Chubby And The Gang - Lightning Don't Strike Twice

Light­ning Don't Strike Twice​ /​​ Life's Lemons 7" re­leas­es May 28th via Par­ti­san Records.

Wombo - Dreamsickle

Keesh Moun­tain re­leas­es May 28th via Fire Talk.

Roy and the Devil's Motorcycle - Learn To Lose

Im Re­ich Der Wilden Tiere (No Milk No Sug­ar) re­leas­es May 18th via Voodoo Rhythm Records.

Health Plan - Post Traumatic Growth

Health Plan re­leas­es May 7th via Buz­zhowl Records.

The Dead Space - La La Man

Chlo­rine Sleep re­leas­es May 7th via 12XU Records.

Hideous Sun Demon - Squitter

De­vel­op­ment Hell re­leas­es April 16th via Mar­t­house Records.

Jesuslesfilles - Troisième Semaine

L'heure Idéale re­leas­es June 18th via Duprince.

VR Sex - Minor Case

Cy­ber Crimes re­leas­es April 30th.

Atomic Eater - Hope U Die Too

Atom­ic Eater​ /​ ​K​.​G​.​B's Split re­leas­es May 28th via No Front Teeth & Helvete's Kitchen Records.

Leper - Suckling Pigs

Ögat​/​​/​​The Eye re­leas­es June 30th via Kink Records.