Vi­su­al Learn­er Bul­let­proof
The Dogs Khazi
Lysol Padded Cell
Delta 8 Stay Down
The Celebri­ties Crackin Un­der Pres­sure
Dadgad Rok De­mo 2
Gob­lin Day­care Boss Man
Aw­ful Com­pos­ite
Shrudd Skin
El­mos Fish Bowl
Groind Ce­cil­ia

Bo­zone Burn­er Killer
No Brains Tox­ic Boogers
Fen Fen Kill Your Par­ents
Head­clean­er Maybe It's Ra­bies
D.Sablu Scan­dalous
Z-Pak Bench­warmer
Ci­ca­da Self Pu­rifi­ca­tion
Gloat Raise The Liv­ing
Youth In Asia Slave Fam­i­ly
Ru­ined Virtue Cater­pil­lar
Val­taty­hjiö Vi­il­to Ker­ral­laan

Why Both­er? Nev­er the Ma­chine
Elec­tric Prawns 2 I'm Hooked
Smirk Bad Be­hav­ior
A Place To Bury Strangers Chas­ing Col­ors
Kerozine Liv­ing In A Night­mare
VR Sex Re­al Doll Time

Mar­bled Eye All The Pieces
Mol­bo Gull­gåsa
X-Nip­ples Dis­ap­pear
Chaos OK Flow­er­ing
The Scaners R.O.B.O.T.
Uni­corn Fart Sug­ar Noo­dles