Wetnap - Gnarled

The full-length de­but of this Tokyo group kin­da plays out like a round-trip through some of the most jan­g­ly and melod­ic sec­tions of late eight­ies to nineties in­die rock, noise pop, post- and emo­core, con­jur­ing up the spir­it of groups like Pol­vo, Su­per­chunk, Un­wound, Bitch Mag­net, Lync, Di­nosaur Jr. and many more, with the oc­ca­sion­al flash of Slint thrown in for good mea­sure and some shoegaze flour­ish­es par­tic­u­lar­ly of the Swervedriv­er va­ri­ety - all of that bot­tled up us­ing fit­ting­ly rough lo-fi pro­duc­tion val­ues. An al­to­geth­er rare and re­fresh­ing thing these days, at least in its raw and undi­lut­ed form as on dis­play here.

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