Verspannungskassette #56 (C-60)

Germ House Top­ping The Heap
Ste­phen J. Den­ning What's Up
Scoo­ter Jay Co­lum­bus In Space
Reck­less & The Men­ace F.S 88
Bil­liam The Last Gre­at Ame­ri­can Syn­th Punk Haul
Power Pants Crush
Moar Bur­ning Face Bush Ho­le
Nov LT Mu­sic School
Chan­nel 83 Wheel of Time
Bo­ne Sti­mu­la­tor Keep Your Eye On The Ball
The Hell What a Laugh

The Cut-Ups No Con­trol
Ex­ci­ted To Die Black­out
Graw­li­xes Thic­k­ly Sett­led
Del­co MF's Wa­shed Up
En­fants Sau­va­ges Ven­in Ostie
The Wirms Spa­de Coo­ley
Lafff Box Re­start The Pro­gram
Dez Dare Un­can­ny Ve­lo­ci­ty
Ex­white Workless Shit
Jug & the Bugs Bo­dy De­gra­de

Rot­ten Mind Point­less Love
Girls In Syn­the­sis I Know No Other Way
Pyrex Cool Te­le­vi­si­on
Soft­s­witch Ju­pi­ter Ma­chi­ne
Fan­tas­ma Fu­tu­ro Em Su­as Cos­tas
Brick Head Bad Egg
Drag­net Maths Test

The Out-Sect No Mo­re Lies
The Wind-Ups Le Beau Te­tard Sur Son Ci­ga­re
Neu­trals Sub­sti­tu­te Te­a­cher
Glas Nost The Boot
Bad Crime Hang
De­cent Cri­mi­nal Time
Sta­tu­es Dead of Sum­mer

Verspannungskassette #55 (C-60)

Mo­no­ne­ga­ti­ves Re­placeable Ana­to­my
Du­ring Ho­lo­Lens
Met­dog Screen Time
Ad­he­si­ve Con­cre­te Ba­by
Ca­the­dra­le In­nit
Ple­xi Stad Mo­dern Li­quid
Oyo Ta­za
Bil­liam Low Tes­to­ste­ro­ne
Ali­en No­se­job S&M La­dy

Mö­ney El Es­te
Cof­fee Stain Va­lid Ra­ge
C57BL/​6 Red Dawn
Ide­ade­ath Wired
Mock Exe­cu­ti­on Re­bels Wi­t­hout A Cau­se
Re­jekts Badge
Ne­cron 9 Zit
Gn­ar­can OD

Me­mo­ry Chain Frac­tu­red
Dis­play Ho­mes Pro­of Read
Warm Girls Moon­sick (Claire's Song)
Soft Should­er Cu­rious­ly Co­ar­se
Yu­ve­es Big Dig
Mar­ga­ri­tas Po­dri­das Fi­losa

An­gus­ti­as Cru­do
Op­tic Ner­ve Pen­dant
Shop Talk Camp Hero
He­arts Apart You're All Around
Faul­ty Co­gni­ti­ons Las Cruces
TV Par­ty Bag Of 5 Marbles

Verspannungskassette #54 (C-90)

Max Ca­pa­ci­ty Blue Wa­ter
Bo­dy Main­ten­an­ce Time En­ough
Dr Sure's Unu­su­al Prac­ti­ce Out­side Loo­king In
Pu­blic In­te­rest Re­si­due
Glit­te­ring In­sects Ob­scu­re World Af­ter De­ath
Liz­zards Free­zing Cold
Lo­ins Be­ans
Chi­mers Turn On The Lights
Eu­nix The Fault
Hair­net Com­pul­si­ve Clea­ner
Ad­vo­ids 1-O

TJ Ca­bot Past Dis­crepan­ci­es
JJ & The A's Show Me
Ba­by Ty­ler Tree in the Road
Ad­dict Brain I Feel Fi­ne
Las­so Te­ci­do So­cial
Sci­ence Man Gi­ve to the Pla­gue
No Üni­form Mark Of The Be­ast
Ca­lu­frax Stone­henge
Dart Night­ma­re
Poi­son Ruïn Re­sur­rec­tion II

