Toe Ring - Footage

A won­drous and strange lit­tle EP full of oth­er­world­ly garage-/pow­er-/fuzz pop from a Philadel­phia Duo. The tape starts out as if the in­sane pop qual­i­ties of, say, Boo­ji Boys or Daugh­ter Bat & The Lip Stings col­lid­ed with the smart rhyth­mic post punk of Lithics, while the re­main­ing three songs then set­tle in­to a slight­ly more low-key kraut-lean­ing psy­che­del­ic groove, the likes of which you might sus­pect some­where in the lo-fi pop worlds of acts like Germ House, Far Cor­ners, Vi­o­lent Change, Hon­ey Radar or even ear­ly Woolen Men. Ex­cel­lent shit through­out.

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Enemic Interior - Enemic Interior

This Barcelona group plays a cer­tain breed of post punk - the catchy and melod­ic kind that has been rarely heard in re­cent months - which i'd say is rem­i­nis­cent of a rather di­verse clus­ter of genre pow­er­hous­es such as Night­watch­ers, Sieve­head, Red Dons, Crim­i­nal Code and ear­ly The Es­tranged. Oc­ca­sion­al­ly they over­lap a bit in­to hard­core ter­ri­to­ry and in these mo­ments, Acrylics come to mind.

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Loose Fit - Social Graces

So­cial Graces re­leas­es April 26th via Fat Cat Records.

Pitva - Past

Pit­va re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 22nd via Sta­tik Age Musik.

Water Damage - Reel 5B

Re­peater re­leas­es April 29th via 12XU Records.

Televised - Projection

Hu­man Con­di­tion re­leas­es Feb­ru­ary 11th via Con­vulse Records.

Ex-Vöid - Churchyard

Big­ger Than Be­fore re­leas­es March 25th via Don Gio­van­ni Records.

Split System - Hit Me

Soft Torture - Soft Torture

This Philadel­phia group's line-up brings to­geth­er gen­er­a­tions of punks, hav­ing Chuck Mee­han of hard­core di­nosaurs YDI among its ranks as well as mem­bers of more re­cent acts like Blank Spell, Hal­dol and De­Struc­tos. Their first EP ex­plodes right in­to your face with eight-and-a-half bursts of un­pre­dictable, chaot­ic and noise-in­fused hard-/post-/weird­core rough­ly in the ball­park of what you might've heard in re­cent years from bands like Kalei­do­scope, Day­dream or Fugi­tive Bub­ble.

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Catastrophic Dance Ensemble - Vol. 1

Here's an­oth­er fresh & tasty bite for the dis­cern­ing con­nois­seur of quirky weird-ass garage punk. Friends of Set-Top Box, R.M.F.C., Eu­gh, T.L.B.M. and Met­dog, among oth­ers, will ap­prov­ing­ly bob their heads and ex­trem­i­ties to this shit.

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