Rank/​Xerox - Servants In Heaven

Ser­vants In Heav­en, out No­vem­ber 22nd via Iron Lung Records.

Acrylics - Stagnant

Sink­ing In out No­vem­ber 22nd via Iron Lung Records.

Woolen Men - Mexico City Blues

Hu­man To Hu­man, out No­vem­ber 22nd via Dog's Ta­ble.

Gino And The Goons - Hard Way

Do The Get Around, out No­vem­ber 15th via Drunk­en Sailor Records.

Lux - Action

New Day , out No­vem­ber 15th via La Vi­da Es Um Mus Dis­cos

Tot - Kündigung

Lieder vom Glück, out No­vem­ber 8th via Spas­tic Fan­tas­tic Records.

Rita Repulsa - Rita's Revenge

Boston elec­tro punk duo Ri­ta Re­pul­sa en­ter the scene with their first EP, whose large­ly sam­ple-dri­ven con­tents rough­ly re­sem­ble the charme of an ex­tra brain dam­aged ver­sion of North Carolina's ISS, sup­ple­ment­ed with a sub­tle dose of noise rock and a lyri­cal fix­a­tion on… Mighty Mor­phin Pow­er Rangers?!? Works for me.

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Richard Rose - Richard Rose

Richard Rose are a new band from Los An­ge­les whose line­up in­cludes mem­bers of Ex-Cult, GØGGS, Bad Sports and OBN II­Is - in the small world of garage punk, it doesn't get much more ex­quis­ite than this! Their mu­sic how­ev­er doesn't sound all that much like cal­i­for­nia to me, but rather i'm re­mind­ed of high en­er­gy aus­tralian garage acts like Jack­son Reid Brig­gs & The Heaters, Mi­ni Skirt, Dumb Punts or WOD. Some­what of an out­lier here is Queen Se­lene, a crawl­ing ston­er jam, which is usu­al­ly not ex­act­ly my cup of tea, but for some rea­son i kin­da like this one.

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