Fucking - Superior Firepower

It took a while for new ma­te­r­i­al of these Min­neapo­lis punks to sur­face af­ter their first two in­cred­i­ble 7"s. I'm glad to say though, that their unique mix of chaot­ic hard-/garage-/post-/weird­core lost none of its spark and their re­fresh­ing dis­re­gard for com­mon genre tropes and con­ven­tions is on full dis­play here, mak­ing for an­oth­er five glo­ri­ous min­utes of noise, just as i've come to ex­pect from this group.

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Das Drip - _​

Sad to hear that not long af­ter their genre-de­fy­ing/de­stroy­ing/­fuck­ing/de­con­struct­ing/­ex­plod­ing al­bum of last year, this EP is al­ready the swan song of North Carolina's hottest ad­dress in con­tem­po­rary hard­core. So take this last chance to mar­vel at Das Drip's am­bi­tious hardcore/​postcore/​artcore/​weirdcore… cer­tain­ly nev­er bor­ing­core.

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Freaks - Freaks

An un­re­lent­ing storm of raw KBD-meets-ston­er punk kicked loose by the Freaks of Philadel­phia, en­forced with loads of hard­core propul­sion. Starts out kin­da like an amal­ga­ma­tion of ear­ly Milk Mu­sic or Di­nosaur Jr. with Every­thing Falls Apart-era Hüsker Dü, then set­tles in­to a mode that comes across like a mix of Tarantüla/​Cülo, Fried Egg, a hint of Launch­er and some added sludge and death rock vibes, the lat­ter re­mind­ing me of Be­ta Boys.

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Modern Needs - Survey of the Animal Kingdom

San Francisco's Mod­ern Needs let off one de­li­cious fart af­ter an­oth­er in­to the at­mos­phere, con­sist­ing of straight, sim­ple & ef­fec­tive Fuzz rem­i­nis­cent of ear­ly 80s west­coast punk & hard­core as well as plen­ty of crude KBD-vibes. As such, they make good com­pa­ny to oth­er con­tam­po­rary bands like Launch­er, Frea­kees, Beast Fiend or Liq­uid As­sets.

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Shit Blimp - A Groundbreaking Standard of the Genre

On their re­cent EP some Cleve­land, Ohio based group serves us ten flaw­less­ly ex­e­cut­ed deep brown pud­dles of filthy and con­ta­geous hard-/noisec­ore, boiled down to less than ten min­utes of quirky, messy joy.

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Iron Cages - January 2020 Tour Promo

On their newest EP, Washington's Iron Cages give us three ex­cel­lent new blasts of garag­i­fied hard­core punk which in­di­cate mas­sive step for­ward for the band, to­wards a more com­pact and co­her­ent sound friends of stuff along the lines of Fried Egg, Punk Gui­tars, Cü­lo, Anx­i­ety or Elec­tric Chair will sure­ly ap­pre­ci­ate.

Discovery - Demo

California's Dis­cov­ery de­liv­er an­oth­er two short but po­tent blasts of this par­tic­u­lar fu­sion be­tween blown out fuzzy hard­core & garage stuff that, in re­cent years, seems to be crop­ping up from every crack in the as­phalt, a fact i couldn't be more hap­py about.

Pink Guitars - We Are Made Of The Sun

Just like its pre­de­ces­sor, the sec­ond EP by this band from Buf­fa­lo, NY turns out to be an­oth­er high­ly con­cen­trat­ed dose of un­con­ven­tion­al, in­ven­tive and at times strik­ing­ly melod­ic hard­core fun, al­so ex­pand­ing its styl­is­tic ten­ta­cles in­to places of garage-, fuzz- and KBD style punk.

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Speed Plans - More Hardcore

Okay… this is an easy one to ex­plain. You just put equal amounts of MC5 and Bad Brains in­to a blender and the re­sult will have a taste sim­i­lar to what­ev­er this group from Pitts­burgh, Penn­syl­va­nia does on its third not-quite-an-LP. As sim­ple as that and every bit as elec­tri­fy­ing as you might hope for.

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Goon - Natural Evil

Here's an ul­tra neat at­tack made of noise-drenched hard-/post­core by a band from Den­ver, Col­orado. Think of a cu­ri­ous mix­ture of Lumpy & The Dumpers, Anx­i­ety, Cü­lo or their qua­si-suc­ces­sors Taran­tüla.

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