M.A.Z.E. - 311

II re­leas­es March 30th via Lumpy Records.

Baby Mullet - Uptight

The Dirtiest - Quando C'era Lui

Sovranista re­leas­es April 9th via Sloven­ly Record­ings.

Civic - Tell The Papers

Fu­ture Fore­cast re­leas­es March 26th via Flight­less Records.

The Stools - Half Track Mind

From the al­ways ex­cel­lent UK pow­er­house Drunk­en Sailor Records we get an­oth­er de­li­cious 7" of full of raw and prim­i­tive, fuzzed-out and hy­per­ven­ti­lat­ing, at times hard­core-pro­pelled garage punk bliss by a De­troit group, eas­i­ly eclips­ing their re­cent EP on Good­bye Boozy Recs which i liked a lot al­ready.

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DWP is the cur­rent so­lo project of Sloane Flash­man who has al­so been play­ing the gui­tar in Seat­tle post punk group Nail Pol­ish. If you're al­ready ac­quaint­ed with the lat­ter band's no-wave in­spired noise, you might al­ready sus­pect this EP is gonna be a rather bumpy, ad­ven­tur­ous ride as well and you'd be to­tal­ly right. Over the course of eight ab­stract, dron­ing sketch­es a sound­scape of ex­per­i­men­tal Art Punk un­folds that ap­pears to draw equal amounts of in­spi­ra­tion from Sui­cide, Wire and Glenn Bran­ca, among many oth­er things.

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Dark Web - Decoy

Their 2018 Clone Age LP sure had its mo­ments, but this Philadel­phia group's sec­ond al­bum is just plain spec­tac­u­lar, their songs be­ing so much more fleshed out, their sound hav­ing so much more grip to it and the propul­sive rhythms car­ry­ing an over­all vibe bring­ing to mind The Spits or Mind Spi­ders. This is some catchy old­school garage punk per­fec­tion right here.

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Germ House - World's A Chore

An­oth­er ex­cel­lent EP by Rhode Island's Germ House, a so­lo project of Justin Hub­bard who al­so hap­pens to be play­ing in Far Cor­ners. These three songs once again sparkle with his fa­mil­iar stripped-down lo-fi charme and a son­ic range that stretch­es from abra­sive post- and art punk - which sure­ly owes a thing or two to The Fall or Des­per­ate Bi­cy­cles - to clas­sic garage rock and con­tem­po­rary garage punk, while al­so re­veal­ing a sur­pris­ing catchy­ness, deep melan­choly and a play­ful vibe rem­i­nis­cent of The Woolen Men.

Pringue - The Age Of Cringe

A fresh batch of fucked up lo-fi DIY garage punk jew­els by some barcelona group, re­mind­ing me of so much that's good right now in the genre. Like a weird mix of R.M.F.C., Neo Neos, Erik Ner­vous, Alien Nose­job in hard­core mode… al­so, there's a strik­ing sim­i­lar­i­ty to fel­low barcelo­ni­ans Prison Af­fair. Wait, are these the same band?

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S:Bahn - Queen of Diamonds

This Mel­bourne group has been around be­fore. That was some­time dur­ing the 90's and back then, their sound could be de­scribed as your typ­i­cal, slight­ly emo-fied post­core style of that pe­ri­od with echoes of Chavez, Slint and Pol­vo. Their first new songs in a quar­ter-cen­tu­ry how­ev­er are quite far from a nos­tal­gic re­tread of their ear­li­er tunes. In­stead, we get pre­sent­ed an all-new and slick post punk sound clear­ly be­long­ing in­to the present day, which doesn't look out of place among acts like say, Sleepies, Go­tobeds or Drahla, at the same time sound­ing rather time­less and ma­ture in all the best ways, at times al­so evok­ing a sub­tle Mov­ing Tar­gets or Vol­cano Suns vibe.

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