Te­le­he­alth Idi­ot Pro­of (nO SoUp Du JoUr)
Mo­no­ne­ga­ti­ves Te­le­vi­si­on Fu­n­e­ral
The Bad Plug Blind Love
Da­ta Unknown Is The­re So­meone Out The­re?
Es Swal­lo­wed Who­le
Bus­ted Head Ra­cket Clow­ning
Gurk Iden­ti­ty Cri­sis
Go­blin Day­ca­re In Harm's Way
Cor­pus Earth­ling Dear Ayl­mer
Split Sys­tem Bul­let

The Chi­ne­se Mud­men Hits From The Bong
Reiz Kau­schie­ne
Ho­mic­i­de Idols Young, Sick And Pissed
Pay­pho­nes Mind Con­trol
Ta­phy Li­mou­si­ne
Sex Mex We'll Be Go­ne
Pur­ling Hiss Yer All In My Dreams
Paint Fu­mes Start­ing Over
Surf Fri­ends Si­gnal On
Be­ta Má­xi­mo Ba­te­ría Cos­tei­ra J-4

Verspannungskassette #53 (C-60)

Elec­tric Prawns 2 Pe­niten­tia­ry
Power Pants Hot­dog Hell
Snit­sh Pitsh Mo­ti­on Fe­ast
TTT-Tur­bo Chain$
Dad­gad Nos­leep
It­chy & The Nits Crabs
C.A.T.C.H. Out Of Breath
Gurk Sa­li­va Wa­ter­fall
Co­sas Ile­ga­les Ven­ta­nas Ro­tas
AdamR Weir­do

Cy­ma­tics Mis­si­on Mind Con­trol
Par­king Lot Späti
3D & The Ho­lo­grams Com­bat Boots
An­ti­bo­tox An­ti­bo­tox
Snar­ling Dogs En­e­my
Po­ser Con­trol Shrek 3
Elec­tric Chair Ob­ses­sed
Top Se­cret Sa­tan Bran­dis­hing
Cut­up Power Stee­ring
Pig Earth Re­pro­ba­te

De­le­ti­ons Da­ta Stream
N.E.0.N. Inc The Times Ch­an­ge The Pro­blems Don't
Te­le­ge­nic Plea­su­re Shal­low Hu­man Cha­rac­te­ristics
Mo­no­ne­ga­ti­ves Cro-Ma­gnon
Spit­ting Image Turn Per­son
Ro­mance XYZ
Bor­zoi Ra­whide Down (Shoot The Freak Pt. 2)
Die TV Exe­cu­ti­on
En­emic In­te­ri­or Les Om­bres

Bal­loon Thief So­dium Ci­ty
Greg Whee­ler and the Po­ly Mall Cops Ma­nic Fe­ver
Chris Pal Ri­vers
Why Bo­ther? Haw­king Ra­dia­ti­on
Me­tal Gu­ru Man­ca L'aria
Air Vent Dwel­ler Scram­bled
Gonk In My Head
Teenage Tom Pet­ties Pos­ters

Verspannungskassette #52 (C-60)

Dan Mel­chi­or Band The Right In­fluen­cer
Hea­vy Mo­ther Fri­day Night (Black­out!)
Gee Tee Bad Egg
Teo Wi­se Ami­go
Toi­let Rats Sen­so­ry Over­load
Prin­gue Bicis Ne­ce­si­ta
He­art­beeps Sick In Your Head
The Co­vids Bust To Bits
Muck C.F.B.
Kil­ler The Bar

Obe­dient Black Out and Block
Axed Never Go­in Back
Il­li­te­ra­tes Chip Away
Spe­wed Brain No Sleep
Snoo­per Was­te
Bart and the Brats Fake Bands
An­tea­ter Dai­ly Fan­ta­sy
Pyr Ka­ta Vouli­si Σκάβεις Τον Λάκκο Σου
Op­sec Con­trol­led De­li­very

O.R.C Dis­em­bo­we­led At The Ta­vern
Home Front Re­al Eyes
Ubi­qui­tous Meh! I Iden­ti­fied the Ufo
Emit­ter Smal­ler
Soft Should­er Door (Pass)
Af­forda­ble Re­pay­ments Gills
Was­te Man Ch­an­ges

