Anytime Cowboy - Demons Obey

Over the past two years, Port­land la­bel Spared Flesh Records has proven it­self a re­al pow­er­house of weird and off­beat nois­es in the realm of post-, garage- and art punk and this new LP by Reuben Sawyer aka Any­time Cow­boy is yet an­oth­er rough gem to be­hold. His blue­sey low-key cow­punk sound comes across kin­da like an in­car­na­tion of ear­ly Gun Club in­cred­i­bly mind­ful of not wak­ing the neigh­bors or a su­per-mut­ed ver­sion of Par­quet Courts, Tyvek, while in parts al­so not en­tire­ly dis­sim­i­lar to that re­cent Peace de Ré­sis­tance al­bum. It's a sound­scape that could soft­ly lull you to sleep if it weren't for that per­va­sive sense of un­speak­able abysses lurk­ing just around any cor­ner now, with Sawyers calm deep voice fur­ther adding to the music's quite un­can­ny yet weird­ly com­fort­ing qual­i­ties.

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