mu­la for blown-out and dumb lo-fi fuzz punk in­san­i­ty, equal­ly un­re­lent­ing and catchy, as well as this Olympia, Wash­ing­ton group. A league of their own, re­al­ly.

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Eye Ball - Kick You

Fun lit­tle treat, the de­but sin­gle of this group "from the north­ern amer­i­c­as". Kick You sounds like the best of Ra­dioac­tiv­i­ty, Son­ic Av­enues and Cheap Whine weld­ed to­geth­er, then giv­en a dis­tinct pop punk bent. Vi­o­lins then lets a sub­stan­tial hard­core sal­vo segue in­to a strange amal­ga­ma­tion of Sur­fa Rosa-era Pix­ies and ear­ly Mud­honey, spiced up with slight­ly psych-lean­ing vo­cal har­monies. Tasty!

D. Sablu - No True Silence

New Or­leans garage punk dude D. Sablu did make a quite pos­i­tive im­pres­sion al­ready with a string of demos and tapes in 2020-2022. On his full-length de­but via Yes We Can­ni­bal though, his artis­tic vi­sion comes in­to much sharp­er fo­cus, span­ning a good deal of va­ri­ety in his sound from the slight­ly noise rock /​ post punk-lean­ing open­er Bomber Stomp to straight­for­ward garage punk smash­ers like Too Much Of The News and the Dead Boys-in­fect­ed tune Stuck In A Rut, al­to­geth­er hav­ing a bit of a Kid Chrome, Sauna Youth or Teenanger vibe to them, some­times veer­ing in­to straight up har­o­d­core punk ter­ri­to­ry while det­o­na­tions á la Scan­dalous and World Peace go all-in on that ten­den­cy. What­ev­er shit D. Sablu touch­es turns in­to pure gold or at the very least cop­per on this al­bum. In some ways this thing al­so pos­i­tive­ly re­minds me of the most re­cent EP by Jean Mignon.

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Bootlicker - 1000 Yd. Stare

Bootlick­er of Vic­to­ria, BC, Cana­da re­main an un­stop­pable force on the fore­front of fair­ly con­tem­po­rary sound­ing, yet si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly kin­da old­school har­o­d­core punk with a dis­tinct garage edge and just a smidge of Oi!, rich in catchy hooks and pen­e­tra­tive riffs. On­ly the finest ref­er­ences for this shit, some of which be­ing the likes of ear­ly Elec­tric Chair, Chain Whip, Il­lit­er­ates, Hood Rats, Cri­sis Man, Head­cheese and Im­ploders.

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Goblin Daycare - Agitprop Hotline!

These Is­tan­bul egg­punk war­riors' de­but EP of last year has cer­tain­ly been among my fa­vorite re­leas­es of 2023 and their first long-play­ing cas­sette de­liv­ers more of the same kind of fun by which i mean: ir­re­sistably catchy and quirky garage-/synth punk-smash­ers in a sim­i­lar head­space to such genre greats as Prison Af­fair, Set-Top Box, Beer and Ghoulies. Tell me, what's not to like about that?

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Bermuda Squares - Outsider

An­oth­er nice catch took the bait and trig­gered the hy­per-vig­i­lant sen­sors at Cincin­nati, Ohio garage punk strong­hold Feel It Records. This Min­neapo­lis group shares mem­bers with Green/​Blue, Cit­ric Dum­mies and a whole bunch more and emits some rock-sold, ul­tra-catchy '77 vibes on their de­but LP, sor­ta bridg­ing the gap be­tween the US and UK scenes, com­bin­ing all the best traits of, say, Dick­ies, Dead Boys and Ad­verts or, if you need more re­cent ref­er­ences, al­so bears some sim­i­lar­i­ties to the likes of Shop Talk, The Celebri­ties, Tom­my and the Com­mies, Sick Thoughts, Bad Sports and Trop­i­cana.

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Silicone Values - Who Do You Hate? /​ Spirit Of The Age

Dun­no if you al­ready no­ticed, but the UK's most un­der-the-radar group of sheer awe­some­ness just re­cent­ly re­leased a com­pi­la­tion EP bring­ing to­geth­er most of the pre­vi­ous sin­gles plus three new tracks on french la­bel SDZ Records, which is the per­fect place to start if you haven't al­ready fall­en for this band hook like and sinker. Any­ways, here is their newest in that end­less string of two-track dig­i­tal sin­gles al­ready and as any­thing the group has touched so far, this is yet an­oth­er in­stant clas­sic of end­less­ly charm­ing Mekons-, Des­per­ate Bi­cy­cles- and Tele­vi­sion Per­son­al­i­ties-in­formed old­school british DIY punk good­ness.

NTSC>PAL - Full Of Spots

Don't let this fake NTSC>PAL fool you 'cos it's ac­tu­al­ly just Bil­liam dressed up in a NTSC>PAL suit. Al­so, nice try name­drop­ping Scream­ers which… well,I'm sure you could make a plau­si­ble case for that but at the end of the day, aside from the mere tech­ni­cal­i­ty of "no gui­tars" on this cas­sette, Bil­liam can't re­al­ly help sound­ing like any­thing oth­er than him­self, which is to say: pret­ty damn fuck­ing awe­some!

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