Dregs Lights Out
The Unknowns De­le­ted
Scam Li­kely Sta­ring at the Sun
Out­ta­con­trol­ler Less Is Mo­re
Hi­nin Dé­jà mort
Li­tovsk Ceri­ses Et Gre­na­des
Be­ta Má­xi­mo. Hor­nos de ladril­lo

Verspannungskassette #51 (C-90)

Mo­no­ne­ga­ti­ves North Ca­ro­li­na Ato­mic Bomb
Power Pants Stin­ger
De­ebeat Ra­mo­ne XO Tour­li­fe
S.G.A.T.V. I Need You
Be­ta Má­xi­mo. Frag­men­ta­dos
Teo Wi­se Po­si­ti­ve
The Gobs Free­ze My Prick
Big Fyg Is That Right? (Love pt. 2)
Klint Mad At Mys­elf
Hi­ckey Know It All
Au­to­bahns Full Of Dogs
Äd­wud De­mons
Cel Ray At­ten­ti­on

In­tro­ver­ter Low­li­fe
Way­ne Pain and the Shit Sta­ins Tits from the Shadows
Moron's Mo­rons Night­vi­si­ons
Ci­vic Born In The Heat
Big Break Big Break
People's Temp­le Jang­ling Tu­ne
Hood Rats M-39
Le­che Pre­mi­um Suf­fra­ge
Bar­ri­ca­ded Su­spects Ter­mi­nal Growth
Del­co Mf's Fu­ture World /​ De­ath Of Me
Con­tra Scua­dron 731
Zorn The Spell of The Fairy Tree

Gr3yboy Ne­va Love
Ne­on Kit­tens Spi­ne
Elek­tro­koh­le Voll­mond
La­rochs That's The Bag I'm In
Faux­Fun Room Clea­rer
Ca­ta­lo­gue Kids Of The Black Ho­le
Chon­cy Run­ning
Or­ren­do Su­bot­nik C'or con­tri­to

Sun­dow­ner Can­cer Wa­ges
Fat Black Cats Area 51
Go­lomb 71
Ope­rants The Shift
Spi­ral XP De­ja Vu
Scab Breath In The Sum­mer
PLRLS Burn For Me
Teks­ti-TV 666 Jef­frey

Verspannungskassette #50 (C-60)

Kal­le Hy­gien & The Dog Pound The De­tes­ter
Class Bur­ning Cash
Click­bai­ters Lou­sy Fri­end
Lu­cy & The Drill Ho­les In­te­ro­bang!
Spam Des­car­ta­ble
De­for­ma­ti­ve Got­ta Get My Fix
Jean Mi­gnon Ca­na­di­an Exit
Dross Night­ma­re World
Pun­ter Cur­few Eter­nal
Fac­to­ry Ci­ty Child­ren Ob­ses­sed

Ro­mance Fast Car
Day Re­si­due Piss Pa­ra­di­se
Ro­ta­ry Club Pla­net 67
Perp Walk Sus­cep­ti­ble Host
Clo­se­tal­kers Cur­sed
Rat-Nip Sche­mer
Speed Plans Cleve­land
Spread Po­si­ti­vi­ty and Die The Cor­ner Room
Geves/​גבס I'm Burning\אנ
Wa­kas! Iseng-Iseng Pem­bu­ka

Thee Khai Aehm My Spell
Po­lev­aul­ter Con­tent
Power­plant Brood­mo­ther
Ne­on Kit­tens Bob & Ter­ri
Sa­lem Tri­als Last Days of Eu­ro­pa
The Drin Walk so Far
Soft Should­er So­lid Con­cre­te Ground

Ob­jec­tions Bet­ter Luck Next Time
Hot Oce­an Tug­boat Wil­lie
Tee Vee Re­pair­mann Bus Stop
Ming Ci­ty Ro­ckers De­spe­ra­te
Sex Dri­ve Work
Mo­ving Tar­gets De­ca­dent Si­de

Verspannungskassette #49 (C-70)

Ita­lia 90 Com­pe­ti­ti­on
La­rochs Sea Crea­tures
Bzdet Hu­sa­ria
John (Timestwo) The­me New Bond Ju­ni­or
Nick G Bells
Sta­tic Me­ans Pitch­forks

