Yammerer - The Beachgoer

Hooveriii - Control

Wa­ter For The Frogs re­leas­es April 9th via The Re­ver­ber­a­tion Ap­pre­ci­a­tion So­ci­ety.

Plastic Psalms - Self-Stained Slate

Self-Stained Slate re­leas­es March 19th via Tape Dad /​ Cult Love Sound Tapes.

Canid - Claim

Claim re­leas­es March 5th.

Something to look forward to…

I've heard there are those among you who weren't en­tire­ly sat­is­fied with the year 2020. Well, the good news is we're all gonna have just as much fun this win­ter. Al­so, some folks even man­aged to record some mu­sic to be re­leased in the com­ing weeks. Here's a first batch of things to look for­ward to.

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Mystic Inane - Peckerwood Nero

Nat­ur­al Beau­ty re­leas­es De­cem­ber 12 via La Vi­da Es Un Mus Dis­cos & Cle­ta Pa­tra Records.

Shrinkwrap Killers - Feral Rats Have Become Our Only Pets

Fer­al Rats Have Be­come Our On­ly Pets re­leas­es De­cem­ber 4 via Iron Lung Records.

Pódium - Pódium

Pódi­um re­leas­es No­vem­ber 27 via Sloven­ly Record­ings.

Bipolar - Depression

Bipo­lar re­leas­es No­vem­ber 27 via Sloven­ly Record­ings.