Cosme - Demo

Now that thing's a treat! Some group from Ciu­dad López Ma­teos, Mex­i­co de­liv­ers a truck­load of pure joy on this tape, con­densed in­to three straight­for­ward-as-fuck bangers made out of fuzzed-out garage- and bub­blegum punk with some synth-sweet­ness on top, trans­mit­ting an undi­lut­ed sug­ar rush straight in­to your blood­stream.

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Dollhouse - The First Day Of Spring

Dollhouse's 2019 de­mo al­ready was a thor­ough­ly re­spectable blast of for­ward-think­ing noise and even more so is their new EP that came out re­cent­ly via Tox­ic State Records, thanks to a com­par­a­tive­ly slick pro­duc­tion putting their sound em­a­nat­ing from a gray area be­tween mod­ern hard­core, post punk and post­core in just the right light, bal­anc­ing abra­sive scuzz with sheer force. The whole thing calls to mind a re­fresh­ing­ly di­verse clus­ter of groups like Mys­tic Inane, Hot Snakes, Wymyns Prysyn, Launch­er, Ce­ment Shoes or Liq­uid As­sets.

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Set-Top Box - Max Headroom

An­oth­er tasty four­some of catchy, quirky garage- and syn­th­punk blasts sees this rather mys­te­ri­ous aus­tralian group/​project con­tin­u­al­ly creep­ing to­wards de­vofied DIY punk per­fec­tion, so­lid­i­fy­ing their ever-ris­ing sta­tus among their genre pool's supreme present-day über­dudes.

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Electric Chair - Social Capital

On their newest EP for Iron Lung Records, the Olympia, Wash­ing­ton group di­als down the garage fac­tor of its ear­li­er ef­forts a few notch­es with­out sac­ri­fic­ing their own dis­tinct vibe, skill­ful­ly avoid­ing the pit­falls of a dull old­school purism by break­ing with the tried-and-test­ed hard­core for­mu­las in all the right mo­ments, while still em­brac­ing their time­less po­ten­cy where it mat­ters.

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Civic - Future Forecast

This Mel­bourne group's first long­play­er is a seam­less con­tin­u­a­tion of what was al­ready so lov­able about their pre­vi­ous EPs. Sure, their style of old­school garage punk with that un­de­ni­able Ra­dio Bird­man vibe has grown a quite long beard by now, but what a charm­ing and glo­ri­ous beard that is! To be fair, they're al­so try­ing out some new things here, at some points let­ting a touch of Wipers shine through, dab­bling in dark post punk or try­ing their hands at Am­Rep-style sludgy noise rock. But let's not kid our­selves here; what this group does best at this mo­ment is knock­ing out one straight­for­ward yet so­phis­ti­cat­ed rock­er af­ter an­oth­er with amaz­ing con­fi­dence.

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T.L.B.M. & The Joy Toys - T.L.B.M. & The Joy Toys

For every pur­chase of this nice lit­tle cas­sette put out by our fa­vorite in­cor­po­rat­ed pur­vey­ors of in­no­v­a­tive dis­con­ti­nu­ity you al­so get a free fake ori­gin sto­ry. 1982 my ass, this is of course still the same dude who did this oth­er thing a while back. Though his newest out­put con­tains a bit less weird fuck­ery, it makes up for that with a lot more fuzz, more melodies and neg­a­tive ze­ro pro­duc­tion val­ues that sound just right to my ears.

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NLP - The Temperature

Snooper - Dog

Snõõper re­leas­es May 14th via Good­bye Boozy Records.

Last Quokka - Justice/​System

The West Ghost Split (Last Quok­ka /​ False Co­bra split 7") re­leas­es April 9th via Stock Records.

Neighborhood Brats - Who Took The Rain

Con­fines Of Life re­leas­es May 28th via Tak­en By Sur­prise Records.