Pri­son­nier Du Temps Li­on En Ca­ge
Chi­mers Ge­ne­ra­tor
Black But­ton Cor­rec­tion
Tet­nis Bal­li­stics
Kud­zu Dang Me
Zo­ids Ter­ror Vi­si­on

Ne­on Kit­tens Fro­zen Peas
Pro­per­ty Dance Flaw
Dad­gad Fuck You Up
Big Fyg Let­ters From Coo­per
Zhoop RIP
Gor­go­jo nph
Sirk­ka Hy­vä Eh­do­kas
Dead Ci­ty Grey­hound
Si­mu­la­ti­on Bo­dies
Straight Ar­rows Fast Pro­duct

Sau­cer­men Sick
Tricks De­cis­i­ons
Way­ne Pain & The Shit Sta­ins The Zoo
Jeffy & The Sun­ken Heads Barf Cars From Mars
Stran­ge At­trac­tor Ba­by Je­sus Head
Qinqs The Gre­at White Won­der
Ami­noa­cid­club Si­rens & Horns
Li­quids Head Hang Low
Tee Vee Re­pair­man Or­ga­nic Mould
Si­li­co­ne Va­lues By­stan­der Apa­thy

Verspannungskassette #48 (C-90)

Smacko Me­mo­ry Man
Die TV Son­ny
Mo­ney Splits I gots a Hea­da­che
Cool Sorcery De­to­na­ti­on
Le Pil­grim Huit Dol­lars
Chi­ne­se Junk You Ratt­le My Ca­ge
Black Boys On Mo­ped Do I Love You (Mo­re Than A Piz­za)?
Sex Ha­ter $1400 Throw
Badge Grab­ber Wet Night­ma­re
Go­ril­la Knif­e­fight Burn The In­ter­net
Djinn Dark­ness
Mind­less! Fight!
The Aches Ta­king Over
Pri­mi­ti­ve Fuck­ing Bal­lers Drown Me
Bar­ri­ca­de Speed Lust

Safe­ty Zo­ne Who el­se is the­re to help?
S.H.I.T. Haun­ted
Fe­ral Re­cluse
Toi­let Bug You Call That 'Li­ving'?
An­tea­ter An­tea­ter The­me
Cheap Heat Sta­sis
Shaved Ape Lord
Cli­nic Again
pH Peo­p­le I Rol­led Wrong
ICD10 Tas­te the Vo­id
Ali­en Birth Sounds of Work
Fu­ture Ul­ti­ma­te Suf­fe­ring
Witch Piss Hand of Glo­ry
Scab Breath Ta­ke It
It­ches Stra­te­go

Fee­ding Tu­be Any­whe­re But He­re
Beef D.N.A.
Seggs Tape Pi­ti
Da­ta Unknown Cau­se 2 Prey
Jeffy & The Sun­ken Heads You Have A Big Dumb Stu­pid Dumb Face
Bro­dy And The Gro­dies A Pe­nis Is The Lo­go (The Jungle Com­pa­ny)
Klint Guil­ty
Izm J'accuse
Ÿdeg …And Then They Said:
Nag Cri­sis Of Faith
Träu­me Ma­jak
MESH Po­ta­to Head

Co-op Life Ex­ten­si­on
Bo­bo Feed­back
Li­thics Cour­se Of Time
Bo­dy House Ma­gic Bul­let
Gloop I Never Re­al­ly Knew
Sad Roach $cam or Die
Chum Lord Phat
Elec­tric Prawns 2 Boys In A Band
Sex Mex Pills
Lé­gu­mes Sex Lo­go
Diablos Inc. I Know Love One Day Co­mes
Equal Parts A Cri­sis

Verspannungskassette 47 (2xC-60)

