Egg Idiot - Egg Idiot

Some pa­thet­ic los­er in Leipzig, Ger­many is play­ing around with bleep-emit­ting hard­ware and record­ing equip­ment, not yet ful­ly re­al­iz­ing this leads to him end­ing up fight­ing the good bat­tle at the fore­front of the egghead rev­o­lu­tion. This record is a fuck­ing mas­ter­piece you need to have in your life. Hav­ing on­ly lis­tened to it once, i al­ready feel a lot smarter, more bal­anced - full en­light­en­ment on­ly inch­es away. Al­most be­ing a wise old man my­self, i can't stress enough how fuck­ing proud i am of this lit­tle shit.

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Maske - Tape 2

The Berlin scene, where every mu­si­cian is al­so se­cret­ly play­ing in all your oth­er fa­vorite groups, has dropped an­oth­er pile of some­thing. That some­thing starts out kin­da like S.Y.P.H. fil­tered through Wire and Crass, sub­se­quent­ly touch­ing on Weird­core stuff á la Stink­hole, Stuttgart-style-post-punk-but-much-more-fun and last but not least, dis­so­nant post punk/​proto noise sketch­es rem­i­nis­cent of Mem­branes. Some­times they opt to spew their lyri­cal nons­ese in the eng­lish lan­guage which i think has its own awk­ward charm.

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Verspannungskassette #18 (C-60) Dumpster Diving Edition

A glob­al sup­ply short­age of raw ma­te­ri­als has sent blank cas­sette prices through the roof re­cent­ly so i'm now us­ing pre-owned tapes or what­ev­er is avail­able to me at the mo­ment. Oh my… Re­sults may vary. Enough of "record­ing the mas­ters". From here on it's on­ly crap record­ed on crap. You've been warned.

Side A


Mononeg­a­tives Cir­cuits In View
Spike Pit Pret­ty Girls
Good Guys Fad­ing
Good­bye World Fetch the Blade
Can­dy Ap­ple Flak Jack­et Fam­i­ly
Health Plan Stuck in a Loop
Das Das Strom­lin­ien­stadt
Pen­sion­er Sub­urb Trap
Ka­putt An­oth­er War Talk
Snoop­er Dog
Dumb Piz­za Slice
Kool & the Gang Bangers Killer Kops
The Smog Noise Noise
Con­nie Voltaire Teenage Run-In
Axe On­ly Time

Side B


VR Sex Rock N' Roll Death
Atom­ic Eater Hope U Die Too
Flat Worms The Guest
Coach Helt De­rind
Purony­lon Emo De Cer­ro
Can Kick­er Free
Par­don­er Came Down Dif­fer­ent
Germ House Record The Mis­takes
Kneel­ing In Piss Re­turn, Re­turn /​ Types of Cults
Tough Age Giuseppe Pizze­ria

Can Kicker - Demo

This de­mo by a Cardiff group lures the lis­ten­er in with an ul­tra-raw hard­core red her­ring, though it doesn't take long af­ter that to re­al­ize there's a lot more to this burst of con­cen­trat­ed Lo-Fi en­er­gy as you blaze a trail through a thick lay­er of fuzz and dis­tor­tion, which fi­nal­ly gives way to bright flash­es of melody and an over­all sound­scape com­bin­ing core in­gre­di­ents of post punk and noise pop, com­ing across kin­da like a beau­ti­ful­ly de­formed cross­breed be­tween Sieve­head and Piles.

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The Smog - First Time, Last Chance

Let me be blunt here: You guys wan­na con­vince me to pay the equiv­a­lent of ~4,60€ for a dig­i­tal down­load of on­ly two songs, those two songs bet­ter be fuck­ing bril­liant. Luck­i­ly, fuck­ing bril­liant is ex­act­ly what these these two tracks by some Tokyo group are. Ka-ching!