Fuck, mal wie­der zu viel gei­le Mu­sik, die nicht auf ei­ne C-90 passt al­so muss­te es heu­te wie­der ein Dou­ble Fea­ture wer­den. Nu ja, ist ja eh fast schon Weih­nach­ten oder Win­ter­son­nen­wen­de oder was auch im­mer. Al­so fi­sche ich zum fei­er­li­chen An­lass mal die al­ler­bes­te Alt­wa­re aus mei­ner Kas­set­ten-Müll­hal­de und so­gar ein ori­gi­nal­ver­schweis­tes EM­TEC-Din­gens er­lau­be ich mir. Wenn man äl­ter wird braucht man die­sen Lu­xus, al­so brin­gen wir die Schei­ße hin­ter uns…
Den Start macht heu­te mal ei­ne spe­zi­el­le Durch­sa­ge aus dem Hau­se Klint, die euch hof­fent­lich ge­nau­so viel Bock auf 12XU Ra­dio macht wie 12XU Ra­dio hof­fent­lich Bock auf Klint macht.
An­sons­ten: Zu­neh­mend Knüp­pel­wa­re auf Sei­te A. Den ob­li­ga­to­ri­schen Ga­ra­ge-Nach­schub gibt's auf Sei­te B. Noi­se Rock und düs­te­ren Post Punk zum von der Brü­cke sprin­gen auf Sei­te C. Sei­te D gibt euch mit me­lo­di­schem Punk und Power Pop-Ge­döns den Le­bens­wil­len zu­rück.

Klint 12xu Ra­dio
Drý­sild­jöfull Hel­gi­a­t­hofn
Ru­ben Ri­ley Not The Shar­pest Tool
Ro­lex Hey Suns­hi­ne
Shake Chain Co­py Me
Power Flower Power Flower Power
Flea Col­lar Butt­crack Man
Shit­ty Life Out Of The Sche­me
Sid Earg­le Chud Ba­bies
Snor­kel Half-Life
Dumb Idea D.H.Y.
Butcher's Laugh Men­tal Hy­gie­ne Unit

Me­mo­ry Ward In Your Ear
Phan­tom Can­ker
Gam­ma Dres­sing
Z-Pak Ken Doll's La­ment (Boy­hood)
Ex­al­ta­rist Vio­lent In­tru­der
An­ti-Ma­chi­ne Too Ma­ny Eyes
Unknown Li­ber­ty Child­ren
Vio­lin Be­tray­ed
Nohz Brief Lights, Fo­re­ver In Pain
Pis­sy Se­dien­to
Spe­cial Branch Le­thal Force

Last Quok­ka Eat The Rich
New Buck Bil­o­xi Dark Star
Ali­en No­se Job Mol­dy Dough
Ex­white Ex­cess
Crime Wa­ves No Re­ason 2 Live
No Brains Cer­ti­fied Mull­et
Hood Rats Won't Be A Vic­tim
Thee De­lu­xe Fa­ded

Spam Mi Ami­gx Pi­xel
Teo Wi­se Mer­da x3
Ly­mes Wai­ting Im­pa­ti­ent­ly
Nick Nor­mal Stran­ge No­tes
Gee Tee Find The Beat
Bus­ted Head Ra­cket WYL2K?
Oyo La Le­fa
Cap­tain Ka­zan La­te 4 Work

Big Hog Coup de Gras
Red Mass Won­der Se­crets Of He­alth And Pro­spe­ri­ty (Ft. Sla­tes)
Spi­ral Rash Au­to­de­vour
Ne­on Kit­tens Pla­net
Rider/​Horse Gre­at In­nings
Mi­se­re Kon­trol­le

Dead Mammals King Pink
Trig­ger Cut Land­lord
Can Ki­cker Dis­as­so­cia­te Now
Swal­low the Rat Other Rooms
Gaf­fer So­cial
Plomb Bright Life

Kitchen's Flo­or Thir­ty-Fi­ve
Ze­ro Per­cent APR Mid­night
De­comisos La To­le­da­na De­pri­sa, De­pri­sa
Víc­ti­ma Del Va­cia­mi­en­to We Don´t Get Along
Shux (I Don't Wan­na) In­door Toi­let
De­li­very Good
The Chisel Keep it Schtum

Sklit­a­kling Sta­ten
Post­age Nost­al­gia
Avi­ons Fields Of Gold
Rif­le Fa­scist Cops
Nasty Par­ty Mo­no­chro­ma­tic TV
Finnogun's Wa­ke Lo­vers All
Mess Don't Look Back
Smirk Sou­ve­nir